Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of 51 and CNZZ

preliminary statistics about 80% of the sites in the use of 51 statistics or CNZZ statistics, I as a member of the grassroots team, but also in the use of these two statistics, do stand a few years, see 51 and CNZZ after revision upgrades, grow, development to the present powerful website traffic statistics. Let the station on their website very well. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them.

in the use of the process, I found that the statistical function of each of the two have advantages and disadvantages, because I installed on my website ( two statistical code, in order to more accurately grasp the situation of their web site. Here I used in the process of summing up the advantages and disadvantages to share:

one, in terms of statistical server performance stability:

CNZZ server statistics on performance than the 51, 51 in a year in attack stop statistics, the number of damaged database maintenance than CNZZ statistics, this estimate is CNZZ compared to the investment in hardware is excellent. 51, you need to upgrade the statistics server hardware, or raise the firewall security level, in order to deal with DDOS attacks, to ensure the normal statistics of the site.

two, in terms of using humanity:

both statistics, in the use of convenience, almost the same, you can set the management password, view passwords, and can be set to allow public statistics, hide statistics function. Statistical code display, you can free DIY, novice basic look at the operation menu, you can understand, quick start.


51 statistics in view keywords Lailu, directly behind the [GO] keyword can be directly linked to the antecedents URL, the convenience of the station to see the website direct antecedents. CNZZ view keywords, you need to point to the right side of the view, and then click the following antecedents, web site, you can turn to the antecedents of the site. This point is easy to use. A stroke above 51.

three, in terms of statistical accuracy,

I put the statistical code on my website, found that both statistics are not the same, the statistical data of CNZZ will generally be slightly more than 51. The statistical data from the data, I can’t tell which is more accurate. But from the keyword to the road, I have repeatedly found that 51 of the statistical antecedents, URL positioning than CNZZ accurate statistics. From this point of view, 51, statistical function is better. Key words: such as (independent IP host) from Baidu, in 51. Click on GO, directly to the Baidu page background can accurately find with independent IP host my website, and click CNZZ, in turn those pages sometimes can not find the URL contains keywords, need to double the page or on a page, in the positioning accuracy on the key antecedents of 51 wins.

four, on the web interface,