From laid off workers to the income of 60 thousand Tao114 shopping guide webmaster mentality

since 01 years after graduation to find a job for 05 years, was laid off, and began to learn to do a personal website, now nearly several dozens of sites, several of which are sold thousands of pieces, and some just a little traffic dropped by Baidu K, in general, this feeling a few years do stand really fail. When I first started my first website, I was out of a hobby, but in the end I did it for profit.

05 years with the first love built is industry station, this station only let me have a little feeling of success, what was the acquisition, SEO does not understand, rely entirely on manual update, insist on a few months, every day to achieve more than 3 thousand ip. Slowly, begin to understand the advertising alliance, however, did a lot of alliance, has also not be paid until later, hang GG ads, no cheating, no month there are nearly a thousand dollars, for me at that time, feel very satisfied. My family felt very surprised when I told my family that I was making money on the website, but it pleased me at the same time.

because the station was profitable, but what I was thinking was to make more money, so I thought I could do more. Wouldn’t that make more money?. Then began the construction of other sites, the day is to update the site, but due to energy reasons, and did not just do that kind of passion standing time, no longer willing to manually update the station, then also know the collection, then several stations collected every day, but this is a nightmare to update it. New website on acquisition although the content is very rich, but the traffic is not to make money, not to mention. At the beginning of the station flow also slowly down, and earn less and less money through the site.

these years, I have been doing site, but these stations are not on the flow, that is, just a little traffic was Baidu K, and there is too low income, and ultimately did not adhere to do it. I am very surprised, why do I do the first stop is still very smooth, when the technology is much worse than now, but now understand a little bit of technology, and the site is not doing well.

now I understand, I think the station must do it carefully, and steadfast, and hard to do the site to do well, and not blindly want to fight for money. Now focus on tao114 shopping network, to buy things through 114 Amoy shopping network to Taobao and other more than 130 shopping sites have a cash refund, so as to help the online shopping people, for their own benefit. I believe that as long as I stick to it, tao114 must grow and grow stronger and bring me more benefits.

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