Let SNS more money way of several modes

recently quit work, rest, and just a little time to write something, because I (A Feng) is working in traditional enterprises, and therefore some of the elements of the traditional industry is relatively deep understanding of it. I am also do SNS (Beauty Street draft), of course, is a kind of exploration mentality to make this site, therefore, from the traditional industry point to share in several SNS can not be ignored in several modes, only the exchange of reference, after all, I have limited capacity.

first model: profit model. In the traditional industry, profit is the most primitive purpose, whether it is to do newspaper or TV advertising, nothing more than for profit, the purpose is very clear. And SNS, many people are concerned about the popularity, traffic, can not really extend to the inside of the kernel, in fact, the real purpose is still how SNS earnings. For the beauty Street talent net, the profit model is very clear, and its profit can be competitors, competitors, advertisers, sponsors, value-added services and so on. Although I’m an amateur SNS, my goal is clear. Once I’m really involved in this project, I’m confident that 80% is profitable. And now most of the SNS threshold is, without thinking about the profit point began to do, blind to do. Similarly, a uch program, why some sites have a strong profit point, while some sites just follow the trend. Therefore, when the webmaster in the operation of a SNS project, be sure to consider the profit model, so that you will become more and more wide in the future, the direction will be more clear.

second modes: operation mode. When you have a good profit model, you should plan the whole business model, such as happy net. It is an operation mode that drives the popularity of the game. Here, we don’t judge whether it’s a promising model, but at least it’s a business model that we can see very clearly, and it also has the ability to do so. And ordinary webmaster can only rely on roaming plug-in to maintain, then the restrictions are relatively more. Therefore, each webmaster can not rely too much on uch games to promote the development of the website, but need to have the soul and the thinking of the operation of the site planning. Of course, the present structure of the beauty street network is not what I imagined, because I’m busy with my work and I don’t have the time to do it. If the full-time SNS webmaster should pay attention to, and the operating model is as important as your earnings model, it is to lay the foundation for profit. The core of the business model is the member, so the whole operation idea needs to be extended around the members, so as to form a specific crowd (active crowd and potential crowd).

third modes: membership mode. In many traditional enterprises, the CRM system is used to classify the members, and the subdivision is particularly in place, and each user layer group will be marketing. At present, many SNS website member model is relatively simple, not through data analysis and investigation, but with a direct member of the simple classification, not to mention the formation of a membership system members.

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