f the Taobao alliance can not do how to do Taobao customers three ideas

2013 for Taobao customers really is not an ordinary year, although Taobao will not be off but can be said to be unable to get up after a fall, step by step carefully, in front of the Taobao Alliance for the influence of a series of rules changes Taobao off, I have the project in the planning process is to pull the inconvenience in the provisions of Taobao alliance and we exchange, but in order to avoid the risk of being blocked, but also the "worst".

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off, then, how to do? He always thought that there are three main ideas, can refer to:

builds offline League

it is possible to use the Taobao alliance is to deal with the large-scale ban account most of the way, first of all, I have to remind you that this way is illegal, according to the relevant provisions of Taobao alliance, Taobao off and businesses are not allowed to include "so communication" as an excuse to set up the Union line, and if you really feel no illegal operation of Taobao passenger, but was blocked after the complaint is not successful, can be considered in this way, whenever there is a chance and alliance negotiation, don’t use such means, unless you have to, and a life-and-death struggle Taobao alliance.

The formation of

line alliance mode is actually very simple, Taobao business will be a commodity Commission set up a special plan, for example, the normal commission rate is 15%, so, in the special plan, the commission rate can be set to 0.5%, or even 0, Taobao customers can through Taobao customer self-service promotion promotion, so that goods after the transaction, Taobao alliance will have the background in order details, even if the account has been blocked, the loss is only 0.5%, the remaining 14.5%, the seller through the line Alipay settlement.

is such a model, can avoid the risk benefit from Taobao alliance, but the risk is not eliminated, the Taobao alliance can ban your number, is there no guarantee of the third party of the shop treasurer cannot hack your commission


again, using this model, Taobao is absolutely can not do, the shop owner can not be stupid enough to let you do the station comment in his shop, and then to the flow of their own from the new "toss" again, without any cause or reason give you a commission, so that this model is suitable for originally extended no violations, but was injured and no complaints of Taobao alliance Taobao passenger door.

selects other CPS League

I think, when there are a large number of resources in our hands, even if it is a club, also should be hungry, in addition to Taobao alliance outside, there are many Jingdong such as CPS alliance, alliance, easy promotion (a subsidiary of Tencent), where the customer, the United States mission…… In order to avoid advertising suspects, not to mention, interested friends search their own, there will be a lot of choice, of course, any alliance may freeze commissions, choose to be cautious.

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