Choose the network came all the way bitter

first introduce yourself: 86 years was born in the northwest, students all the way through the plain, 05 years in Wuhan XX vocational school learning computer, 08 years of graduation and this school. These three years in college can be a waste of money and a waste of life. Three years of college time in the classroom time is one year, the rest of the time: football, online games.

after graduation, first in Wuhan hundred Czech company to do Baidu marketing, naive, I thought he entered the Baidu, every day boring call, contact customers do price ranking. At the time of 1 months salary is 650 in the Commission, took two weeks to hear the old staff said that sometimes a month without billing is normal. My gosh, eat to live a beginning that I would lose, resigned third weeks.

after a week to find a network admissions work, when it was good to see the boss, and say well. Say 800+ Commission, the daily work is to manage their website, send a post everywhere, responsible for network enrollment this piece. A month in the past, the day is still comfortable, air-conditioned office every day, Wuhan, August is the thing in the air conditioning to enjoy happiness! Time to pay, ha ha, said too much, I can only smile the world face heart people no commission, but there is also a 800 yuan fake. (I am more impulsive) the night after buying fruit, found counterfeit money, then call the boss scolded, quit,


summed up the word: working for others always not to earn money, is only enough to maintain their own lives, perhaps not enough…. stayed for some time, I want to * with the family took twenty thousand dollars in October, opened the restaurant in the city near the computer, not a little experience in March this year. It failed. Luckily, no loss, when the store had a big turn out turn. 2.4W also made from more than 7000.

from mid March to mid April has been playing it slowly with the idea, I open a 1: you can play.2: not to make money. Looking for a certain dragon, did the game people will guess the results. A dragon is a worm. Been fooled. 3000. my heart want to cry…… where to fall, where to get up. The reality caught a technician to help me take care of the game, also launched a dragon himself. At that time didn’t understand SEO, every day in the group to promote to pull customers, my girlfriend and I when sales. Responsible for the technical service frame, when the first month is down to earn more than 10000, I am very excited to higher vocational college students to do a part-time job for a year to earn second, third months are good at around ten thousand…

people’s desire is endless, although this money, but did not release the station to make money, and began to do publishing station, then my wife and I also mastered the basic skills. I went back to my own hometown, the publishing station has not been effective, and slowly to learn SEO, master some simple things, and now, also gave up a?