Do garbage station learn to change a way of thinking thinking website outlet

what’s a garbage station? It’s always vague about this definition. Chatting with others today is a clear idea of the definition of a garbage station. It can be said that what is a garbage station should have different definitions for different people. Understanding is different. Defining nature is different. Possible for Internet users or other non business owners would consider those garbage spread bad information, cheat the user clicks even harm to user privacy and security property horse site for garbage station. But for the webmaster, Adsense nets satisfied that the definition of garbage station is not need too much technical and operational planning requirements to build a simple lack of high quality original content simply rely on search engines to get traffic to make money through advertising alliance does not have its own service and product profitability of single site. Webmaster eyes garbage station is purely from the profit model point of view of the definition, although the garbage station because of its profit model and site characteristics, there may be some bad information existing in the garbage sites, or even damage to deceive the interests of users, but the stationmaster called garbage station is not equivalent to those illegal bad sites.

on the Internet website to comprehensive portal innumerable, large, small industry station to QQ expression download sites, non mainstream pictures, can be said that the website is like a kaleidoscope, may be observed from the Internet in different poses and with different expressions. To reduce the threshold to allow more website construction through the network business people have the opportunity to do the webmaster, a domain name, a space, and then a CMS program can build a website, not used to do a website, need to learn programming every day in the face of complex encoding. Before doing website, just like oneself buy food, cook, need a process, and need to grope continuously in the process, study can do better. And now to do web site, more like eating fast food, no need to explore the process of learning, direct eating ready-made. Although it is very easy, but after all, eating too much will be boring, not good for the body. Reduce the threshold should be the main reason for the emergence of garbage stations. Simply rely on the flow, do not need what profit model and site location, do not do long-term business planning can flow to wait for the money, and not for the stationmaster why? After all, but the garbage station is rubbish station, quick, failure is also fast, many owners rely on garbage station to earn some money, but good times don’t last long. Really rely on the garbage station long can not much profit, most do dumpster webmaster is shot for a place, some owners even made a dozen or even dozens of garbage station, not a re do one, although it is not what is difficult, but also have to admit that this is really rubbish the webmaster helpless.

To prepare the

grassroots webmaster do garbage station, station is often synonymous with unstable, although do not waste energy station, if you insist on update, promotion to do good, no matter how much is it, always make a little money. But two or three days no matter, may search engine ranking will drop, flow less, earn money will continue to decrease. Seo do not do well, no traffic, do too much, and may be Baidu K. Although IP on tens of thousands of people earning thousands.