How long will the domestic DJ station last

What most domestic

site? Use Baidu Search 52200000, in 0.001 seconds I was terrible! In 2005 had a DJ station in early 2007 to sell more than 10 thousand yuan this year from the new station for a feeling of head, DJ hot word came Baidu’s first industry everyone to see which didn’t do 100~200 a link at the bottom of all is DJ IP5000 on the navigation bar dance of many sites in the competition that there are at least 100 sites in the word


said the 100 sources of dance! DJ station 90 collection, primary school grade 4 students in the online program acquisition modified Title free online do stand, say I have a DJ station, this is true when I surf the Internet and data that children do next to me at the bar! server together spent a total of more than 8000 dollars in a site, some people do not understand how to collect dance are ranked so much so high flow, I really hope that the Baidu acquisition DJ site banned, I think as long as the handle will succeed one day of my own efforts, ten years of grinding sword Frostsaber, did not try.