Example using DiscuzX to build a healthy industry community love love Kang


home page thank Comsenz for providing such a good software community, let me be able to achieve the ultimate user experience industry website. Next, I’ll talk about how to build an excellent industry community with DiscuzX.

is an excellent community needs to have in-depth understanding of your industry, because I do the planning in the Internet Co, and has a more in-depth understanding of the large community of software, CMS software, so it is handy, and build love Kang (www.iikang.com) the community health industry has spent half a day. Well, no more talking.

first, setup, skip this step.

secondly, prepare the design section.

this step should be carefully planned, each section of your role is what, how to express, which open topic types, whether subject classification, how various permissions settings, what is the integral rule…… Do not underestimate these seemingly simple things, in fact, this is how you position your site examination, such as love Kang is a major health platform, which most people are concerned about the health of the patient, who is a relatively fewer people group, but the health of this topic is not small, so we divided the disease communication, fashion and health, entertainment, medicine, community service version produced by these. There are different groups of people, such as diseases, friends, mainly for themselves, their families, relatives and friends, who suffer from certain diseases. They need to make friends, they can share experience. The medicine produced by business people, the medical professional, they need to understand some medicine cutting-edge information.

third, how to make the best use of the group.

Although the

group of DiscuzX is not very powerful, but overall is good enough, personally think that the group is the forum, the forum is official things, can not face mask, and the group is the folk thing, we should give full play to the creativity of the private. And the recommendation from DiscuzX group to the forum function is a good solution to the relative independence of the group and forum, so that the group and the forum are fully integrated.

fourth, home.

everyone will have a return to the roots of the complex, is in the final analysis, a home, community spirit is that it gives you a feeling of home, so every day you have the urge to go home, this is love Kang efforts, hope that the webmaster friends and I like to make our community do a feeling, let your members often at home.