have some experience with SNS sites

SNS is very easy to do, but do well is very difficult. A difficult position, two to three

for profit promotion.

said the first position, the largest content is actually SNS, although Like attracts like., but not Birds of a feather flock together., all groups are needed if SNS. forum with thinking to do SNS, is a big mistake. Personal understanding of SNS to the core value of users is that this person can go up, find him looking for. Then the motivation to make friends, what are friends for a demand, courtship, energy-saving, has the interest to take the relationship. Like I do now LES, is aimed at Lesbian Dating needs.

therefore, positioning must seize the needs of friends, what kind of groups have friends needs, the webmaster must be sure.

say, promotion, I believe this is the pain of most webmaster, about this, my LES promotion is not good, also please webmaster advice. Here not to say.

profit is most concerned about everyone, I now is summed up, profit thought there are three, one is to advertising to the third party, the two is the direct sale of products or services to users of the site, three is the most common advertising alliance. On the first line, you think what people on the Internet put the advertisement put in the most ferocious? I concluded that gambling, what football landlords ah, ah, ah and the stock recommendation, lottery recommended ah, followed by some chain oriented advertising, if these advertisers do a station to gather some users, advertising or take good. Second ideas, more should be the most Adsense way, I think there is a difference in the industry. Get an industry SNS, to concentrate on, believe that the day will be very moist.

said this first, and I hope you can guide