Darling baby website growing pains

at the end of 2006, Xu Letian resigned from the multinational company executives, began his own business. At that time, Xu Lotte’s son was born just a few days ago, which made him interested in the products of mother and infant. After a number of research, Xu Letian and his senior management team will target in the mother and child products this market. In their view, with the advent of the baby boom, it will be a fertile virgin soil. At the beginning of 2007, the baby website was on the line.

years of entrepreneurship are tough and sweet. A few years later, my love is really "good", the number of customers grew to a staggering 3 million, turnover also start from zero to 2010 exceeded 500 million yuan mark, this time in the original business is almost a within sight but beyond reach the goal. With the rapid development of the domestic e-commerce and the continuous improvement of the technology platform and operation system, the sales revenue and user growth from the websites have been increasing rapidly for several years.


recently, baby in maternal and child market performance slightly slowed down the momentum; on the other hand, baby to absorb the risk of investment does not stop to use the original requirements of Xu Lotte maternal customers, stimulate their purchasing potential, the baby created a comprehensive supermarket. Do the market No. 1. So, how to let the baby to new heights, in mid 2010 put on the agenda of the board.

Xu Letian decided to be a good baby. What he saw was the concept of infinite space and time in e-commerce. Although the baby’s growth plan seems risky, the willingness of capital, but also coincided with Xu Letian’s own ambitions. In March 2010, the baby officially launched its growth program and began to extend its product line beyond the mother and child. However, six months down, it seems that days and attempted people would like to.


input of manpower and material resources, the company made a lot of capital, but from the growth point of view, the growth performance is far less than the growth of a baby. Inside the company, a lot of people are questioning the company’s growth plans. For example, Ye Hui, director of the company’s personal care channel, once suggested that the company should abandon its expansion and go back to the main line of mother to child products and concentrate on core products.

and since the company’s growth plans have seen a marked increase in customer complaints, last month the number of complaints hit a new high. Many users complained that the beer bottles were broken and they were required to exchange goods. In addition, the rate of return on websites has soared in recent months. These problems, Xu Letian is not the first time to note. It seems that the new types of products and maternal and child products in the distribution of the difference between the way is really small.

, however, Xu Letian can’t throw cold water on his growth plans as a website leader. But not throwing cold water does not mean sitting on the slow growth of new businesses, dragging down the company’s current cash cow. Sometimes, Xu Letian’s mind also flashed a thought: my love should shrink their business, to return to their original work on maternal and child products. "