Let website have popularity let website have temperament first

do network, a worry popularity, two worry is to make money. Money is not necessarily very popular, but the popularity of the basic can make money. As a traditional advertising, after entering the Internet industry, will use some "non webmaster" onlookers thinking to consider this problem, the following share with you.

friends gave me advice, saying that the Internet would like to eventually succeed, the product itself must be better. She said that although our ViewSonic daily life is perfect every day, but the location of the site to be more clear, temperament to be more clear, white-collar workers have to take the petty bourgeoisie route. She used to be the marketing director of the business card network. It was said to have attracted 20 thousand of the registrations a day, so her words should be reasonable.

previously advised a bookstore for a friend. Bookstores are small, mostly comic books, magazines, and small spaces with blue and white decorations. Bookstore in Guangzhou, Xihua on the way along the road, it is said that the surrounding consumer power is not bad.

I told him, "small business, must be creative and breakthrough.". If I open this bookstore, I will buy some small folding stool, let the book selection people can sit down to see, then they will brew a cup of tea or coffee. In short, shape a style, a lazy, idle taste. As for books, you can add some books with good taste and content…… Finally, I also had an idea, they should do a "Book Revolution, TM" activities, is that any of the books, in the purchase of books arrived with 5 yuan. It looks like a lot of money, but a book to more than 20 yuan, minus 5 yuan, but only a 20 percent off. Even advertising I have envisaged: brown yellow paper, it seems a strong sense of culture. Printed with the theme of propaganda, coupled with the revolutionary cultural revolution during the print, it must be very innovative.

I always have a feeling of planning when I see other people’s projects. But when you go to your website, you may be stuck too deeply into specific things, and even forget to position yourself and design style. For example, our www.uplife.com.cn itself is a fashionable material media, but I have never given it the charm of this culture. So it’s hard to have empathy and empathy. Have seen a personal website, it is just talking to oneself, but in the bones of loneliness, pride, but gradually attracted a large number of fans, every day IP tens of thousands. China is a huge user market, even if attracted a group, get their loyalty, even if it is a small minority, this popularity is also very amazing.

another friend also told me 2 times UPLIFE on the establishment of cultural sense of the problem, I’m not very seriously, on the one hand, wrote that a slogan on their own is too little, on the other hand did not realize the role of cultural label.

then write down this idea, must make sure UPLIFE style positioning down. The article that influences me comes from a story of Sanlian Life Weekly, which records: "advocating new luxury company, chest >"