Do stand do eventually or no trick wins trick

recently and many grassroots webmaster in communication, discuss the most or about do standing problem. Why are the best websites on the Internet small, while the vast majority of websites are garbage stations?. Where exactly is the problem? Some people think that is just the starting point of the station decided to do, for example, you just do the station is to make money, purely to make money, only to know the flow, flow may really be here, no user experience, it can’t keep.

also said that my website traffic, and the user experience is good. But why not do it? The reason is simple. Because you don’t have a goal, you don’t have a definite goal. What should your website do?. You should have a clear picture of the extent to which your web site is. This picture should include how much traffic the site has and how much PV it should be. How much is the site’s profit at that time?. It all takes a good aim for itself.

also has a grassroots webmaster and I discussed the question about SEO, say now Baidu is to make it do not understand, Google is better, but, after all, Google’s market share is not high, to flow less. Every day I have a headache for SEO, and I study SEO every day and study Baidu algorithm. In fact, I think, at this point, we should do is adhere to the direction of the big, just go. Formlessness, we often see a movie should not be strange to this sentence, but occasionally think, this is not blind bullshit? We are no trick, no trick premise should be based on the premise of a move. In fact, I think this is still a state of mind, the so-called "no trick" is a good attitude.

see a lot of articles are saying, do stand to insist, but your heart really has the heart of persistence? Do you really have this temptation, or is it resistant to pressure? Do not trick is not easy. Come on, everybody.

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