Do new sites first analyze ADMN5

I was in 2004 entered the webmaster circle, a few years down, do not under 20 stations, the theme is all kinds of, is often thought what is the hot words without thinking hands, the hands of the meter by K, more than PR3 there. Today I only left three station three. What kind of future development mode, like energy, also may not bring much revenue of the station,.

before 2008, I rely on these stations to maintain a good life, but after entering 2008, with Baidu’s three stations get angry, even I have been the last remaining decline. Baidu has included a home. This is a fatal blow to me. Even once a day with the master station IP7000 also dropped. Now a day less than 700IP. – which I had to conduct in-depth analysis:

Why is

a run for a few years old station will be so? Is not Baidu’s wrong, I was wrong: I would like to consider the content update. I found a few years later, I can not write what unique things, can only be the beginning of a mechanical reproduction, complex system..

, editor. Even the collection…

and how does ADMIN5 do it,


Wang wrote the article, also can write, but now the station network graph king team can complete on updates you so frequently? Impossible, do not need to, because of the large number of the same Adsense add content here. Only one purpose: that is to get outside the chain, before we. In the new sites should consider to mobilize members of the submission of desire in what way? – graph king did it. We do not have to


I do Chinese clerk, only is the main revenue model is GGAD, which determines the future and do this station. However, in the cloud station on the IP7000 plus one day time, but also $more than 10.


and how does ADMIN5 do it,


total station text, pictures, almost all have what League AD, and these AD a monthly income of over 1000, because all left IT.IDC… Etc.. The strength of the company. Because ADMIN5 chose this revenue model in the construction, today I understand a little bit. Any station has its own unique profit pattern, we just look on GGAD, Baidu Alliance……

China clerk in the fire also looks for me accumulate many regular members, more like for me to provide some valuable things, because my goal is to increase the article, increase Baidu included the amount of my station — and lack of user interaction! The most important is I stand in addition to the outside, then. Provide any other valuable services… "