Do stand persist in diligence is kingly way

, I haven’t been excited for a long time. I can’t tell you how happy I am today,

station has more than two years, a rookie grew up, although it is not what birds but also mix a little experience. Now, let’s share a little bit of what I’m doing.

rookie, a person to do anything, when they do not know what, CMS, but do not know what is collected, do several static pages, even if it is their own web site. Then search for free space and free domain names on Baidu, and pass the page up. My heart is flattered, do not know with advertising and optimization. It was really a dish at that time,


later know, domain name reselling can make money. Try to do, the results in the nets bought 20 CN domain hidden in the hands, the one did not sell. Keep a few of their own, and the rest of them along the abortion. Because of these several domain names, I walk on the road of individual stationmaster.

began to know what CMS was and learned how to make money by hanging ads.

The domain name

is too much, do not know what to do, so pick a few do, a shared network, a local portal, and pork, celebrity biography, eyebrows beard.

just started doing very hard, search engine performance is very good, included are normal, traffic is white. Too much, management began to change difficult, so with the collection, also the site, one after another by the closure. Finally gave up a few, leaving only one now known as the biography network ( I want to say a little bit more about my feelings about this site.


just started very well later due to space instability and acquisition, the search engine performance is in trouble. In Google’s performance is also very good, but declined, Baidu is in line 8000-2000-> 200 > 5, the last of the home page, but the home page, the biography in the first place in the Baidu keyword row, let site traffic is not too much to lose. I thought over and over again, and I failed to find the right answer. I wrote to Baidu without reply. Fortunately, my heart does not die, every day to keep updated, constantly add content. Yesterday, site when a page, heart happy about, today to see statistics when traffic increases, a look at the huge traffic from Baidu! That’s cool heart, his mother crying at midnight, happy! Thank you again for sure my Baidu


from my own experience, I want to tell you is: do stand and life must be steadfast, sincere kiss! Keep to yourself and to update their own stand confidence! Do not abandon, do not give up, insist, hold on! This will be the search engine and the user’s trust! Writing is not good, that is the vernacular! I hope that friends can