Do the station rules find the need and then satisfy it

actually does a lot of standing, just like the one you’ve just seen: find the need, and satisfy it!


stands as if it were engaged in other commercial activities, only in a different form, with different platforms.

of course, not everyone knows that, and people who know it are not necessarily going to do it. A lot of people say that they don’t know what to do, but of course I’m not sure what you should do, but it’s important that you do what you like.

, for example, if you like to be a station, you can be a station, but what station should I do? This is the question that should be clearly understood, so I will write this post.

once told me many webmaster every day, soak in the nets, the laggards, looking at those predecessors wrote his own experience, his SHOW GGAD bill, his entrepreneurial passion, but you can only sit in front of the computer to look at them in the legend, although there are such urge to do with as they stand, his heart is always the worry that, feel that they do not, it is not enough confidence!

anyway, I have tried to do some websites, but really want to achieve profitability is not easy, want to do a monthly income of over 1000 is difficult, of course, now it has a lot of, they may have been out of the stationmaster industry now, or you are holding a VC money do greater things, but to see friends here, and I should have the same point, is that we are still trying to struggle, we want your website to bring something for our money, and meet a little sense of achievement, or from those on site and for us to admire absolutely ignorant of the vision of people


yes, there are a lot of rules station, most easy for us to achieve profitability that is something everyone needs, we have to learn how to find this kind of thing, then of course website, this is to be divided into many things, I can give you a hint here.

if you want a lot of traffic, and then through adding some alliance profit, then you can go to look at the Baidu TOP or Google trends, and then on your site, such as you do a everyone love words, and then through their promotion methods of promotion, and then into a large amount of traffic for profit. This way can generally make the flow up, but competition is quite large, we should do a good job standing for the long term. One thing to note is that if you want to do long-term traffic, learn to see whether the content you do may be just a temporary hot, if it is a temporary hot when you may stand at any rate, all these are not interested in


for example you want to get some unexpected little investment income, then you can add some sell products like excellence alliance, selling books, you can make a website for a book, and then recommend excellent products in their own station, it is relatively easy to implement.