LZCMS talk about professional filing personnel commonly used hype trick

the so-called professional records, in fact, is empty talk, why do you say, when you find these so-called professionals filing, you know, they use is actually some small tricks. Today I’m going to talk about the hype they used.

. Issuing false message with QQ, with chaos

I remember in the 09 years of the last few days, always have the record staff called the webmaster to use QQ to send the information, information about the content that is from 2010, all have the record information to be a thorough investigation, and to identity is to review what the sentence is said 2010 reserve case is trouble, these people use QQ to send the information will bring on a web site, this site is their own fake Ministry website, you do not pay attention to this is not found. No record, quickly accelerate the record bar. At that time, some people look at it, quickly put all the domain names are not filed all of these people, of course, these people will also rise in prices very high. Now will soon be February, the National Records Center strict requirements?. The answer, of course, is not, not to mention identity authentication.

two. Webmaster class forum holiday information

now in the domestic webmaster class BBS, everybody as long as pay attention to will find, and some people in the false information, release what is IDC after the record, for a domain name information, to 500 yuan. As long as you are a sensible person, you can not believe such a trick. Why do you say that?. We think, for the record center and CNNIC belong to the Ministry, the Ministry of CN processing, processing waste too, CN in negative growth, if it is 500 yuan a record number, the new owners will do. New stationmaster does not join stationmaster industry, Chinese Internet still has spring. He will put permissions under IDC, but also said that the domain name for the record to 500 yuan?. Does the Ministry really want China’s grassroots eradication?.

three. Cheat the user

when you really find the record of personnel, when talking about a day or two, when the time to talk about the time not down, you can not contact the people, people never ignore you. When you want to find another record this time, it is impossible, because a domain name as long as submitted once, you want to submit second times, you can not submit. Therefore, these filing personnel is the use of this, as long as you find him, he does not give you the record center account number, your meter is a dead meter.

these so-called professional record, most of them are n QQ, with a new customer QQ number to contact different every day, because they, what is the fast record, people filing bureau does not work, you can down the record number. There are some people filing a point of integrity, when the set time is not down, will put the account to you. But most of them are dishonest, and they will find excuses to say that the registered account is missing and so on.