t’s nothing to spend now

I have a youth forum make community www.80zhuan.cn has been half a year, is to apply for a free forum, blind to the present, but did not spend a penny (not you). Ha ha, the following about their site experience, like many students, we usually bored on the internet. One day, really is too boring, right, the Internet is boring, can not find something to do, the idea of graduating immediately looking for work to earn money, and think about it to see if you can get some online. Just a search, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan what ah ah, survey… A great deal. Online fraud and more, when it comes to money, you will can’t help alert, but are free to join, the most is a waste of energy and cost, so it is wildly applied for several, are foreign (for payment, has yet to pay. Especially bux.to) but not long after they found Google Adsense this thing, see online say on how to make the number of knives, to attract people, knowing that you must do, but also want to try, not a knife, dozens of knives, a few tenths of cutter head office. But you have to have a website, and later you know the blog, you can apply for a blog and use it to apply for gg. Yes, I have five or six applications. Finally I went to my friend’s home for success. Happy, who knows? It’s only the beginning. The next step is to put in 5 caused the death, all put on the blog, one month down, 5 knives are not to, the low flow ah, confidence was a heavy blow, no matter is not Bux tube, then, just send some blog. Before the end of the summer, there was a free forum. It was not a good idea to have a forum for your class. At the beginning of next semester, let everyone in our class come to apply for this forum. The more we find out the secret, we can put GG on it. The flow of the forum is definitely more than that of blog. I was afraid, my dear classmates would be a little advertising, the results did not point, really face. Later on the domain name, and this is not money, then there is activity, so it hit, the record also passed, the forum binding on the. What do the forum theme? Class forum certainly can not fire people, those three minutes, all world of Warcraft, buckle think he is not good at, see a lot of Wangzhuan Forum on the Internet, I think they are not doing that just these?. So there’s the forum now. Make our community finished, ha ha, out of order, are nonsense are the truth. Everybody does not joke, I ask casually, do stationmaster to want to learn first what,