How attractive are your product descriptions The 7 step is to create an attractive website descripti


how attractive is your product description?

does your product description attract visitors, click on the purchase or try, or you simply describe your product and tell the web visitor what it does?

writes a very attractive product description, which is an effective step to attract and convince users and sell products.

you need to start by knowing exactly who wants to buy your product.

1. defines your buyer role,

"let the job begin with identifying the buyer, and you won’t sit in your comfort room and sit still. That’s the biggest reason for ineffective marketing."." David · Scott meerman · (David Meerman Scott) (Internet marketing planning master, entrepreneur, speaker, several members of the board of directors and the "micro-blog era of real-time marketing and PR" author)

the buyer role here is a fictitious client. He / she is the person you develop the product for, and the person you want to sell it to (of course). He represents your target audience, but he is more realistic than a vague description of some demographic data.

you need to be familiar with your buyer’s role and know exactly what makes him happy, what makes him shake his head in disbelief, what makes him click on the purchase, and what makes him hesitate whether to place an order.

describes your buyer’s role, what he sees and what websites he visits, because it will help you understand the right tone that will attract him. Think about what is that he can not sleep, what he wants to achieve the dream, and how he will make a decision, because it will help you create can communicate with him and entered his emotional world product description.

explicitly defines your buyer role, which gives you the information you need to change your description from a product centric description to a customer centered one. Visualizing your buyer’s role can make your description more vivid, personal, and persuasive.


, let’s see how it works.

2. sets up a comprehensive list of product features and user benefits

you like talking about your product.

maybe you’ve spent years developing your application, or you’re pleased with the specs that have been upgraded for the best seller. So you’re interested in telling people about all the details, functions, specifications, and that it’s what people want to know, don’t they,


No. Really not.

potential customers don’t want to know what your product is or how to do it. They just want to know what they can get from it: how does it make them?