An angry user experience Taobao password

a good intimate design can greatly increase visitors to the site’s goodwill, and enhance user stickiness. However, the problem is whether big station station are difficult to perfect, in fact as long as multi user point of view to think, a lot of questions before.

, one of the big names in the Internet, Taobao can not avoid this problem.

, an article from De Dream, is a fascinating story about this. Here’s a description:

is logged on to Taobao today and is ready to pay for the goods he has just received. Suddenly I can’t get in. The reason is simple. I want you to change the password.

Remember that

can be selected as a it practitioner, I also know that security complex, but as an ordinary user of Taobao, I don’t think it necessary, also do not need to set a complex password, because most of the time I was a buyer, not the seller. Account stolen to me, it is only lost an account only, there is no direct interest loss. So I chose not to change my password. Remember, this is a user’s choice!


but today, Taobao forced you to change your password, because their security system can not protect the user’s safety, all the trouble procedures must be forced to do the user. This is the first time I have such an angry user experience on my website,


well, modify it and change it. Who wants us to have such a service platform,


look at the first article:

": password protection question: which one is your favorite movie? "?

, my first reaction was when I set the password for protection. When was that? Now, make me remember,


thought about ten movies he liked (both in English and Chinese), all failed.

well, I can only figure out how to answer it.

look at terms:

if you forget the password protected by your answer, please send mail or registered mail security real name, phone number, ID card scanning copy to [email protected], Taobao customer service will contact you within one working day.

no,… It’s so troublesome to change a password. Most of all, it’s not me – a Taobao user –


now my situation looks like a big joke: as a user of Taobao, actually cannot login to my Taobao, all you need to change password before operation!! and password changes almost as difficult as the college entrance examination.

, my first thought was " go, stay here, keep your place, "

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