All the way to do standing really tired give up or persist


comes into contact with this website is industry, I was reading the third, the innocence and curiosity, always want to make a career in the network, no technology, no capital I, I, no contacts me, only one person on the run.

just contact do stand, very helpless is what technology do not understand, ask the network’s "master" who are busy, oh people ignore the rookie 1+1 problem, but I’m not only by those who rely on Baidu search every day to find their own answers, until now, I know that the person’s mood, sometimes ignore the novice is very boring. I don’t think so many people would like to answer the questions you knew three years ago. If you’re not interested, or you’re old, that’s what you’re saying. Trust yourself, you can do it, and what a philosophy.

why do not stop? Also common goals and many webmaster, want to dig a gold on the Internet ah, at that time, understand the point of technology in the network how much money is easy, but then did not miss the opportunity, the technology in their studies, others have been on the way to make money what are, step slower than the others, it makes me sad, but I did not give up, always adhere to the research and analysis.

source code, this word is not unfamiliar to the novice, do not understand the technology, I do not understand the code, found this. Build a website is not so simple, as long as the program is uploaded to the space inside to become a website, remember to build a very simple site, share the joy and classmates, how miss ah. Even if the station do not earn money, have a website at the time, the man is a very cool thing, oh.

walked all the way down, 2 years down the study, understand the code, start with simple procedure, initially playing new cloud CMS, early CMS, is my first teacher " ", ha ha. Remember when the release of a "QQ Space pig, thunder resources network" and other sources, the earliest release, perhaps now Baidu can find, but also for many people to pay a lot of help, ha ha.

did you ask me to make a website and make money?

I’m sorry to tell you that I haven’t really earned any advertising fees since I’ve been doing it for so long. I do stand, the site is able to do it, but the lack of promotion, less traffic, advertising revenue less, do not advertise. Has failed, did not wash out advertising revenue, perhaps I am too lazy, perhaps I did not know what is SEO, do not know how to promote, but perhaps a little bit of luck. But I did not give up, choose another way of life, dedicated to help people make web application and sales program, it was also a good idea, technical personnel at the time of the small program is relatively small, so the demand is still relatively good. The price was impressive, and I was able to get my first fortune online.

with the development of the times, more and more technical personnel