Dai Zhikang the nternet trend is the status quo

2009 annual meeting November 7th held in Jiangsu station of Nanjing science and Technology Museum, from all over the country more than 500 guests and owners to participate in the meeting, the following is a wonderful speech Comsenz President Dai Zhikang.

                China Internet has experienced ten years of development, I want to say is in the webmaster, changes we are experiencing in the Internet, changes in the Internet and the Internet, the unknown is unknown. First of all I would like to share with you we were in the sense of DISCAS, I want to build a school for the BBS to us at the time, I built a text WBB, then WBB will stop the development, then I think I can do is not such a thing for the students in our class. The results of five years to get up every morning, eleven o’clock every night to sleep, when the idea is very simple, my biggest goal is very simple, people start a so-called vision is very low, I and most of the owners are the same, when I was in college I can find a job, because learning is not good for me, so I you need through other ways to let me find the ideal job.

Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang

I was very simple, I want to graduate from an annual salary of one hundred thousand, my bad grades, and in all the teacher to me is not very optimistic about the situation, I want to find a job, so I chose the way to make their products, the product will not have much hope people with no hope, how much fame, no more hope he can earn much money, get much recognition, I just think that when I go to work, I told the boss said, you look at me is this product, this product on the Internet has more than 100 sites in the and I can create more value for the web site. Later found that DISCAS is a very sticky product, every time the user sent flowers and applause, smelly egg is a spur to me, so I spent about two or three years time to complete the product, from one of only two or three owners to use, there are many people who support us, including the laggards including, in a variety of met a lot of friends, including Hua Jun teacher, this is the first successful representative. Later I found a direct problem, when every day you make painstaking efforts to do one thing, you find no return, I believe that all the owners will experience such problems, when the community has two thousand book amount, you are not a penny of income, this feeling is very good, because the customer every day I answer many problems, but as long as he put forward the question I would help him to solve, this time no income is hit, that time is 03 years, I thought of a way, if the product can be used by many customers, I will charge, but charge it, then received a lot of the egg, egg every day to a few thousand more than. Because we don’t have a good idea of the product charges