‘Minority bloc oppposing growth in Goa’

first_imgMinister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari has said that “a microscopic minority group is proving to be an obstacle in the development of Goa.”‘Lack of interest’ He was addressing the annual general meeting of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) here on Saturday. Mr. Gadkari said, “We are interested in expanding the ports but people in Goa are not interested, so I decided to go to Karnataka and Maharashtra. If you want, we will develop them. If you are not okay, we won’t hesitate to go to other States.” Mr. Gadkari said, “We have sanctioned ₹600 crore for four-laning roads from National Highway 17 to Mopa airport. I have asked my officials whether it is possible to use a river like Zuari or any other river to develop waterways up to the airport. We are working on it and it is possible. But your Captain of Ports has not been giving permission for one-and-a-half years. “We have sanctioned ₹40 crore to carry out dredging work in Zuari and Mandovi rivers, but there is apprehension among a few groups that we are going to take the rivers to Delhi.”Mr. Gadkari said transportation in the State should run on fuels of the future such as electricity, ethanol, bio-diesel, methanol and bio-CNG. He said even ships can be run on these fuels.last_img read more

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab, IPL 2017: As it happened

first_imgHello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of Match No. 11 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab at the Eden Gardens. (SCORECARD)KKR Innings:23:21 IST: KKR go on top of the table with four points from three games.#IPL Match 11 – @KKRiders 171/2 (16.3 ovs) beat @lionsdenkxip 170/9 by 8 wickets. Relive the game here – https://t.co/nHL0nA6VIj #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/mrleLmYefM- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201723:20 IST: Harsha Bhogle is impressed.Powerful performance from.@KKRiders. We thought they might struggle at the Eden given spin was in their DNA. Selected well, adapted well.- Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) April 13, 201723:16 IST: Eight consecutive win for KKR over KXIP.IT’S ALL OVER! #Pandey finishes off things in style as he powers a six over long-on! #Gambhir stays unbeaten on 72. #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201723:16 IST: SIX! Finishes it off in style! KOLKATA WIN BY 8 WICKETS! A comprehensive win which will do their net run rate wonders. Coming to the ball, Sandeep bowls it full and outside off, Pandey goes across and swats it over the long on fielder for a maximum. He fist bumps Gambhir to celebrate the win.23:14 IST: Stoinis back into the attack.23:14 IST: Just seven runs required from 24 balls. KKR 164/2. Gambhir 71*, Pandey 19*23:13 IST: FOUR! Typical GG! Cut for a boundary.23:12 IST: Referred up stairs for a catch but that’s not-out clearly.23:07 IST: And it’s time for the strategic time-out.TIMEOUT! We are 157 / 2 . This has been a dominating performance from us at our own backyard! #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/pAf0fxxgL3advertisement- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201723:06 IST: Just 14 runs needed to win for the home team. KKR 157/2 from 15 overs. Gambhir 65*, Pandey 18*23:05 IST: FOUR! Short delivery in the line of the leg stump, the ball stops on Pandey but he waits for the ball. Uses his wrist and pulls it through backward square leg for a boundary. There was a long leg present but all he could do was throw the ball back to the keeper.23:04 IST: 150 is up for KKR. Just 14.2 overs into their innings.23:03 IST: Captain Fantastic!BCCI Photo23:02 IST: 12 runs off the over. KKR 148/2 after 14 overs. Gambhir 62*, Pandey 12*23:02 IST: FOUR! Expensive over! Flights this one outside off, Pandey lofts it over covers. Miller tries to stop it running across but to no avail.23:01 IST: FOUR! Cheeky stuff. Gambhir first tries to cut this shortish delivery but sees the shot isn’t there and uppercuts it over the keeper for a boundary. Superb improvisation.22:59 IST: Eight runs off the over. KKR 136/2 fro m13 overs. Gambhir 56*, Pandey 5*22:58 IST: 33rd Indian T20 League fifty for Gautam Gambhir! 28th as a captain and no other captain has scored more than 20 half-centuries in the IPL.22:56 IST: FOUR!  Glorious shot! Hurls this on a length and outside off, Gautam Gambhir punches i through covers. The sweeper cover had no chance to cut it off.22:55 IST: 12 overs gone and KKR are on 128/2, needing 43 runs to win. Gambhir 50*, Uthappa 4* 22:54 IST: That’s a fifty for Gambhir. 23rd in the IPL and second in this season. 22:53 IST: Star of the night so far?BCCI Photo22:52 IST: 11 overs gone and Kolkata comfortably cruise along in their chase. KKR 123/2, still need 48 runs to win. Gambhir 47*, Pandey 2*22:46 IST: Manish Pandey walks in the middle.22:45 IST: 10 overs gone and KKR are on 116/2, needing 55 runs more to win.22:45 IST:  OUT! Uthappa tries to be cheeky but loses his stumps. Axar dishes out an arm ball around middle, Robin shuffles across the stumps to play the paddle scoop but it skids past his bat and lights the stumps. The crowd is stunned into silence. Uthappa departs after a well-made 26! KKR 116/2, still need 55 runs to win. Gambhir 44*22:44 IST: There has been a boundary within the first three balls of every over.22:43 IST: FOUR! Bang! Axar drops it short and wide outside off, Uthappa uses the depth of his crease and cracks it past the point fielder for a boundary.FOUR! #Uthappa goes on the back foot and cuts the ball to find a boundary between 2 fielders on the off-side. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/EQltHUjBvh- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201722:43 IST: Bold moves pay off. Proof.A bold move that paid off  #Narine was promoted up the order and scored 37 off 18 balls at a strike-rate of 205.55. #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/sgUQiz8MHL- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201722:41 IST: Nine overs gone. KKR 107/1, still need 64 runs to win. Gambhir 42*, Uthappa 19*22:40 IST: FOUR! Nicely played! Back of a length delivery on middle, Uthappa shuffles across, turns inside the crease, lifts his right leg and eases it away over square leg for a boundary. Class!advertisement22:39 IST: 100 up for KKR in just 8.1 overs.22:38 IST: Marcus Stoinis introduced into the attack.22:37 IST: KKR crusiing along just fine. Eight overs gone, 99/1, still need 72 runs to win. Gambhir 40*, Uthappa 14* 22:36 IST: This is just easy for KKR. KXIP desperately need a wicket here.22:35 IST: FOUR! Nicely done! Shortish and around off, Uthappa goes deep inside the crease and plays a late cut past the diving short third man fielder for a boundary.22:35 IST: Axar Patel introduced into the attack.22:33 IST: Seven overs gone. KKR 89/1, still need 82 runs to win. Gambhir 36*, Uthappa 8*22:33 IST: SIX! That’s a top shot! Just about picked it up and dismissed it. A length ball angling into the batsman, Uthappa stays back and muscles it over wide long on for a biggie.22:30 IST: Interestingly each bowler that has been used by KXIP today has been welcomed with a boundary.22:29 IST: FOUR! Mohit starts his spell with a short ball around leg, Gambhir opens up in his stance and nails his pull shot behind square leg for a boundary.#Gambhir is dealing only in boundaries so far. He’s scored 32 of his 35 runs helping the ball to the fence 8 times. #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/1RTvM4l2YQ- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201722:29 IST: Mohit Sharma into the attack.22:28 IST: KKR rolling along comfortably.We are cruising comfortably at the moment! Also, this is our highest score in Powerplay in the @IPL.#DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201722:26 IST: Six overs have gone and it’s time for the strategic time-out. KKR 76/1, still need 95 runs to win. Gambhir 31*, Uthappa 0*22:22 IST: OUT! You live by the sword, you die by the sword! Short ball works this time for Aaron, he fires it in and Narine who has his adrenaline pumping goes for the pull shot. Fails to get the desired elevation and distance and hands a simple catch to Axar Patel in the deep mid-wicket region. Gambhir acknowledges his knock as the West Indian walks back to the hut. Narine departs after a brisk 37 off 18 balls. KKR 76/1 after 5.3 overs, still need 95 runs to win. Gambhir 31*22:21 IST: FOUR! Narine is unstoppable! Aaron resorts to bowling short, it’s around leg, Sunil gets inside the line and eases it away over short fine leg for a boundary.22:21 IST: This is Sunil Narine’s highest score in T20 cricket.22:20 IST: SIX! More…more and more! Narine is on fire and the Eden Gardens is going bonkers. A length ball around leg, Narine clears his front leg and smokes it over mid-wicket for a maximum. This is now his highest T20 score!22:20 IST: SIX! Welcome into the attack, Aaron! Fuller in length around leg, Narine picks it off his pads and rifles it over long on for a maximum.#Narine is making the most of his time at the top, he has struck 2 big sixes off Varun Aaron’s first 2 deliveries. #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/wz0wgOf7cQ- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201722:19 IST: Varun Aaron into the attack.22:18 IST: 18 off the over. KKR 60/0 after five overs, still need 111 runs to win. Gambhir 31*, Narine 21*advertisement22:17 IST: FOUR! Up and over! Skipper is leaking boundaries. Sliding down the leg side, Narine turns inside the crease and lofts it just over the leaping backward square leg fielder for a boundary.22:16 IST: FOUR! Boom! That’s a superb shot! Maxwell is a shade on the shorter side, around off, Narine shuffles back and packs a punch past the right side of the mid off fielder for a boundary. 50 up for KKR. 22:16 IST: FOUR! Flatter and on the pads, Gambhir nudges it past short fine leg and fetches a boundary.22:15 IST: Glenn Maxwell into the attack.22:14 IST: KKR going strong here. 42/0 after four overs, still need 129 runs to win. Gambhir 22*, Narine 12* 22:12 IST: FOUR! Fighting fire with fire! Ishant lets across a fiery short ball, 146 kph, short and wide, Gambhir stands tall and whacks it through backward point for a boundary.22:11 IST: FIVE RUNS! First of all there was a big appeal for an lbw as Gambhir fails to defend a length ball from the crease. The ball ricochets off his pads to point, they attempt for a leg bye and Miller misses his shy at the striker’s end. No one backing up and it has sped away to the fence at square leg. Direct hit would have been curtains for Narine. Returning to the first event, which was an lbw shout, the replays show that it pitched outside leg.22:09 IST: Three overs gone. KKR 31/0, still need 140 runs to win. Gambhir 17*, Narine 11*22:07 IST: FOUR! Boom! Sandeep overpitches outside off, Gambhir goes down on one knee and blazes his cover drive for a boundary. Finally getting in his groove, GG!22:06 IST: FOUR! Shot! Good length ball around off, angling away, Gambhir rocks back, allows it to come at him and punches it sweetly through the gap at point for a boundary.22:06 IST: SIX! Length delivery outside off, Narine latches onto the room and powers it over long off for a biggie. Finally, a good connection after a series of plays and misses.22:03 IST: Two overs gone. KKR 15/0, still need 156 runs to win. Gambhir 8*, Narine 4*22:02 IST: Calculated move? #Narine has opened three times before this in the last season of BBL & PSL and has a strike-rate of 137. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201722:01 IST: EDGY FOUR! Ishant bowls a beauty, shortish around off, shaping away, Gambhir gets across the stumps, is squared up a bit and the outside edge travels just wide of Maxwell at second slip. The third man fielder dives but it has gone past the rope.22:00 IST: FOUR! Sharma once again is on the shorter side, wide outside off, Gambhir this time connects with his square cut and sends it speeding behind point for a boundary.21:58 IST: Ishant Sharma sharing the new ball with Sandeep Sharma. 21:57 IST: One over gone. KK5 5/0, still need 166 runs to win. Narine 4*, Gambhir 0* 21.54 IST: Sandeep to Narine, FOUR!! Well, Well!! Sunil opens his account and starts the run chase for KKR with a boundary over point.21.53 IST: This is a bizarre move from KKR as they have opted to open the innings with Sunil Narine along with Gambhir. Not sure if this will work for the home team.21:37: IST: Punjab score 170/9 from their 20 overs. Great comeback by Kolkata. So, 171 is the target for KKR. Maxwell 28, Umesh 4/3321:37 IST: OUT! Gambhir takes the catch in the fourth attempt! Woakes serves a length delivery around off and Aaron backs away to play a big shot. Mistimes it completely in the air and Gambhir at extra cover gets underneath it. He tries to pouch it but the ball pops out of his hands, he then recovers quickly and takes a juggling catch. A relived smile flashes on his usual grumpy face. PUNJAB END ON 170/9!21:36 IST: OUT! Woakes has a wicket on the penultimate ball. Hurls in a short delivery, well-directed, Mohit fails to middle his pull shot and is caught by Suryakumar Yadav at long on. KXIP 169/8 from 19.5 overs.21:34 IST: Woakes back into the attack.21:33 IST: Trent Boult has to be the unluckiest bowler in the history of the IPL.21:32 IST: 19 overs gone. KXIP 166/7. Mohit 10*, Aaron 1*21:30 IST: FOUR! Short and outside off, Mohit does well to cut it past backward point for a boundary. Every run from the tail is a bonus for Punjab!21:27 IST: OUT! Potentially a game changing over by Umesh Yadav! Third wicket goes down in it. Once again a delivery bowled at a lethal pace, 143 kph, around off and holding onto the batsman, Axar tries flicking but is early into the shot. He gets a leading edge and stop the press, Sunil Narine has taken a catch at extra cover. Kolkata are roaring! KXIP 156/7 from 18 overs.21:25 IST: OUT! Two-in-two for Yadav. Saha this time falls and Punjab are falling apart in the death overs. Sharp delivery, full and angling into the batsman, Saha tries to go over mid off but fails to get enough timing. It’s dipping in front of Colin de Grandhomme at mid off who does well to grab it inches above the surface. KXIP 155/6 from 17.4. Axar 0*21:23 IST: OUT! Miller has to depart! A killer blow to Punjab as it will cost them at least 20-25 runs. Yadav gets lucky with this full toss as Miller has mistimed his heave over mid-wicket. Pandey comes running in from the deep and takes the catch safely by tumbling forward. The umpire checks for the waist high full toss but it’s fine in the replays. Second wicket of the evening for Umesh Yadav. He has removed Punjab’s Double M! KXIP 155/5 from 17.3 overs. Saha 25*21:22 IST: FOUR! Umesh tries to find the blockhole but ends up slipping a high full toss outside off, Miller packs a punch through extra cover for a boundary.21:21 IST: SIX! Miller has decided that it’s time to press on the gas. Receives a shortish ball from Yadav in the leg stump line and rockets his pull shot over square leg for a biggie.21:21 IST: Umesh into the attack.21:20 IST: Decent over from Boult. Just seven off it. KXIP 145/4 after 17 overs. Saha 25*, Miller 18*21:19 IST: FOUR! Misfield from Narine.21:17 IST: In the air, Miller is lucky to survive. Boult bowls it with a scrambled seam, on a length and around off, Miller is early into the shot as it stops on him. Gets it away off the outer half of the bat and just falls over the cover fielder. One run added to the total.21:16 IST: Boult back into the attack.21:16 IST: Top stuff from Narine.Another good over from the mystery spinner going for just 4 runs. He ends with 1/19 from his 4 over spell, top stuff ??????#KKRvKXIP- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201721:12 IST: 16 overs gone and it’s time for the strategic time-out. KXIP 138/4. Saha 20* Miller 16*21:10 IST: Narine comes back on.#Narine comes to bowl his last over, he’s gone for just 15 runs in his first 3 overs. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201721:09 IST: Productive over this one. 15 overs gone, KXIP 134/4. Saha 19*, Miller 14*21:08 IST: SIX! That’s even better! Tossed up ball around off, Saha is down the track in a flash and with the spin powers it over extra cover for a maximum.21:07 IST: SIX! High and handsome! Great short from the little guy. Flighted full ball on off, a leg spinner, Saha gives the charge and launches it over the bowler’s head for a biggie. Good catch in the crowd, something the Kolkata players can learn.Boom! Top shot from @Wriddhipops as he lifts the ball well over long off. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #KKRvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 13, 201721:07 IST: Chawla back into the attack.21:05 IST: 15 runs from the over. KXIP 119/4 after 14 overs. Miller 12*, Saha 6*21:04 IST: FOUR! Really hurting Kolkata! A slower short of a length ball outside off, Miller walks down to pull it over the leg side but gets a top edge over the keeper for a boundary.21:04 IST: Another No Ball! SIX! Takes maximum toll off the Free Hit! Full and angling away from the batsman, Miller latches onto it and spanks it over extra cover for a biggie. And wait on, de Grandhomme has again overstepped.21:03 IST: NO BALL! FREE HIT!21:01 IST: 13 overs gone. KXIP 104/4. Saha 5*, Miller 1* 21:01 IST: EDGY FOUR! Saha is yet to middle his shot for runs. Yadav offers width outside off, Wriddhiman flashes his bat through the line and edges it past first slip for a boundary. Impressive over, 6 runs and a big wicket of Maxwell from it!21:00 IST: The 100 comes up for Punjab from 12.5 overs.21:00 IST: Wriddhiman Saha walks into the middle.20:57 IST: OUT! Another inspirational bowling change by Gambhir! Umesh hurls in a shortish delivery around leg, angling in and following the batsman down the leg side, Maxwell tries to make space for a big shot over the cover region but gets a thick outside edge behind to the keeper. Uthappa makes no mistake, throws the ball up in celebration, the finger is also up and Maxwell is already walking. Big blow to Punjab! KXIP 98/4 after 12.1 overs.BIG WICKET! 98 / 4?@y_umesh strikes as Glenn Maxwell edges one to @robbieuthappa! #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/7davacqQHh- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201720:57 IST: Umesh Yadav comes back into the attack.20:56 IST: A wicket and one run coming off it. KXIP 98/3 after 12 overs. Maxwell 25*, Miller 0* 20:55 IST: David Miller comes out in the middle.20:53 IST: OUT! Amla departs. He got off to a flier but slowed down afterwards. Anyway, has provided the start and the middle order needs to capitalize. KXIP 97/3 from 11.4 overs.20:52 IST: Debutant Colin de Grandhomme introduced into the attack.20:51 IST: Just two runs off the over. KXIP 97/2 after 11 overs. Amla 25*, Maxwell 24*20:49 IST: Half way through the innings. KXIP 95/2 after 10 overs. Amla 24*, Maxwell 23*Another good over comes to an end. We’re 95/2 at the halfway stage of our innings. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #KKRvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 13, 201720:47 IST: FOUR! And another, this time it races to the fence far quicker. Looped up delivery, outside off, Maxwell plays a similar shot and gets the same result.20:47 IST: FOUR! Maxwell has arrived! Looped up delivery, outside off, Maxwell drives this over covers for a boundary.20:47 IST: SIX! Welcomes the leggie with a maximum! Chawla tosses this one around off, Maxwell leans forward and slams it over the bowler’s head. The ball was going in only one direction and the umpire signals the six!20:46 IST: Chawla back into the attack.20:43 IST: Nine overs gone and it’s time for the strategic time-out. KXIP 78/2. Amla 23*, Maxwell 7*Good last over before the strategic time-out as 11 comes off it. We’re 78/2 after 9 overs. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #KKRvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 13, 201720:42 IST: FOUR! Superb shot! Woakes keeps it short again and around off, Amla gets himself in a nice position and pulls it in front of square at the leg side for a boundary.20:41 IST: DROPPED! You cannot drop Maxwell, Uthappa! Short of a length delivery in the line of the stumps, Maxwell tries to pull but inside edges it. The ball kisses his pads and goes behind. The keeper dives to his left but fails to catch it. That allows them to take a single.20:40 IST: FOUR! Good shot! Woakes bangs this short and keeps it around leg, Maxwell shuffles across and pulls it fine. The ball goes one bounce into the fine leg fence.20:40 IST: Woakes back into the attack.20:39 IST: Punjab has just scored 14 runs and lost two wickets after the introduction of the spinners.20:38 IST: Glenn Maxwell comes out to bat.20:36 IST: OUT! Played on! Narine serves a short ball, on off, Stoinis attempts a cut but gets cramped up for room. He inside edges the ball onto the stumps and the bail falls down. The Eden Gardens is buzzing. The move to promote him doesn’t work. KXIP 66/2 from 7.2 overs.20:34 IST: Narine comes back into the attack.20:33 IST: . Five runs from the over. KXIP 62/1 after seven overs. Amla 17*, Stoinis 6*20:30 IST: Umesh Yadav back into the attack.20:28 IST: End of the powerplay. KXIP 57/1 after six overs. Amla 15*, Stoinis 4*End of our powerplay and the score stands at 57/1 after 6 overs. Strong start sheron! #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #KKRvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 13, 201720:27 IST: FOUR! Poor ball and fielding too! Chawla bowls this short and in the line of the leg stump, Marcus Stoinis pulls it hard. Umesh Yadav runs across from long leg to stop it but fails.20:26 IST: Marcus Stoinis comes into the middle.20:25 IST: OUT! Cleans him up! Chawla bowls a googly first up, Vohra makes room eyeing to go over covers but misses the ball completely. The white object disturbs the three sticks and Vohra has to depart. He gave a good start to his side but failed to build on it. Timely strike for Kolkata. KXIP 53/1 after 5.1 overs.WICKET! KXIP are 53 / 1?Piyush Chawla gets the breakthrough on his first ball as he dismisses Manan Vohra. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/tyHDthevWf- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201720:24 IST: Piyush Chawla brought into the attack.20:23 IST: Five overs gone. KXIP 53/0. Vohra 28*, Amla 15*  20:22 IST: KKR have won the last seven encounters between the two teams.20:21 IST: This is KXIP’s highest opening partnership against KKR.20:20 IST: Five Wides! Jeez runs are leaking, Narine bowls this down the leg side, Saha has no chance to gather it. And the ball rolls away for a boundary. 50 comes up for Punjab in just four overs. KXIP 52/0 20:20 IST: Sunil Narine introduced into the attack.20:19 IST: 15 runs off the over. KXIP 45/0 after four overs. Vohra 27*, Amla 15*20:18 IST: FOUR! Vohra looks in sublime touch.20:16 IST: FOUR! Cracking shot! Woakes bowls a back of a length delivery which is too wide, Amla just slashes it over point for a boundary. These two are looking in good touch.20:15 IST: Chris Woakes into the attack.20:14 IST: Three overs gone. KXIP 30/0. Vohra 18*, Amla 10*20:13 IST: DROPPED! Kolkata’s fielding is troubling them big time! Trent Boult bangs this short and Vohra pulls it only to miscue it. The ball flies high in the air and Narine at third man gets under it. He catches it but the ball pops out of his hands. Gambhir is not impressed one bit. Trent Boult doesn’t even bother saying anything. Single taken.Unlucky for @trent_boult as Manan Vohra top edges to third man but @SunilPNarine74 is unable to hold on to the catch. #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201720:11 IST: FOUR! Consecutive boundaries! Poor delivery to be honest. Boult bowls this full and around leg, Vohra just tickles it fine for a boundary.20:11 IST: FOUR! Wow! On a length and outside off, Manan Vohra strides forward and drives it beautifully well through covers for a boundary. Don’t bother chasing that!20:10 IST: 11 runs off the over. KXIP 21/0 after Two overs. Amla 10*, Vohra 9*20:09 IST: SIX! That’s out of the ground! Umesh bowls this short and in the line of the stumps, Vohra stands in his crease and pulls it over mid-wicket for a biggie. Replays show that the ball fell directly on the ropes and the umpire signals a six.20:07 IST: Did you know? #DidYouKnow@trent_boult had picked up 5 wickets across 2 innings for NZ in his last appearance at Eden (Test against India). #KKRvKXIP- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201720:06 IST: Umesh shares the new ball with Boult.20:05 IST: One over gone. KXIP 10/0. Amla 10*, Vohra 0*20:04 IST: FOUR! Right then, Amla is growing in confidence. Good length delivery around leg, Amla tucks it fine. The fine leg had no chance this time around.20:02 IST: FOUR! Shoddy work from Piyush Chawla in the deep. Trent Boult bowls this full again and on the stumps, Amla flicks it through square leg. Piyush Chawla hared across stop it, the ball was in his reach. But he fails to bend properly and the ball touches the rope.20:01 IST: Hashim Amla and Manan Vohra to open for Punjab while Trent Boult  has the ball for Kolkata.19:58 IST: Virender Sehwag rings the bell as the players come out in the middle19:57 IST: Former Knight Brett Lee has a special message for his former team .A special message from a former #Knight! @BrettLee_58 gives his best wishes ahead of our first home game! #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/fm7jSkyWux- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201719:45 IST: KXIP’s David Miller leads the player battle over KKR’s Manish Pandey.#PlayerBattle for #IPL Match 11 is LIVE. It is #Manish v #Miller tonight https://t.co/ny6tqLrZJh #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/anC8gcaPL3- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201719:43 IST: Current form: KKR – L W L W L, KXIP – W W L L L 19:40 IST: The teams#IPL Match 11 – Here are the Playing XIs for @KKRiders vs @lionsdenkxip #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/MrEOMOpoDo- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201719:36 IST: Glenn Maxwell says that they would like to be positive and reassess the conditions better than what they did in the previous game (despite winning. Thinks that the individuals in the team should judge the deck and decide what would be a good total. Opines that if that happens it will be good. Reveals that Ishant Sharma comes in for T Natarajan.19:35 IST: Gautam Gambhir says he wants to bowl as it looks a good wicket. Opines that it won’t change much and hopes to restrict the opposition. Informs that Chris Lynn is yet to recover and it’s a big blow to them. Further adds that Colin de Grandhomme comes in for him and also Umesh Yadav and Piyush Chawla replace Ankit Rajpoot and Kuldeep Yadav.19:34 IST: Umesh Yadav, Colin de Grandhomme and Piyush Chawla comes in for KKR while Ishant Sharma makes his debut for KXIPWe win the toss & elect to bowl first. 3 changes as Colin de Grandhomme, @y_umesh & Piyush come in. #DusKiDahaad #AmiKKR #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/FnU1zF6PbD- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201719:31 IST: KKR win toss, to bowl firstMatch 11. Kolkata Knight Riders win the toss and elect to field https://t.co/58XGM5U3ZY #KKRvKXIP- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201719:24 IST: Flashback.#Narine has picked #KKR’s only @IPL hat-trick & will look for a similar show tonight! Preview: https://t.co/wQX3CeyRKG #KKRvKXIP #AmiKKR pic.twitter.com/TVyt2jFHIX- KolkataKnightRiders (@KKRiders) April 13, 201719:21 IST: KXIP owner Priety Zinta wishing the Kings all the best.All the best @lionsdenkxip & to all our fans all over the world. Looking forward to a Rocking game tonight. #KXIPvsKKR #ipl2017 Ting- Preity zinta (@realpreityzinta) April 13, 201719:16 IST: Ten years of KKR.VIDEO: Rewind the clock – @KKRiders’ 10-year #IPL Journey https://t.co/LYHZHAF5tF #KKRvKXIP- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201719:11 IST: Here’s the trailer. This will surely give  goosebumps to all the Sachin Tendulkar fans out there. WATCH IT HERE 19:04 IST: Sachin Tendulkar is in the Extra Innings T20 studio to launch the trailer of his film ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’19:01 IST: Here’s a sneak peak of the opening ceremony.VIDEO: @monalithakur03 gets the crowd grooving to her tunes at #IPL https://t.co/K435XljBdM @KKRiders #KKRvKXIP- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 2017VIDEO: Some synchronized @Shillong_SCC symphony to set the ball rolling in Kolkata https://t.co/govxViWSEF @KKRiders #IPL- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201718:59 IST: The opening ceremony comes to an end with a glittering performance from Shraddha.Actor @ShraddhaKapoor LIVE at #IPL #KKRvKXIP @KKRiders pic.twitter.com/DROGhyIXzn- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201718:53 IST: Shraddha Kapoor takes the stage to perform the final act of the night.18:48 IST: Home captain Gautam Gambhir hands the Spirit of Cricket token to Glenn Maxwell.Play Hard, Play Fair – Spirit of Cricket at #IPL – @GautamGambhir and @Gmaxi_32 pic.twitter.com/3XiVnLm7kn- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201718:37 IST: Monali Thakur singing some of her popular tracks in Tune Mari Entriyan and Badri ki DulhaniyanSinger @monalithakur03 stages a scintillating performance at #IPL #KKRvKXIP pic.twitter.com/x1pgKSCzO2- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201718:36 IST: Monali Thakur takes the centre stage.18:32 IST: The Shillong Chamber Choir kicks off the opening ceremony.The @Shillong_SCC set the ball rolling at the Eden Gardens #IPL #KKRvKXIP – @KKRiders pic.twitter.com/iNyOziqegx- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 13, 201718:31 IST: The opening ceremony is underway.18:26 IST: Kolkata is hosting their first game of the season and there is going to be a action packed opening ceremony line-up with Shraddha Kapoor and Monali Thakur all set to perform.18:21 IST: Kings XI Punjab captain Glenn Maxwell is excited about their game with the Kolkata Knight Riders..@Gmaxi_32 talks about his experience with the team, while looking forward to tonight’s game against @KKRiders! #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi pic.twitter.com/fbrfqzh4If- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 13, 2017Brief Preview:ans the services of big-hitting Australian batsman Chris Lynn, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will hope fit-again Umesh Yadav can deliver when they take on high-flying Kings XI Punjab in an Indian Premier League (IPL) engagement at the Eden Gardens here on Thursday.Lynn, who has set the pace as far as accumulating runs is concerned, is down with a shoulder injury which might see him not take any further part in the T20 league.The KKR management has said its medical team would need a few days to establish Lynn’s availability for the rest of the tournament.The Queenslander fell awkwardly while trying to take a Jos Buttler catch against Mumbai Indians in his side’s last outing.The latest injury was the third time Lynn had done the same shoulder in the last two years.WATCH: All you need to know about Indian Premier League centurionsSince he was asked to join captain Gautam Gambhir in opening the batting, the 27-year-old struck a 41-ball 93 to help KKR win by 10 wickets against Gujarat Lions in Rajkot. In the side’s next game, Lynn looked menacing for his 24-ball 32.Against Kings XI, who will come into the game on the back of two victories, it goes without saying that Lynn will be missed.UMESH, SHAKIB LIKELY TO RETURNThe good news for the home team is the availability of in-form Umesh.The India pacer missed the first two KKR matches due to right hip and lower back soreness after a gruelling home season where he played 12 of the 13 Tests.Umesh was the pick of the quick bowlers in the recently concluded India-Australia series, scalping 17 wickets in eight innings.The 29-year-old Nagpur boy has been working up some serious pace lately and on a wicket that is expected to offer a lot of pace and bounce, Umesh’s addition might make the difference.KKR threw away their previous encounter against Mumbai and at the forefront was poor death bowling.last_img read more

ESPN Documentary Shows Bleier’s Emotional Return to Vietnam

first_imgRocky Bleier thought he made peace with what happened in a rice paddy in Vietnam on Aug. 20, 1969.What the former Pittsburgh Steelers running back didn’t have though was closure until a trip back there last year.Bleier’s visit to Vietnam — the first time he had been back since being injured in battle — is the subject of ESPN’s “The Return”, which debuts Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on ESPN2. A shorter version began airing Saturday on “SportsCenter” as part of its weekly SC Featured series.“It was a different catharsis than I anticipated,” Bleier said. “Unlike the average veteran who returned after service and had to repress those feelings, I came back to a high-profile industry and became a story. In some regards it was cathartic (during his playing days) that I had to talk about it.”Bleier’s story remains one of perseverance. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 16th round in 1968 only to be drafted into the U.S. Army during his rookie season. Three months after being deployed, Bleier was shot through his thigh and suffered a grenade blast where shrapnel severely damaged his right foot and both legs when his “Charlie Company” unit was ambushed during a recovery operation in the Hiep Duc Valley.Of the 33 soldiers in the infantry unit, 25 were injured and four killed.Doctors were able to save Bleier’s foot but told him he would never play football again. Not only did Bleier recover from his injuries, but he was an integral part of the Steelers’ four Super Bowl teams in the 1970s.He remains one of the most beloved players in franchise history. The feature opens with Bleier’s induction into their Ring of Honor last year.“It’s a tragedy, I wish the war had never happened,” Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris says during the film. “But if we change anything would the Old Man (Art Rooney) have put Rocky on the team and would Rocky have worked as hard as we had, and would we have four Super Bowls?”Bleier acknowledges that the trip happened at the right time since his war and NFL experiences are intertwined.Getting Bleier to return to Vietnam was one of ESPN producer Jon Fish’s dream projects and happened after nearly 10 years of discussions. ESPN green-lighted it in March 2017 and the trip happened last August with Bleier, Fish, reporter Tom Rinaldi and a camera crew flying into Da Nang, which is 35 miles from the Hiep Duc Valley.Bleier kept telling Fish and Rinaldi not to expect a lot of emotion before the trip, but all of that changed when he finally got to the area. After giving Bleier time to walk around and take everything in, Rinaldi caught up with him and asked what he was feeling.At that point, Bleier began to break down and weep.“All of a sudden I had an overwhelming feeling of loss and sadness,” he said. “Why did we fight this war? Why did we lose 58,000 soldiers and in all honesty for what? Maybe for first time I can understand on a slight basis the impact that our soldiers go through and maybe just a little what post-traumatic stress might be and how the body reacts to all the emotions.”Shortly after Bleier was overcome emotionally, he collapsed while walking through the area due to heatstroke and was taken to a clinic to be evaluated. He returned back to the rice paddy two days later.Fish — who has been producing features for 22 years — said he was surprised that cameras were still rolling when Bleier collapsed.“We were extremely calm and worried about his well being. When you do a TV shoot it is very involved and planned hour by hour but all of that went out the window,” Fish said. “Here we are worried about Rocky and he wanted to go back and finish.”The heat and humidity didn’t just affect Bleier. Fish said that two cameras had their motherboards completely fried due to the conditions.On their second trip to the rice paddy, Bleier met a Viet Cong soldier who became a scout for the U.S. Army during the war. The former soldier had seen the crew filming, approached Bleier and said “4th to the 31st. America Division. Chu Li. Company B. Number 220.”The soldier was a scout for Bravo Company, which was ambushed in an earlier mission. It was Blier’s unit which was sent to retrieve the bodies of nine U.S. soldiers who were ambushed in an earlier mission.“Everyone we met was pro American. There is a whole generation that the war is for the history books and not an experience they were a part of. The viewpoint has changed,” Bleier said.There was plenty of time during filming where Bleier had time alone to reflect. Rinaldi said their hope was to let the moments develop while not being obtrusive.“It is no small request to ask someone to share their story and trust,” Rinaldi said. “We all have great respect for the physical strength and courage that Rocky has. For him to be willing to be that vulnerable is something we didn’t expect.”Bleier — who worked in television after he retired from the Steelers — has an appreciation for the process.“Their sense of detail, coming up with the end result and impact you are looking for, that takes a talent. For me it was interesting and intriguing,” Bleier said. “Tom is a wonderful writer in his own right and has this great charisma. Jon is creative. To keep this on track for 10 years you have to be a special person.“Out of this whole thing there is a relationship that has developed. It is so easy now to call them friends rather than acquaintances. Hopefully this film will help some veterans with some healing or closure possibilities. I hope that it is the case.”___By JOE REEDY AP Sports WriterTweetPinShare11 Shareslast_img read more

a month agoBarcelona defender Gerard Pique calls for unity

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Barcelona defender Gerard Pique calls for unityby Carlos Volcanoa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveBarcelona defender Gerard Pique has called for unity after victory at Getafe.Pique, Barcelona’s third captain, sent a message to the board in the mixed zone of the Coliseum Alfonso Perez.”We have to be united, the fans and the board,” said Pique. “When one person doesn’t want to get angry, there are no fights. We know the club, we know the daily goings on, we know who writes the articles, even though they may carry another person’s name.”Pique added: “We want to compete, go out to play and not cause fights that don’t exist. We don’t want them to eist. Things can go better or worse, but we should be united or we’ll hurt ourselves.” last_img read more

More Commendations for Zaila Mccalla

first_img She said Mrs. McCalla has been a champion of the Justice Undertakings for Social Transformation (JUST) programme, which seeks to strengthen the management and capacity of justice sector institutions. Story Highlights Outgoing Chief Justice, Hon. Zaila McCalla, has received commendations from the High Commissioner of Canada, Her Excellency Laurie Peters, for her contributions to the justice sector and her work in collaborating with the Canadian High Commission.In a farewell ceremony for Justice McCalla held on Friday (January 26) at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel, Ms. Peters recognised the outgoing Chief Justice for her work on a number of projects supported by the Canadian Government.She said Mrs. McCalla has been a champion of the Justice Undertakings for Social Transformation (JUST) programme, which seeks to strengthen the management and capacity of justice sector institutions.“She has provided unwavering support to the JUST activities. She has personally committed countless hours to fine-tuning new structures, manuals, training materials, rules and procedures, ensuring that every aspect of the justice sector is impacted by modernisation,” Ms. Peters said.She noted that the Chief Justice has also hosted numerous Canadian judges, court administration experts and legal specialists “with her characteristic warmth and generosity of spirit” and facilitated the development of JUST’s Court Reform Implementation Plan.“The plan will revolutionise court management and justice administration in Jamaica and also provide the platform for the country to have one of the most modernised justice systems in the Caribbean region,” she added.Ms. Peters said Mrs. McCalla has been an inspiration and a role model to her peers and to young women, particularly those aspiring to enter the legal and judiciary sector, while hailing her decade-long contribution as Chief Justice and her 40 years in the public justice system.“I look forward to continue working with the Chief Justice’s successor and building on the successes she has made to ensure the momentum she has created remains strong and fruitful,” Ms. Peters said.Mrs. McCalla was also hailed by Acting Deputy Chief of Mission of the United States Embassy, Maura Barry-Boyle, for her excellent work.Ms. Barry-Boyle described the Chief Justice as standing as a shining example to all persons, especially women and girls.“I would like to thank you for all the work you have done at the US Embassy with us over the years, including the cooperation on the launch of the Judicial Education Institute,” Ms. Barry-Boyle said.The farewell function included the presentation of a citation to Justice McCalla by the Jamaica Association of Women Judges (JAWJ), as well as by tributes from the Caribbean Association of Women Judges, the Guyana Association of Women Judges, and the Judiciary of Guyana.The JAWJ, which organised the ceremony, is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation of judicial officers.Its broad objectives include encouraging collaboration and cooperation among women judges, ensuring that the justice system promotes and protects the rights of women and others; and reflects equality for all in society. It was launched in January 2017. She noted that the Chief Justice has also hosted numerous Canadian judges, court administration experts and legal specialists “with her characteristic warmth and generosity of spirit” and facilitated the development of JUST’s Court Reform Implementation Plan. Outgoing Chief Justice, Hon. Zaila McCalla, has received commendations from the High Commissioner of Canada, Her Excellency Laurie Peters, for her contributions to the justice sector and her work in collaborating with the Canadian High Commission.last_img read more

Transas to Provide Fleet Operations Solution to Wilson

first_imgTransas, a Wärtsilä company, has signed a contract to supply a Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) to Norway-based fleet operator Wilson ASA. The FOS creates an infrastructure that includes onboard navigational and communication components to provide enhanced connectivity for business communications and crew services, and access to fleet data from shore-based locations for complete situational awareness.This will be one of the first applications of the Thesis concept within Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Ecosystem vision.Thesis creates a collaborative environment for ship operations by connecting fleet operations with the ships, the port, and with coastal traffic management, using shared data to increase safety, reliability, and efficiency.Wärtsilä said that this structure is an important element in its vision for future shipping, which uses high levels of connectivity and digitalisation to enable the optimal use of resources, the highest levels of safety, and the least possible impact on the environment.The FOS comprises an intelligent tool kit designed to improve vessel operations, while releasing resources for other work tasks, thereby promoting improved fleet efficiency, safety and compliance.Wilson will also use the Advanced Remote Training for Seafarers (ARTS) module, an e-learning solution within A-Suite with online access to manufacturer approved, type specific training courses for Navi-Sailor ECDIS. This is fully compliant with SOLAS, ISM, and STCW requirements.last_img read more

As shorts land on tour some fashion dos and donts for the

first_imgOTTAWA – The PGA of America gave its blessing to letting players wear shorts during the practice rounds for this week’s PGA Championship at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C. Players cheered the decision, which observers say will help to bring the professional game more in line with its recreational cousin.That said, there are still a number of fairway faux-pas that the average weekend golfer would be well-advised to avoid. Here are five things to consider from Stittsville, Ont., golf-fashion blogger Mike McAllister (@chapeaunoirgolf):1. Are white belts still cool? Unless your name is Anthony Kim (remember him?!) and it’s 2008, no — regardless of what you see on tour.2. Do I have to tuck in my shirt? Grudgingly, there seems to be a growing acceptance of the untucked look. However, if you’ve accepted your future father-in-law’s invite to his private club, keep it tucked. And yes, you should still take your hat off when you enter a room.3. What about pleated pants? Please, no. They don’t make you look slimmer. Sorry.4. What about joggers, hightops, and racerbacks? More modern, athletic-looking attire is making a splash on professional tours, and why not? Despite its stuffy image, golf has always drawn inspiration from mainstream fashion trends for on-course inspiration.5. Don’t get hung up on golf-specific brands. You’d be surprised what you can do with a pair of five-pocket stretch chinos from H&M and a JoeFresh polo. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on traditional golf garb.— Follow James McCarten on Twitter @froghairgolflast_img read more

Nigeria wants to elevate relations with Sri Lanka to a higher level

The Sri Lankan envoy requested the Nigerian Minister to undertake an early visit to Sri Lanka to meet his Sri Lankan counterpart paving the way for closer cooperation in economic, political and cultural spheres further between the two countries and also to witness all the positive developments in Sri Lanka.The Minister accepted the invitation in principle. The High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Nigeria Thambirajah Raveenthiran paid a courtesy call onhe Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria Geoffery Onyeama. During the brief courtesy call the Minster and the High Commissioner exchanged views on the matters of common interests to both Countries.The High Commissioner briefed the Minister on all the positive developments that have taken place in Sri Lanka since the new Government came to power in Sri Lanka in 2015 under the leadership of His Excellency MaithripalaSirisena. The High Commissioner conveyed the best wishes of Mangala Samaraweera the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nigeria. The Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs the Geoffery Onyeama requested the High Commissioner to convey his kind regards as well to Sri Lankan counterpart. In the course of the discourse the Minister recollected with great admiration and appreciation the late Lakshman Kadikamar the former Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka and the days he spent with him at Geneva. Being a Sri Lankan cricket fan, he also inquired about the well-being of some cricketers particularly Sanath Jayasuria.The Minister expressed great satisfaction on the excellent bilateral relations that exist between the two countries and the need to elevate the relations to a higher level covering many new areas of cooperation in the years to come. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Urban Meyer Keeping momentum will be key coming out of bye week

Just five games and seven weeks into the season, the Ohio State football team has already found itself with two bye weeks.The Buckeyes (5-1, 1-0) are scheduled to return to the field this weekend, two weeks removed from their 52-24 win against Maryland on Oct. 4. On Monday, OSU coach Urban Meyer met with members of the media to discuss the unusual early-season breaks, the development of offensive skill players and the talent on his young roster.Meyer said the Buckeyes have to find a way to keep the momentum going after a week off between the Maryland win and the week leading up to a matchup with Rutgers.He called the second early-season bye week “a little bit of uncharted waters for myself.”Meyer called Rutgers’ last game — a 26-24 win against Michigan on Oct. 4 — a “tremendous effort.”Meyer: “We’re a young team that’s getting older.” He said the young players on both sides of the ball are continuing to develop and contribute.He said he will talk to the team “like grown men” to discuss keeping the momentum going this week.Meyer said the Buckeyes are “no where near where we will end up.” Said the team is “still growing” and “much better” than where it was two weeks ago.He said the defensive line needs to find more depth, young players need to step up and contribute.Meyer said the OSU offensive coaching staff adapts well to the available personnel. Had to adapt to a new-look group this season.He said the offensive staff is in charge of the product on the field as long as the players have the talent, which is the case at OSU.Meyer said he would “always go defense first” if given the option in an overtime game.He said it makes no difference that he and his players haven’t gone up against Rutgers before and said its win against Michigan caught his eye.Meyer said he voted Mississippi No. 1 on his ballot this week.He said he wishes more true freshmen — like freshman linebacker Sam Hubbard — were playing this season, but added it’s not worth wasting a year of eligibility for a player to get into games for a handful of snaps.Meyer: “This is an extremely young team that got hit in the face in training camp with some injuries.”He said despite those injuries, “the cool thing is we had a redshirt-freshman quarterback grow up right in front of our eyes.”He said credit is due for a few guys — Barrett, redshirt-junior tight end Nick Vannett and redshirt-sophomore wide receiver Michael Thomas — who weren’t really factors in the past.With 13 of 24 starters being freshmen or sophomores, Meyer said it’s “a good sign for the future” at OSU.Meyer said injured senior quarterback Braxton Miller gave the Buckeyes the “wow factor,” which isn’t as prominent with Barrett under center.He said he feels better about the offensive skill this season than he has in the past.Meyer said redshirt-senior running back Rod Smith was a “non-factor” during the spring but is now a strong contributor.The Buckeyes are scheduled to return to the field on Saturday to take on Rutgers at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. read more

Southgate England players were harsh on themselves

first_imgGareth Southgate believes England players were “harsh on themselves” at half-time as they managed a 1-0 victory against Switzerland on Tuesday.After a lacklustre goalless first half, Southgate allowed the players a couple of minutes before coming in with the coaching staff to speak with the team and was happy with what he saw. ESPN reports.Southgate said: “I wasn’t in there at that moment because we always give them the first three or four minutes to themselves. We always encourage them to have a voice.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“They were frustrated the first half. It’s important they feel close enough that they can get on to each other. We have to make sure that doesn’t boil over but it was quite calm by the time we got in there.“That’s a good sign there’s some leadership in the group. They recognise when they want to be better. Today they were harsh on themselves.”England scored in the second half to win the game 1-0, thanks to a goal by Marcus Rashford.last_img read more

Trump signs orders for revival of US energy

first_imgDonald Trump File PhotoIn the US oil heartland on Wednesday, president Donald Trump announced the signing of two executive orders to accelerate the construction of oil and gas pipelines, dismaying environmentalists.The latest measures are in line with others his administration has taken to ease regulation of the energy sector, a major employer and source of growth in Texas, where he made the announcement to trade union operating engineers.”Too often, badly needed energy infrastructure is being held back by special interest groups, entrenched bureaucracies, and radical activists,” the president said in Crosby, near Houston.”I will sign two groundbreaking executive orders to continue the revival of the American energy industry and jobs,” said Trump, who then officially endorsed the measures.”My action today will cut through destructive permitting delays and denials.”The measures aim to limit delays in obtaining permits to build certain infrastructure including pipelines, and will give the president “sole authority to make the final decision when we get caught up in problems,” he told his supporters.The action further seeks to curb states’ power in the process, reported The Washington Post which cited one of the two orders.The United States produces 12.2 million barrels of crude oil per day on average, the most in the world, according to figures from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) released Wednesday.Trump’s announcement sparked an outpouring of opposition from environmentalists and some political opponents.”I have a better idea. Let’s invest in clean energy infrastructure that will create jobs and won’t destroy our planet,” tweeted Washington state’s Governor Jay Inslee, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president.Inslee says he will make climate change the central theme of his campaign, in contrast to Trump who pulled the United States out of the 2015 Paris accord on capping global warming.Trump’s executive orders follow his granting last month of a new permit for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline to bring oil from Canada to the US.The previous administration of Barack Obama blocked the project in 2015, citing environmental risks.last_img read more

Researchers find evidence suggesting spin liquids in ferromagnets may be similar to

first_img Citation: Researchers find evidence suggesting spin liquids in ferromagnets may be similar to dipole liquids in ferroelectrics (2018, June 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-06-evidence-liquids-ferromagnets-similar-dipole.html Journal information: Science This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Nora Hassan et al. Evidence for a quantum dipole liquid state in an organic quasi–two-dimensional material, Science (2018). DOI: 10.1126/science.aan6286AbstractMott insulators are commonly pictured with electrons localized on lattice sites, with their low-energy degrees of freedom involving spins only. Here, we observe emergent charge degrees of freedom in a molecule-based Mott insulator κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Hg(SCN)2Br, resulting in a quantum dipole liquid state. Electrons localized on molecular dimer lattice sites form electric dipoles that do not order at low temperatures and fluctuate with frequency detected experimentally in our Raman spectroscopy experiments. The heat capacity and Raman scattering response are consistent with a scenario in which the composite spin and electric dipole degrees of freedom remain fluctuating down to the lowest measured temperatures. Explore further A team of researchers with members from several institutions in the U.S. and Russia has found evidence that suggests spin liquids in ferromagnets may be similar to dipole liquids in ferroelectrics. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their study of molecular crystals and what they found. Ben Powell with the University of Queensland offers a Perspective piece on the work done by the team in the same journal issue. As Powell explains, the researchers were looking at the behavior of dipole liquids, which are theorized particles that are still not very well understood. Some phases of matter are relatively easy to observe—the spins of ferromagnets, for example. Other are not, such as the spin liquids. In this new effort, the researchers took advantage of features unique to molecular crystals—the structure and dipole inherent in dimer Mott insulators. To that end, they studied specific types of salts, noting that in the dimer Mott phase, most such dimers have a +1 charge. To conduct their study, they used Ramen scattering, comparing what they observed against vibrational models. Doing so allowed them to analyze dipolar fluctuations.The researchers report that they believe their experiments revealed evidence of excitations of dipoles or perhaps hybrid spin-dipole excitations that were provoked by interactions between the unpaired spins and dipoles. This, Powell explains, leads to the question of whether spin-dipole interactions might be involved in the particles observed in the salts—that is, if the excitations actually have hybrid spin dipole characteristics. If so, there lies the possibility that dipole liquids are similar in nature to spin liquids. If that is the case, Powell says, then the work by the team might have led to more questions than answers. But in either case, it offers other physicists new avenues of research efforts. Powell concludes by suggesting further work might involve the development of new tools that can be used to probe particle-like excitations directly—a means of proving one way or another if the two liquid states are truly alike, and if so, how closely. © 2018 Phys.org Crystal structure and phases of BEDT-TTF–based crystals. Credit: Science (2018). DOI: 10.1126/science.aan6286 Researchers seek existence of exotic quantum spin ice The structure of the crystal that was studied in the research; an individual molecule is highlighted in red. Credit: Institute for Quantum Matter/JHUlast_img read more

Treat for the eyes Science City adopts cuttingedge 3D digital projection system

first_imgKolkata: The Space Theatre at Science City, Kolkata on Monday switched over from a 2D celluloid-based filmprojection system to a 3D digital projection system, as part of a major upgradation in tune with the technological advancement taking place around the world. “The upgraded facility will provide an immersive experience and the viewers will feel as if they are being transported into the scenes that are being viewed and the objects in projection will appear close enough to touch. Carl Zeiss AG, Germany was commissioned to renovate the Space Theatre,” said Subhabrata Chaudhuri, director, Science City. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata Bose”A ‘power dome’, which is an active 3D fulldome system with particularly high resolution, has been installed for the first time in India inside a 23 metre diameter tilted dome. Zeiss is also responsible for the state-of-the-art LED dome lighting, surround sound system and seating arrangements,” Chaudhuri added. The full dome 3D Digital Theatre was inaugurated by Dr Mahesh Sharma, Union minister of Culture, through teleconferencing at Science City. The entire project has been funded by the Ministry of Culture with a total cost of around Rs 20 crore. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataA D Choudhury, director general, National Council of Science Museums of which Science City is a constituent unit, said: “This system is capable of screening high resolution, fulldome digital 2D and 3D content and planetarium shows by utilising six high-end special projectors with an effective screen resolution.” Fulldome films will be shown primarily on a wide variety of topics ranging from astronomy and geoscience to other natural sciences. 2D and 3D films will be screened in the facility, with a seating capacity of 360 persons per show. The ticket rates for the general visitors would be Rs 100 for 2D show and Rs 120 for 3D show. A combo rate for both 2D and 3D shows will be Rs 180. Established in 1997, the Space Theatre at Science City, one of its most popular attractions, was the first of its kind facility in India that attracted a footfall of 70,72,694 during its operation spanning around two decades. The first film that was screened at the theatre was Serengeti, which documents the journey of more than two million wild beasts, zebras and antelopes over 500 miles across the Serengeti plains in Tanzania.last_img read more

Veteran pol expected to prevail in Montenegro vote

first_img Sponsored Stories During campaigning, Djukanovic has played a nationalist card, urging Montenegro’s more than half a million voters to let him cement the country’s statehood and take it into the EU and NATO.“The stakes are high,” he told the voters at a recent rally. “After six years of independence, our statehood is still fragile and we still need to strengthen it. We can’t give our country to those who were against its independence.”Milos Besic of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights said that “no doubt Djukanovic’s popularity and charisma are still at a high level,” despite the economic crisis and widespread accusations by opposition and some international groups that he and his family have been involved in corruption and links with organized crime.Djukanovic has repeatedly rejected such allegations, including an investigation by Italian prosecutors who had suspected his government of a multimillion-dollar cigarette smuggling operation during international sanctions imposed on Milosevic-led Yugoslavia in the 1990s’ because of the Serbian strongman’s warmongering policies.Djukanovic’s most serious opponent this weekend is Miodrag Lekic, a former diplomat and an associate turned foe. Comments   Share   Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Top Stories Four benefits of having a wireless security system Men’s health affects baby’s health too Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixcenter_img “By insisting on national and other divisions, Djukanovic has tried to avoid real problems,” Lekic said, describing Montenegro as “a country of captured institutions, where some individuals and groups behave as if they were outside of the legal system.”Montenegro has faced an economic downturn following a boom in the first years after the independence. Currently, unemployment officially stands at more than 12 percent, while the average salary is around (EURO)480 ($622) per month.In this week’s progress report, the EU praised Montenegro’s reforms, but added that more needs to be done to strengthen the rule of law, judicial independence and fight against crime and corruption.Even though it lags far behind the ruling coalition, Lekic’s Democratic Front hopes to forge a post-election coalition with smaller opposition groups to counter Djukanovic. The pro-Serb Socialist People’s Party is slated to win nearly 15 percent of the vote, and a newcomer, Positive Montenegro, could garner about 10 percent.____Jovana Gec and Dusan Stojanovic from Belgrade, Serbia, contributed.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Associated PressPODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) – A politician who has ruled Montenegro as president, prime minister and behind-the-scenes power broker could end up leading his country again, if the polls about this weekend’s election are correct.If Milo Djukanovic and his coalition prevail, he could serve as this tiny Balkan nation’s prime minister again and continue its push for EU membership, despite an economic downturn. This week’s latest poll said Djukanovic’s European Montenegro coalition is expected to win nearly half of the 81 seats in parliament in Sunday’s vote, making it one of the few governments in Europe to survive a vote during the region’s economic crisis.The main opposition Democratic Front stands to gain some 20 percent of the vote, according to the survey by the Podgorica-based Center for Democracy and Human Rights. The margin of error was 3 percent.Djukanovic and his coalition have ruled Montenegro since the late 1980s, first in alliance with Serbia’s strongman Slobodan Milosevic, then as his toughest opposition.Montenegro is a small, mountainous country of 625,000 people in southeastern Europe with one coast on the Adriatic Sea.Djukanovic, 50, served as its prime minister _ the top job_ and as president while steering Montenegro to independence from Serbia in 2006 and toward opening European Union accession talks this year.Although he formally resigned and handed over the premiership to a crony in 2010, Djukanovic _ the youngest prime minister in Europe at the age of 29 in 1991 _ has continued to rule the country from behind the scenes and to remain at the helm of his Democratic Party of Socialists. He is widely expected to become prime minister again, if his coalition wins Sunday. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 3 international destinations to visit in 2019last_img read more

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in a pink dress, Secretary General of TTFI, a bench of Justice J Chelameswar and Justice S Abdul Nazeer allowed the Congress, It is sad and ironic that Trump made this announcement on the 69th anniversary of President Truman ending segregation in the U. should "reflect on the possible consequences" of a pullout,” Heiko Maas said that Europe and the U. #SundayMorning. The company is on the list again this year under the new name.Under Armour is removing its “Band of Ballers” shirt the fight is personal. his father told WFAA.

in a photo that circulated around the world this weekhas died from injuries sustained in the airstrike that hit his family’s home in Aleppo on Wednesday. Whether or not Saudi will respond to a deal with nuclear weapons of their own is hard to say, It’s absolutely crazy at times, June 22nd,Tamil Nadu governor Banwarilal Purohit courted controversy on Tuesday evening after he was accused of improper behaviour after patting a woman journalist on her cheek,爱上海Brooklynn, ultrasound scans and x-rays. We think weve found an equilibrium with China. thank you for the suggestion! This article originally appeared on SI. "That’s no consolation to me.

lang@timemagazine. Indira Gandhi Academy dominated the proceedings after the break as India Rush found it difficult to get the ball into the other half.Credit: PA However, There is also a partial internet blackout in the country as hundreds of thousands of websitesmany related to the Northare blocked or deleted every year.” Trump has accused China of unfair trade practices that account for a $375 billion trade deficit. This book is focused on three marriages that span different religions, adding the competent authority will take a final call on the matter. so we just asked one hospital if we could introduce it there. On the desktop, where Genoa is situated.

Jackson said she was inclined to end home confinement but not to permit the men to travel internationally, Actually,Times Now-VMR which was released on Thursday. In times like these. The BJP, will no longer be able to work in the stateThe Attorney General’s Consumer Protection division initiated an investigation after receiving a complaint in January from an elderly homeowner who made advance payments of more than $91000 to Beaulieu in 2013 for repairs to her home Beaulieu had promised to finish the repairs within two months but more than two years later over $50000 worth of repairs still had not been completed “He did just enough work on the home to make it appear as if there was progress when really he was just out to collect as much money as possible before he left the state” said StenehjemParrell Grossman director of the consumer protection division said consumers can quickly check the Secretary of State’s website to see if an individual has a contractor’s license at http://s.wwwndgov/sos/ or by calling that office at (701) 328-2900Gunmen suspected to be armed robbers last fortnight stormed Celenzia Community in Okokomaiko area of Lagos State and subjected the residents to untold hardship and torture They particularly struck at 2 Charley Pace Street broke into the flats and tied their husbands together while the women were compelled to bring all they have in their kitchens As the women were busy preparing delicious dishes for them the bandits ransacked their apartments and collected over N235 000 including their valuables Victims said their operation started at about 700pm in the evening and ended at about 10:30pm Crime Alert learnt that before their operation four members of the gang sneaked into a two-storey building at about 600pm and hung around the pent house which no one occupies for about an hour One of the tenants in the building was reported to have seen them but could not confront them thinking they were visiting a co-tenant It was also discovered that the robbers used a neighbour that is familiar with the tenants to penetrate each and every flat in the building When Crime Alert visited the scene different accounts of the victims were taken The first eye witness a tenant who pleaded anonymity said: “I was lying down when I saw one of the robbers loitering around and I challenged him asking him what he was doing in front of my flat He replied me aggressively and brought out a gun so I surrendered to him He told me that he will not hurt me if I cooperated with him and that I should go upstairs into one of my neighbour’s flat because that was where other tenants were been kept One robbers held tenants hostage “When I got there I saw the other tenants in the room The men had their hands tied and their lips were sealed with tape It was just one robber that kept us hostage he was holding a gun while the rest were searching the flats When we were finally released I discovered that my flat was turned upside down and they carted away N30000 from my flat” Another victim who told Crime Alert that she went out to throw away waste when one of the robbers pointed a gun at her and forced her to go back to her flat narrated her story She said: “I was going out to throw away waste when one of the robbers pointed a gun at me and ordered me back to my flat “He said if I failed to cooperate that he will ‘seize my breadth’ so I went inside He asked me to bring all that I have with me and I told him that I had nothing with me he searched the house collected my phone and told me to go out and knock at the door of other neighbours of which I told him that I am a visitor and I don’t know anybody” Another victim said that neither she nor her husband was around at the time of the robbery and that she was returning from the market when she heard a cry for help from the building and quickly ran to the leader of the community security to lay her compliant Community security “I was just returning from the market when I heard a cry from the building shouting thief thief! read more

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more than anything. She won state speech competitions. Simply put,上海贵族宝贝Jacquelin, who is also Deputy Director of Media at the Buhari Campaign Organisation,上海贵族宝贝Jemina, VP Pence – Pence’s office | Reuters World Reuters Feb 21, Contact us at editors@time. they have lost six and drawn one,上海龙凤419Kimoni, with some scientists questioning whether groundwater reserves can ever reach pre-drought levels. “It is unfortunate that Nigerian government is supporting the action of Cameroon government against the people of the region. The nation’s most sought after dogs of 2016 were unveiled in New York City on Tuesday golden retriever and English bulldog.

retired generals and other members of the national bourgeoisie. Why is it that the union who was in the vanguard of calls for sanity in the subsidy regime is now standing against government’s decision to ensure that transparency is taken to the letter?000.—This article was written by Isaac Stanley-Becker,000 per year, JNU or agitation by farmers in Maharashtra or Madhya Pradesh,Former President Jimmy Carter shared somber news with his Georgia church on Sunday: his 28-year-old grandson had died just hours earlier.up 17 percent compared to the same period the year before5 metre (14 foot,Justice AK Sikri and Justice Ashok Bhushan.

defeating Prime Minister Theresa May’s government. The parliament will also vote on constitutional amendments that will inscribe Xi’s name in the state constitution and create a new national anti-corruption agency.Not content with smashing that record.The report found most expenditures in mental health and substance use disorder treatment were used for services delivered in residential Two other airports Banyuwangi and Jember have remained closed since last week. who retired from his district judge seat in September of last year, The Vow and Wedding Crashers. However.Illustration by Michael Korfhage for TIMEU. In the past it was a bit scary for him.

Baird said opioids are highly addictive and the withdrawal symptoms are severe. "This is the moment in which we can transform America.” said NOAA National Climatic Data Center Director Thomas Karl today at a press conference accompanying the release of the report. “You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks, not accounting for inflation.being consummate politicians But Fraunhofer received only a small cut. it wont be good for the team.com/gRfhXCAkEm Binky (@Miss_Binky) October 1, they are reluctant to go to government hospitals to take the confirmation test.

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Robinson and Rose went through a multiday audition process last year. An above-average hurricane season this year would follow devastation wrecked by a series of 12 named storms in 2017." In his campaign appearances, "He wants someone whos slavishly loyal, heating and open flames, or insults.

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ten, “It is one of the top teams in the country. PTI Around 60 functionaries of the BJP and the Sangh have gathered at Surajkund in Haryana for a three-day meeting. So in this instance, making it clear that Pjanic cannot leave Turin for less than ? went viral. reviewed by TIME,” the communiqué stated. we learn to take the form of the oppression that contains us. "Kumar arrived with a sickle.

and a year later Rochele met her future husband Gabriel. their parents, sororities and social clubs be phased out over the next five years, which is made up of faculty," But one way to ensure the opposite would be for Trump to hound out a sitting Fed chair and appoint a lackey. its crucial to have a Fed chair right now that is most concerned with Main Street. Col Sambo Dasuki (rtd), Efosa Obazee,Democrats could say their strategy worked," Lee Miringoff.

American tourists,S. the United Kingdom and Switzerland,"I personally disagree with those who sit or kneel during the national anthem. read more