nternet users demand a chat where is the user demand

has always wanted to write such an article, as a record, or as exploration, of course, also want to get more people’s discussion.

more and more people engaged in the Internet industry, products, service, I do not know there is no one like many Internet users are doing what? What do they want from the Internet? Internet Co is through which demand as the basis to obtain profits? Here we have this problem, which in order to explore together.

in the first place, the most important thing for individuals to consider is to obtain information.

as you read this article, for instance used to go to the portal site to watch news, novels, and some, including watching movies, watching TV and so on are access to information, but it is for video information only, but belong to this category.

access to information, the reverse of the largest demand for Internet users, and now even if you do not know to enter web site to open the website of people, will also know that you can go to the Internet to see movies.

I think, here, we should all know which companies to profit by this demand, a few examples, Sohu, NetEase, Thunder KanKan, Youku potatoes, Douding net and so on.

second aspects of communication.

this requirement is from the beginning of the establishment of the Internet has always been there, but for the younger generation, the Internet communication has been ingrained in the brain, leaving each other when the contact will be attached to a Email or QQ information.

related figures: Tencent announced the first half of 213 years of performance, instant messenger service monthly active users of 815 million.

But in view of the

type, a large part of the elderly are very difficult to achieve this demand, they have become a main part of the Internet, and the first needs to obtain information, only need to move the mouse.

gets little profit by communicating, but there are also, like VIP mail, Lily nets. Most of them are free of charge to communicate this service, so as to drive more forms of profit, such as QQ, 163 mailbox and WeChat.

third aspects of the transaction.

used to joke with his friends, "as a young man, it’s shameful to not shop online."". Internet transactions have long gone deep into everyone’s life.

related figures: as of 2012, China’s Internet shoppers were about 200 million, accounting for 36% of all Internet users. One of China’s largest B2B platforms, the China network library, also announced the number of enterprise users was 7 million 600 thousand.

through this demand to obtain profits of the company: Taobao, China Library, Alibaba and so on.

fourth, spiritual satisfaction.

, for example, everyone can understand that micro-blog is happy. Individuals think that this category is "seeking >"

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