Forum operation should avoid deliberate pursuit of misunderstanding

The operation is more difficult compared to the

forum website, some sites only need to pay attention to the flow of it, while the forum not only focus on the flow but also pay attention to customer loyalty, and even in some respects, loyalty is even more important than the flow, and the acquisition of loyalty is not simply through a variety of promotional methods to achieve, but from the beginning of practicing internal strength, increase the attractiveness of the user, which will gradually flow into a step by step into loyal users forum.

but many current operations forum webmaster, although also know the importance of customer loyalty, but in order to make their forum have more traffic, hoping to drive user loyalty through the increase of the flow rate, thus embarked on the wrong operation of the forum, the pursuit of the forum of traffic, and ignore the construction of Forum itself, causing more traffic however, the less the vicious circle of loyalty. The following I will analyze in detail the deliberate pursuit of traffic forum operating errors.

1: the deliberate pursuit of traffic, will certainly be the main focus on BBS marketing,

many operations forum webmaster, still taking the website operation ideas, as long as the forum flow make up, then the site of the profits will go up, so the main profit pattern of the forum in charge of the advertising alliance, and then began to publish links to other forums, through various kinds of soft to attract traffic, enhance the SEO Optimization Website Ranking and so on, these marketing work occupies almost the owners usually work time, no time to observe the safety and stability of the forum, the forum content is not already being posting machine has been fully occupied.

in the absence of high quality content support, these come into the flow through a variety of publicity is difficult to further increase the residence time, so will only increase the bounce rate of the forum, the forum to play and a lot of traffic, generally have obvious purpose, rarely issued attention forums, advertising links so, even if there is a lot of traffic, so advertising revenue is not high, even no marketing costs, so it is difficult to achieve long-term operation of the forum.

two: deliberate pursuit of traffic, will ignore the interactive properties of the forum

as a forum for interaction is the most important, the main functions of the forum is to provide a forum member exchange of learning platform, and this information site that one to many relationship is very different, but the pursuit of the forum can flow, often is the pursuit of the one to many relationship between the simple operation, and the operation relationship is not cross, resulting in the decrease of the interactive property forum, user traffic are less attractive, the viscous forum is almost lost, no loyal members support, and how can bring new members, increase the popularity of


three: deliberate pursuit of traffic, often ignoring the target user’s pursuit of

generally promotes the traffic style of websites, and it is widely distributed to different types of users