How to do well the user experience of hospital website

medical director of the most know a website in the process of project operation often policy rectification, a check, said: website to change a problem!! project rotation, said director website has to change a problem!! the performance decline, the director said: website to change money no problem!! effect of executive said: website problem! To change! The consumer does not go out, the bidding website has said: to change the traffic problem!! not to visit, consultation website said:! To ask: how to change the copy! Which need to modify, where the department heads?……. A large list of question marks can not tell why. Until the end of the site was changed beyond recognition, miserable,


1, then, how do we do a good job in the user’s station experience? How to carry out targeted rectification of the site, which


first of all, I think it is necessary to figure out the problem of the website, and then what is wrong with the website. Finally, we should understand how to investigate and do a good job in the rectification of the website.



modifies the website, we should first analyze the funnel diagram carefully to see which link is the problem. For example, if the site traffic is very large, the amount of consultation is very small,

analyzes the following reasons:

does not boot for user behavior.

didn’t answer the customer’s questions,

does not have some of the network marketing tools (business consulting, attractive button, etc.)

improvement advice:

navigation: study the interests, habits, and behaviors of the viewer

answer: provide information from the customer’s point of view and lift questions

communication: increasing Internet marketing tools

2, the site of the rectification, from the following sections to

brand positioning, color, and post event planning + advertising, home plate setting, channel page, page core question, the article page

below, we analyze several cases to tell you how to meet user needs, adjust the site.

(1) brand positioning: brand positioning should be clear, highlighting the highlights. Let’s look at the contrast between the two cases,


brand positioning is not clear, show the number of years, station technology, expert. The performance was flat and did not highlight a bright spot.


the same text, key outstanding, different layout, station branding success

(2) color system: the site should generally be controlled within three colors, at most not more than 4 colors, color should be relaxed, concise, atmospheric. Highlight texture.

, let’s go through a case below

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