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micro-blog social" is not enough to attract users, when the product user growth period and gradually leveled off, how to realize the traffic? Sina micro-blog realized the strategic to vertical field marketing, network consumption habits of a large number of loyal users, can to a certain extent, evidence of micro-blog "marketing" the realization of prospect.


from the evening of April 17, 2014 to "China’s largest social media platform" Nasdaq, Sina, micro-blog, a night defeated all opponents, become "micro-blog" synonymous.

despite the fierce competition in 5 years, Sina, micro-blog killed a rival, but listed on the NASDAQ half a year later, its profitability has not improved. In August, Sina micro-blog announced second quarter earnings, although the second quarter net revenues of $77 million 300 thousand, an increase of 105%, but there is still a loss of $15 million 400 thousand, the monthly active users also showed signs of slowing growth (earnings data show that as of June 30th, the second quarter monthly active users and daily active users (MAU) the number of (DAU) quarter growth rates were 8.8% and 4.7%, and a quarter of the growth rate of MAU and DAU were 11% and 8.5%).

as Sina’s micro-blog teacher, overseas Twitter days have not been better. In its third quarter earnings, Twitter third quarter net loss of $175 million, because the user growth rate slowed its shares fell more than 10% (see titanium media had reported "Facebook and Twitter", is losing two fellow sufferers "more and more young users").

this is the biggest driver of sina micro-blog’s continued commercial efforts. Is often compared to the micro-blog and Twitter, its core function is not enough to attract users, and when the product after a user growth period and gradually leveled off, how to further seek traffic? It become the common problems facing micro-blog or Twitte. The same shape, the two products are doing this:

micro-blog: Fan business vertical field of commercial exploration

face the pressure of earnings, micro-blog had to accelerate the pace of commercialization. In October 29th, micro-blog will share, Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog CEO King goofy said, is planning to accelerate from the vertical field to explore the fans economy its commercial value, the next step will be to Sina micro-blog into various areas of vertical social platform:

, "micro-blog is already the biggest social platform in China, and what we’re thinking about is how we can become the biggest social platform in the professional and vertical areas," says

, and micro-blog’s first vertical field of choice is the movie. "We’ll have a box office sale this year for double eleven, and we’ll sell out three million."