After 80 returnees do second hand car sites selling old cars


a difficult to sell car experience, so that "80" returnees, Peng Bing saw business opportunities. As early as studying abroad, he began pondering, after returning home to build one of the country’s best used car online trading platform, the current online listing of 60 thousand vehicles sold.

380 thousand Buick only sells 70 thousand

Peng Bing was born in 1982, wuhan. In 2005, Peng guest returned home on vacation. The father of the building materials business wants to sell a luxury Buick on hand and replace it with a new one.

Peng bin drove the car ran Hency Zhuyeshan, the second-hand car market, buyers at a price in 50 thousand yuan. Peng guest was shocked: "this new Buick bought 380 thousand, ran tens of thousands of kilometers, how to pressure so low?" finally, a friend of Peng Bin bid 70 thousand, bought the car.

to sell the car, things are always linger in the mind of Peng bing. He believes that the old car transaction price is too low, the transaction is caused by asymmetric information between buyers and sellers.

Peng bin has conducted market research, last year, the country’s total car transactions nearly 3 million vehicles. There are only 800 thousand vehicles in Wuhan, and the market potential is enormous.

returns home to sell old cars online

After graduating from

, Peng worked for a multinational company for half a year before returning home. He borrowed about two million from his parents, organized a team of 12 people, and began to build his online trade Empire, moving the entire car sales process online.

in Peng Bin’s "566 car city", the seller only need to pass the certification, you can sell car information free of charge, the time is one month. In addition, there are fee packages and professional assessment services. If you do not have the bottom of your offer, the website can also be opened online auction. The price reached the expected again.

wants to buy a car, can enter the desired models, price expectations and so on. For 1 dollars, you can browse through the information of an old car. Usually spend more than a dozen dollars, you can choose the ideal old car.

Peng guest also set the "car pays treasure" service, buyers will purchase money hit the cooperative banks, procedures in place, the seller can get money. The company’s main revenue is the Commission, the company also set up service agency procedures, each having a collection of procedures, the transaction volume of 1% fee, up to a sum can be fetched 1000 yuan commission.

How to sell

by chicken

run a website, but the cost is about 100000, most of the "burn" in promotion. Peng bin Investment Co., only to abandon the traditional advertising, in cooperation with the Tencent and the Wuhan hotline, responsible for the auto channel uterus". In addition, he also contacted a large number of businesses, the rapid development of members, and early this year set up a branch in Chengdu.

Peng bin signed 4S stores, car wash shops and other businesses, for the replacement of 566 car city unified style store signs, >

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