How did you close a property site in 2017


2016 China’s real estate, is a win-win market.

sound control frequency, up to now, some time ago real estate in many city skyrocketing, and not completely stopped, so similar to stop housing loans for such a big move has also been released, which shows the government to stabilize the consequences of soaring.

2016, why will prices rise? In 2017, the real estate market will be?

macro level:

1 and 2016 government work report proposed that this year’s broad money M2 is expected to grow by about 13%. According to the National Bureau of statistics, nominal GDP growth was 6.45% in 2015, while real GDP growth was 6.94%, with an implicit inflation rate of -0.5%, or a slight deflation. Although the property market is hot, but you have to admit that the overall economic situation is deflation, the problem of the real economy, many articles are described, not to mention.

because of the fiery real estate, driven by the relevant industries, such as building materials, cement, steel and other industries, therefore, as a pillar industry of real estate, is a selective inflation reflected. In other words, if it were not for real estate, the pressure of inflation would be released to other areas, and I’m afraid everyone would feel the first thing from the price.

, 2 and 2017, the world’s overall economic development is a global inflationary pressure, such as maintaining a historically low price of crude oil has been a lot of time back. The devaluation of the renminbi will undoubtedly increase the price advantage of export enterprises, but it will also lead to higher financing costs and the loss of hot money. After inflation, deflation is bound to come, and, after deflation, inflation is the law of the economy. Devaluation, inflation, and the real economy will be expected to be expected when the real estate regulation policy is limited.

3, if from the point of view of the overall monetary policy, monetary policy is still relatively loose yuan, for the first suite and needs to improve the supply of real estate is still a reasonable relationship with the real economy, the necessity to pick up, the overall monetary policy should remain relatively loose, the market trend will promote consumption, so the interest rate pressure is not great, but also may according to the Convention, the differences in the interest rate policy for the industry.

4, the current round up, the need to pay attention to inventory, the original intention is to change the three or four line departments, urban inventory pressure phenomenon, but the reaction of the market is a second tier cities soaring. In the long run, going to stock is still a long-term policy.

micro aspect,

‘s focus is on several digital changes that will be a benchmark for the property market.

1, land turnover and transaction price:

in Beijing, for example, North 2016