Ask yourself to think and start now

has not written articles for a long time, and does not want to write anything, because always feel that those things are boring, meaningless things,

yesterday suddenly saw several comedy movies that love and family support. We are not more computer speech, could not be more computer with

a lot of people have been pulled into the computer, and if it is not a mother’s voice, how still in the Internet, may be really played by the computer.

nonsense, no more said, the recent traffic giant drop, income reduction is very small, because the original income is not much,

studied online for 5 months, but didn’t learn anything because I didn’t do

learning SEO three months, the same did not learn anything, because I made a keyword, get up every day is to see traffic.

remembers, to this day, a failed doll.

actually, personally, I think everything is not difficult, whether you did it or not. It’s very important,.

what did others say? Did you do it? Ask yourself, think, act now,.

original traditional Chinese character net

P.S. published an article, first in their own web site published, and so on the spider climbed, and then to webmaster nets, outdated hair, and bring links to improve the weight of their website.