How to use popular keywords to improve website traffic

recently, XX network door event was very hot, and click on the 3 door events, these events almost become the most popular Internet Keywords, in the major search engines have occupied a very large proportion. So, can we use the popular keywords like this to increase traffic for our website? The answer is yes, but you have to do the following:

1, ensure the search engines on the site is not in real time, that is to say, as long as you update your site, search engine immediately included? If yes, then congratulations, popular keywords absolutely will bring you not to think of the flow.

2, how can you do the first thing,


1, to ensure that their website content is original.

2, to ensure that their website is updated almost every day. At least a snapshot of a web page is within 24 hours.

3, to ensure that their website SEO optimization to a proper level.

, if you can do this 3 points, OK, you can opportunistic, and now the speculators are not illegal, as long as you have the ability, you will cattle. For example, my blog (, on the use of those hot keywords, in the morning to write a related article, in the afternoon to see the website statistics, to hundreds of traffic. Probably for hundreds of people, the hundreds of IP traffic count what! Of course, my blog on-line only 3 months, all aspects are not mature, so maybe hundreds of IP is already a limit.

well, I’ll share it with you, and I hope to give you some thought.