From the customer’s most concerned about the three issues the interpretation of the first online se

recently China Youth Daily exclusive phone interview with me, and write related to the Secretary of Zhejiang network reported, Secretary of Zhejiang network is an emerging network services company, we are committed to providing for the global small and medium-sized enterprises and 300 million Internet users best the best and most secure online secretarial services, honored more than 1000 domestic network the coal have also reproduced Chinese Youth newspaper articles. The article analyzes the profession of online secretary and my own work, of course, some questions to the online secretary, in this regard, I only from the customer’s most concerned about the three issues interpretation of online Secretary:

one, online Secretary to build the most favorable price

the current financial crisis, small and medium enterprises and individuals will suffer. How to reduce the cost and reduce expenses become everyone enterprises are most concerned about the matter, Zhejiang Secretary of the online secretarial service is to solve this problem and the introduction of online secretarial services, small and medium-sized enterprises need relatively write planning scheme is relatively small, independent set up a planning department is obviously not suitable for cost reduction, small and medium-sized enterprises Mister are entrepreneurs or independent Private Companies, please a professional secretary engaged in secretarial work is obviously a waste of company resources, so please write all kinds of online secretarial presentation and planning scheme of our Zhejiang Secretary net is very price advantage, because the cost will be relatively low, does not require a huge amount of rent and management fees. We are looking for all graduate schools in the country and each big enterprise engaged in clerical work with more than ten years of writing planning Experience of the professionals and the Secretary of the government personnel engaged in writing and planning tasks, of course there are part-time, they in their spare time to finish our work, through play to their strengths, not only money but also reflects the value of their own, but also allows customers to reduce the cost of invisible. This is a multi win, multi win business cooperation model. So we can say Zhejiang Secretary net absolute customer confidence in the price, after our investigation on the market than other writing units more than fifteen percent cheaper, than the general professional planning company, advertising company cheap twenty-five percent dollars, and our quality is absolutely guaranteed, it is also one of the reasons we Secretary of Zhejiang by the small and medium-sized enterprise network and welcome, because our price can really let you accept! We provide to you is a bargain price for online secretarial service


two, online Secretary to provide the best quality service

service quality should not be actually should be by myself is by customers, gold silver cup as the customer’s reputation, in fact, to help others to solve the problem is a very happy thing, Youth Daily reporter also mentioned that I graduated from university to work in my hometown is a municipal TV station, is a senior the treatment of income white-collar workers, are also good, I just want to pursue is a kind of help others solve problems after the feeling of happiness, although every day sitting in the computer to do the same work, but when you have a one to help others to solve the problem of the kind of happiness, the feeling is not expressed by I lack of language, the "

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