How should the stationmaster allocate the time reasonably

SEO in Henan today to talk about the issue of time allocation, there are many friends are more depressed, why I always online at night, and so on, I put their point of view on the allocation of time to share.

if you are a part-time webmaster, it should learn to allocate your time, learn how to manage and use your time, this stage is the main source of income is not a webmaster, often family website, or rely on their own work during the day, so don’t let anything disturb the normal site of your work, if you lost the only economic source, website how to manage and develop


if you are a full-time webmaster, I wonder if you have found that not many things to do during the day, sometimes is sitting there watching the news, anyway, Henan is SEO, the day almost no mood to do things about the network, usually at night will update the website occasionally, write articles, see the industry dynamic like the night, ideas are relatively clear, a lot of friends in the online also, this time it is suitable for communication and learning.

no matter you do SEO website optimization, website planning or business website, the relaxation time can relax, don’t let yourself get too tired, do not often stay up late, "sunrise, sunset." This has been the result of human adaptation to the environment for a long time. Staying up late can do harm to your health. Because the body’s adrenal hormones and growth hormone are secreted during sleep at night. The former is secreted before dawn, and has the function of promoting metabolism of human carbohydrate and protecting muscle development. The latter is produced only after falling asleep, not only promotes the growth and development of young people, but also delays the aging of middle-aged and elderly people. So the best time to sleep in the day is from 10 in the evening to 6 in the morning. So, we have to get into the habit of 10 on time for sleeping. Before that, we need to do everything we need to do. The backup should be published,


allocate your time will make you more efficient, there are plans to do things, don’t think of what to do, so will only go but not


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