How do use a month to build tens of thousands of P novel station

in the economic crisis today, do a lot of money thinking, may be less, we are more calm, but there are many websites do very well, and income, or that sentence: make a lot of money are muffled doing, but say perhaps only in the growth process in every little bit of experience, whether the dream is good, still have to practice, a little bit of this, take this novel to do some experiments to share some experience for everyone to do, oh, this is Web2.0’s Wowo network, sharing spirit. Sum up the four points:

one, a good novel, so that the success of the website multiplier

to do a novel station, first of big starting point, or century literature, is not too realistic, mostly from their own good or their usual to collect some data processed into useful information and to maximize the value, I was cut from a single novel, and the novel is many webmaster to do ranking a serial novel, which will have a lot of potential visitors and Baidu search may visit the website. So, before you do, you have to figure out a few questions:

1, have you read the novel? Does it really appeal to you? If you don’t like it, what does the user like about your station?.

2, do you know the update and the update time of this serial novel? Since you don’t know more than the reader, what does the reader do with your web site?.

3, do you know which station is the most up-to-date? Point of view with 2

4, can you update the novel with your heart?

two, hard work, so that the rapid growth of the site

I will not elaborate on what you do, work station, update, the webmaster are very clear, if the heart enough, you are just a little traffic, really don’t cheat you, not in the heart, just want to do the flow, the end result is to flow, but certainly not much. A heart, I simply say: first, read carefully, carefully, and then update the propaganda intentions to provide users with some valuable ideas, to want to keep their intentions become website users, their practice.

three, good publicity channels for site traffic soared

publicity is essential, but also the way we often use, here to skip long winded, I let my propaganda channels tell you:


1, through the well-known platform blog to update your content, in the early stage, this move can bring you good traffic entrance.

2, through the DIGG platform, why? Because there are some Digg platform PR and weight pretty good, these platforms and there is a good to use, that is, you can guide traffic to your station, as long as the link on the line.

3, replies by replying to some of the information in front of you