How do you grab traffic from your site


in a lot of time, often listening to personal AdSense and Taobao owners in the discussion of how to get traffic, actually a lot of time in addition to some means of promotion, traffic sources necessary data analysis is necessary. Only after you have accurate analysis of your flow source will you be able to refine the final conversion rate – order. The following author from my point of view to provide you with some of my own analysis:

Analysis of

traffic to the site first, there are many kinds of traffic, there are specially concerned, are induced to enter, enter through other channels, the road come to your site, we will be divided into four kinds of traffic flow, quality induced flow, auxiliary flow, crude flow.

seize the high quality traffic into your website, is the core flow, is the most close to bring into the flow for you, we can be optimized according to the certain value to make it realize the transformation, as for example a need to buy your product users, in he is optimistic about your products and price, and make a purchase after the decision, a simple and convenient shopping process optimization, transformation can bring an order for you. Of course, I also have no deal with this part of the user, wasted high-quality customer resources, the following is the author was visiting a Taobao store in select a product, and then click that actually can not buy.


Optimization of

induced flow, the flow is more in the form of advertising in the form of import or Taobao passenger flow in the majority, this part of the flow, you need high quality more guidance or more to stimulate users to buy demand in your shop. Such as the elements of evaluation, volume, quantity of collection, landscaping and many other elements, here I will not enumerate, of course, only you do all these details, that this part of the flow will bring a lot of orders for your conversion rate of.


The stimulation of

auxiliary flow, this part of the flow, perhaps for your goods are part of interest, but you need to go to a good guide, maybe this time can not be traded, but maybe next time he’ll bring you orders. Here I give another example to let everyone understand, like before I have to buy a psychology books, in the online bookstore bookstore after feeling this price is too expensive, and the lack of professional psychology books. When the author prepares to leave, I discovered that this shop’s children’s subject books are quite abundant. A few days later, I bought a children’s subject book at this store, because I thought it was a great help to my daughter.


finally, I would like to sum up that the source of any customer needs to be analyzed in detail, to seize the customer source of your website, first of all, analyze the shadow