Groupon model prevails is not everyone can do buy site

at home, when you realize that something has become popular, in general this things have been very popular, many people swarmed, had suddenly become a popular industry top1. To see such a words in Sina micro-blog, said this: "I think we should get a" Wang Xing effect "Chinese Internet, is Wang Xing students to do what kind of website, this type of site will be away from the fire, and follow up the winner is not far away. Wang Xing school, the achievement of a happy network; cooking, no achievements Sina micro-blog; this time to do group buying, I do not know who will succeed. Of course, he does not rule out himself". Since the United States Mission network, the network appeared a variety of buy site, A5 forum also opened a daily group of group buying activities, and should be quite a lot.

searched for the word "buy" on the Internet. It has mixed opinions and everyone has different views. Some people say that will fire up in group purchase, the future of the Internet and become a long-term stable mode; also some people said that the group purchase is just to follow the trend, because it cannot solve the contradiction between businesses and consumers, group purchase doomed it is difficult to develop, and become a stable Internet mode. Whether it is out of curiosity, or indeed bring benefits to consumers, and now the purchase site is still very popular, especially local buy, is sought after.

I believe that as long as the user is really practical mode will be affirmed. Group buying websites organize many scattered consumers with potential consumer demand. They have the advantages of quantity, deal with businesses, and do everything they can to provide users with valuable information and products. At present, many groups are carried out in the city, reducing user concerns. For example, buy a local hotel sign dishes, if by the original consumption mode, only to the hotel can enjoy such food, and very few people will go directly to the hotel to pack a dish. Through the group buying model, not in the price concessions, more important is to bring convenience to the user. In many groups buy websites, buy local food, there are many responses. Group buying is a win-win for three parties, users, businesses and group buying sites.

in the previous discussion on the topic of the Internet, many people said that e-commerce is the future trend of development, group buying is one of the manifestations of e-commerce. Especially local buy, really meet the needs of most users, to bring tangible benefits to users. In the article, take "group buying as an example, analyze the B2C e-commerce model of social network", analyze the group buying model in detail, and make a detailed exposition of the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and risks of group buying. Personal Adsense if you want to enter the buy domain, might as well go to see that article.

in the Admin5 Forum on Thursday June 10th exceeded activities, will invite the group purchase website to group purchase website operation predecessors and the development of the status quo and prospect, discusses whether individual owners involved in the field, enter the group purchase market. If you are interested in this topic, or are considering entering the group purchase market, welcome to join the discussion on Thursday waiting for you