China’s love and marriage website is undergoing an unprecedented change becoming no longer related

start-ups are looking for different ways to make themselves less relevant to dating. This will not only be a temporary strategy for these enterprises, but will even become the future direction of the industry.


2003, Jiayuan established this website a bit more or less imitate foreign dating website In 2011, Jiayuan price of $11 per share in the United States, they became the most famous China dating and dating sites.

however, the site has been on the decline since its listing, and the company’s share price has fallen by almost 50% since it was listed. Although the company had seen explosive growth and even profits before its listing, the growth did not last. With the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer began to gradually replace PC, China young equipment usage has undergone major changes, the once glorious moment Jiayuan began his life fell dejected.

just had a monopoly "even if information Facebook failed mobile information monopoly areas, Jiayuan also failed to do their own changes and their transition to the mobile terminal to do too difficult. They used to have an advanced membership function, which is one of their most important ways of earning money, that is, the ability to exchange information between members. Now, in order to retain users, this feature has been open to all free. The dating site’s profitable weapons have begun to rust. Even more frightening is that some other applications are slowly killing Jiayuan, such unfamiliar street and explore, even seemingly with marriage on a share of WeChat, also eroding Jiayuan cake. Each of these applications has its own features, such as geographically based pairing functions (Mo Mo), Tinder like sliding pairing functions (exploration), and an economy based real-time interactive pairing feature (WeChat shake).

these new applications are completely different from Jiayuan’s business model, they are free to provide the most convenient for users, but also with many other services integration. Young smartphone users immediately fell in love with these features, as well as dating, restaurant reservations, taxi services, social games and group chat.

The change in

is also evident in numbers. The first quarter of 2015, Jiayuan sales revenue of $27 million 300 thousand, a loss of $1 million 600 thousand. The worse news is the decline in the number of users: today, their total number of users is only 5 million 200 thousand, down 5% from the same period last year. On the street, in the line after only 4 years, their last quarter revenue of $26 million 300 thousand, monthly active users also far toward Jiayuan, reached 78 million 100 thousand people, compared to the same period last year rose 83%.

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