Grassroots it’s better to try marketing micro blog than being sold by micro blog

July 15th in the webmaster nets see the news that "the NetEase Sina Tencent such as micro-blog micro-blog suddenly suspended all beta", after Sina micro-blog also added a "beta" a few words, although the official said this is a normal phenomenon, it seems micro-blog has a lively little trouble, do not know is the phenomenon of the individual or the means micro-blog has what may happen in the news. Some time ago a lot of people into the micro-blog micro-blog rash and too much in haste, the position, especially the 2010 annual meeting of the webmaster, micro-blog lottery interactive sessions, let a sudden influx of micro-blog group. But probably not in a short period of time to taste the sweetness, many webmaster is not micro-blog’s hard worker.

during this period of time in the personal Adsense group, micro-blog hot seems to have subsided, but micro-blog position is still lively. And now Tang Jun raise a Babel of criticism of academic scandal, several post Fang micro-blog relaxed, let Tang Jun in in the teeth of the storm. Micro-blog has not only become the position of speculation marketing, but also began to become a platform for breaking the news and war of words. Tang Jun academic scandal, it is undoubtedly the biggest winner, his micro-blog fans slowly to more than 90 thousand people, and all of a sudden surge in popularity. There are Cai Wensheng, Cai had to send iPhone and other big gift activities, after several marketing, micro-blog fans have reached more than 460 thousand people. For celebrities, micro-blog is undoubtedly another key way of promoting publicity, is a platform for self marketing. Fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie also said that micro-blog is its own media and platforms, with a strong interactive function. This media platform is not easy to build just for average individuals.

Matthew effect tells us, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker, on micro-blog promotion, that is, more fans, more fans, fewer people, a reason. Personal Adsense in the operation of micro-blog, often suffer from micro-blog fans concerned about the growth of the number of slow, the number does not increase, the more confident, update micro-blog’s pace is slower. The author also once enthusiastic micro-blog, want to put micro-blog built into their own media platform, not just a celebrity, and lazy update, the number of fans is stopped, a bit of enthusiasm only began to decline. These days, responsible for A5 buy (buy express, micro-blog update, and began to pay attention to this platform. The information on micro-blog is really rich, product promotion, personal marketing, war of words, is really a hodgepodge. Micro-blog for the group purchase website is also very interesting, the U.S. group, F group, A5 group purchase group purchase fashion, and so on, the group purchase website launched micro-blog fans scramble to obtain more potential users, to maximize the promotion of information products.

Cai Wensheng said, micro-blog is the inevitable product of the short reading time, in fact, is also a reflection of living habits. With micro-blog’s people continue to use micro-blog, do not continue to use. It’s only through this platform that you really change something or get something, and you will really value this platform. In the event of Cai Wensheng delivering iPhone, there is a <