How to take the road of blogging

webmaster of the word may be inclusion too around, but to let yourself become a real master, at least one of their own website! Even a blog every day to send two articles. If your blog today, independent from the blog portal. So, Congratulations! You have entered the ranks of tens of millions of webmaster. It’s just a blog. No one else doubts, well, it’s a web site for you.

from the blog began to build a career, the beginning of how to go, I think it is necessary to write some of their own experience.

just wanted to write a blog Wangzhuan


I think, for the novice, the temptation of Wangzhuan is fatal, the temptation not only make you all obsessed with some true money "tricks", also let you forget your original purpose of the construction site, really, not naive to think that you have a space, a program installed in the that is, you can make money a website, and it’s just a blog. Beginners should really think about the content of your web site. How do you write your blog?. How can I have a wonderful content?.

from past experience, the blog is unable to achieve high flow rate in the short term, especially the original blog, than the original more difficult to get traffic, OK, if you are at the beginning of this discouraged, then give up the painful process of a diary every day but no one, began to learn happily with others collector. Writing rules, information rich, those who make you crazy shoudaoqinlai, once, once a "large" station, and then waiting to start included, there are so few or dozens of small IP IP every day. At this point, I want to say that this is misguided.

does not mean that the idea of making money is wrong. Everyone should make money. The person who doesn’t want to make money is not an excellent person. But there are ways to make money, and methods have preconditions. Blogging experience is very valuable, unknown to the public through the day, you can learn how to, from thousands of talent shows itself in the site, or a keyword obtained unexpected ranking, and flow, why is there such a ranking, what advantages do you have the same content than others, why you think the search engine the content is the most authoritative?? after thinking, analogy, experience of a certain time, I think you will on how to improve the quality of website, how to make people love your blog, have a lot of experience. These experiences are the inspiration you need to focus on the future of SEO. It’s also a prerequisite for you to make a high quality website.

you must know, it takes patience to do it and need to be careful, if you learn a lot. Okay, so start your creativity and enthusiasm, do you want to do a website, remember, plagiarism, the same thing, will make you lose my personality, unknown to the public, you want to know how to do. The joy and pain of the future will be with you, and perhaps you will find yourself earning some money someday. And enjoy it for a long time