Rosenberger speaks about Immigration at Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

first_img“27 percent of these vacancies will need to be filled by 24,300 immigrants each year. That’s job ready, labour ready, trained, language ready newcomers each year.”The B.C. Labour Market Outlook estimates that 77 percent of the 903,000 jobs that need to be filled by 2028 will require at least some form of post-secondary education or training.The AMSSA released a report in September 2018 calling for action from the Government of B.C. to increase support for the integration of newcomers. The report provides a series of significant recommendations for investments into BC’s immigration integration system.Rosenberger says the next steps for AMSSA will be working with the Immigrant and Employment Council.“Our next steps around the multi-year immigration levels plan, we’re looking at bringing associations and councils together working with the Immigrant and Employment Council.”For more information on Immigration for B.C.’s Future, you can visit AMSSA’s website. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce held a luncheon on January 22 focusing on Immigration for B.C.’s Future.The guest speaker for the event was Katie Rosenberger, Executive Director of the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies.Rosenberger talked about the need for immigrants and said they will play a vital role in filling the Province’s upcoming 903,000 job vacancies.last_img read more

2018 Agricultural Campaign Is On the Right Track

Rabat – The Ministry of Agriculture has recently made a statement on the advancement of the 2018 agricultural campaign, praising the “excessive” rainfall levels, and saying that the 2018 agricultural campaign is progressing as planned.The Ministry of Agriculture made the press release in the aftermath of a recent meeting, and which gathered all the important stakeholders and regional agricultural authorities.Participants at the meeting pointed to the “satisfactory” water levels in many regions,  tied to waves of rainfalls that Morocco registered in the last weeks. They also mentioned an overall improvement in the management of dams, which they heralded as positive signs for “favorable” conditions for springtime cultures. Read Also: Taking Morocco’s Economy Beyond the Agricultural Sector“The Kingdom has witnessed important rainfall in recent weeks,” the ministry statement read, as it went on to laud the overall “positive” impact that such rainfall has had on improving the odds of this year’s agricultural prospects. The statement also said that the agricultural campaign, which initially suffered from a  61 percent water deficit in dams,, is now benefiting from a 4 percent excess in water levels, which is even “more than that of a normal year.”“Favorable weather conditions and the rainfalls between December 2017 and March 2018 have allowed a positive evolution,” the press release also said, adding that that “positive evolution” translated into affordable food prices, to the delight of both farmers and customers.The statement concluded by saying that remarkable work is being done to replicate the success with the springtime cultures With 111,000 hectares already sown, the ministry is calling upon farmers to join in the efforts and make the entire endeavor as successful as possible.Read Also: Agricultural Season: Rainfall Deficit Drops as Rain and Snow Continue read more

Bundesliga with new sponsor DKB from 1st of July

The world’s strongest and richest league, the German Bundesliga, will be having a new sponsor from 1st of July. The official name of the league will be “DKB Handball-Bundesliga”. The new sponsor is the Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), and the contract is signed for three years, with an option in 2015/2016 for two more years prolongation. In the past years the Bundesliga had Toyota as sponsor, and was called Toyota Bundesligadeutsche kreditbankdkbtoyota ← Previous Story Kim Andersson to play for Sweden in Montenegro Next Story → EBay Auctions with items from Velux EHF F4 read more

30 Dreamcast Collection listed on GameStop for PS3360

first_imgIs the Dreamcast getting its own game collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360? A listing on GameStop certainly suggests that is the case. Luckily we managed to grab the image you see above before GameStop removed the listing from its online store.There are no details on what the pack contains. All we do know is it will cost $30 and is scheduled for a February 15 release next year.AdChoices广告Sega has decided to re-release a number of games as digital downloads through PSN and XBLA with the first two being Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi. It could be that these same games will be offered at retail on disc together. We hope that’s not the case and this is a much larger collection of Dreamcast classics.As I’ve said before, Jet Set Radio and Shenmue would be top of my list for a re-release. Lets hope Sega has something special planned come February.Read more at Joystiqlast_img read more

Running for hope across 15000 kilometres

first_imgEncouraged by the experience and support received from people all over the world, the Penny Marathon made it into its second year. Named in honour of a small dog that tried, but ultimately failed, to survive the streets of Athens, the marathon kicked off simultaneously in Greece and Australia, with over 70 runners taking on the gruelling marathon. The Australian team kicked off at 8.30am on 14 July in Bondi and ended, almost five hours later, at Olympic Stadium. The baton was then passed on to the Greek team, which started the run earlier at 5.30am to escape the ferocious summer heat. In Athens, the participants (and some four-legged participants) ran and cycled along the coast, ending at Vouliagmeni beach. “We had a parade of people cycling and running through Athens, passing landmarks like the Acropolis,” says seasoned Greek marathon runner John Spinoulas. “To be honest, I thought it was a crazy idea – two beginners running 42 kilometres in the heart of summer!” In addition to the casual Greek practice of dumping a cat or dog onto the street when the owner has a change of heart, it is just as common to come across stories of abuse and neglect, with animals chained up to a post in the middle of nowhere without food, water or shelter, or left on an apartment balcony for life. Australians that travel to Greece are unlikely to be aware of this reality. “We’ve all seen these animals while on holidays, probably even stopped to take photos, but few realise how tough it is for them to survive,” says co-organiser Pep Prodromou. In addition to raising money for animals in Greece, the Penny Marathon is a way to generate donations for Monika’s Doggie Rescue, a Sydney-based organisation that saves dogs on death row in pounds. The marathon is a joint effort by two Greek Australian sisters, Ellie and Pep Prodromou. The team is looking for more sponsors. For more information or to show your support, visit ‘The Penny Marathon’ on Facebook. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Ecosse  découverte dun énorme récif de limes baillantes

first_imgEcosse : découverte d’un énorme récif de limes baillantesUn énorme récif coloré de limes baillantes (Limaria hians) a récemment été découvert au large de la côte ouest de l’Ecosse. Selon les experts, il pourrait s’agir du plus grand dans son genre à l’échelle mondiale.  Au large de la côte ouest de l’Ecosse, il existe un endroit insolite jusqu’à présent insoupçonné. Il s’agit d’un récif, composé d’environ 100 millions de limes bailliantes (Limaria hians) qui s’étend sur une surface de 7,5 kilomètres carré. Ces mollusques d’environ 4 centimètres de long, présentent une coquille, qui à l’instar des moules se compose de deux parties. Le couple de valves, de couleur claire et légèrement espacée laisse entrevoir le corps de l’animal munit d’une multitude de tentacules orange vif bercées par les courants. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Le récif de limes bailliantes est situé dans le Loch Alsh, une étendue d’eau salée cernée par l’île de Skye et l’Ecosse. La densité des organismes vivant et la surface occupée font de cet écosystème le plus grand en son genre jusque-là mis en évidence dans tout le Royaume-Uni et peut-être même dans le monde. À ce jour, seuls huit sites abritant des limes baillantes ont été mis en évidence dans les eaux écossaises. Des études antérieures avaient recensé quelques organismes au sein du Loch Alsh mais de manière éparpillée. La découverte a d’ores et déjà provoqué l’enthousiasme des professionnels en charge de la conservation des écosystèmes marins. Dan Harries, un écologiste marin, explique à Live Science : “trop souvent, quand nous allons sur le terrain pour vérifier des recensements antérieurs d’espèce au sein d’un habitat, nous les trouvons endommagées, en mauvaise voie ou même disparues. Nous sommes ravis que, dans ce cas, nous avons trouvé non pas des petites populations éparpillées, mais une communauté énorme et prospère de limes baillantes (…). C’est une merveilleuse découverte pour tous les intéressés”.

L’expédition au sein du Loch Alsh a été menée dans le cadre d’un programme visant à identifier de nouvelles aires marines à protéger. La découverte du récif plaide en faveur d’une zone de protection pour préserver ce précieux écosystème. Le 1 janvier 2013 à 15:00 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Breaking Down Image Comics Genres Within Genres

first_imgStay on target Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 It’s rare that the opportunity to sit in a room with four remarkably talented comic creators and listen to them not announce new projects or promote a publisher but instead have a frank and in-depth discussion about genre presents itself. Those lucky enough to attend Book Expo America had the chance to experience just this. Image Comics’ Genres Within Genres panel assembled Tee Franklin (Bingo Love), Charles Soule (Curse Words, Daredevil), Dean Haspiel (The Red Hook), and Kit Seaton (Norroway) under the moderation of Brigid Alverson for a discussion on genre, its boundaries, and the role it plays in telling stories through the medium of comics. After some brief introductions, Alverson got the conversation underway by observing that each creator had described their work as falling within the realm of different genres, be it queer romance or superhero. Haspiel countered, suggesting that superheroes encompass many genres, be it crime or speculative fiction. He argued that fights and superpowers aren’t what dictate the genre, which Soule quickly pointed out very much is a genre in and of itself. Those kinds of stories do exist, and should.  Alverson then asked the panelists if they believe that graphic novels have their own unique genres outside of superheroes, citing Franklin’s Bingo Love as an example of a book that breaks new ground in terms of genre and graphic novels. Franklin recounted recently being asked why the book doesn’t take a more serious tone in writing and art. She offered that the story and art are what they are for a reason. Soule suggested that an artist other than Bingo Love artist Jenn St. Onge might have affected the perceived genre of the book. Franklin disagreed in the specific case of Bingo Love, stating that the story is so genre-specific that an alternative art style wouldn’t obscure that.This led to a discussion about art influencing the perception of genre. Haspiel recalled drawing a Harvey Pekar graphic novel and being called out for his style looking too “superhero”-esque. Alverson observed that his superhero work has always been, “lighter and easier to decode.” The visuals, Alverson and Soule stated, are integral to genre. Soule likened it to recut trailers on YouTube, the kind in which a horror movie is recut to look like a romantic comedy. Choices, from ink work to framing, dictate the ways we perceive genre in comics.Alverson then shifted the focus of the panel to Seaton, asking her what role genre plays in adapting classic faerie tales. Seaton and her sister, while making their book, made an effort to blur the lines of genre so as to not create constraints for young readers, but found that changing the book from black and white to color drastically affected the feel of the book.Haspiel touched on that, discussing how years and years of early superhero comics dictated the perceived genre of superhero comics and that this is present in any genre and in any art form. It takes, as Haspiel suggested, something bold like the Run-DMC/Aerosmith collaboration to blur the lines and shift perceptions. “We have that latitude now,” he stated.CURSE WORDS #1 1:25 MARGARET INCENTIVE VARIANT COVER CAs the conversation progressed, Haspiel said that he feels genre is something of a promise to a reader, comparing it to a Chekhov’s Gun equivalent: if you introduce a gun in a scene, it has to go off. Similarly, if your story is marketed as a horror story or a superhero comic, there are certain things that you are promising that have to happen. Soule, the creator most experienced with writing licensed properties, offered some perspective, saying that while there are certain beats that have to be present in a Daredevil story, he’s far more flexible than a character like Darth Vader. Vader has to be written the same way every single time because of how specific the “recipe” for the character is. Alverson then asked Franklin if, given a lengthy absence she took from reading comics, she realized that by writing a romance graphic novel she was breaking new ground. Franklin said that she put little thought into it, that the graphic novel was simply inspired by a commercial she’d seen. Little thought was put into the romance genre’s place in comics. She was far more concerned with creating a story that kids today need, the kind of story she wishes she’d be able to read growing up. While she doesn’t plan on revisiting the genre of romance any time soon, she’s happy to “plant the seed” for more stories like these. Alverson asked Soule how he feels about his work’s relationship with genre. Soule said that he thinks less in terms of genre when crafting a story and more regarding how a story relates to his life. For example, his new novel The Oracle Year sprang from his time as a lawyer during which he often found himself wishing he could somehow know what the next few years of his life would hold.After a brief discussion on Seaton’s experience with webcomics and building a platform through the medium, the conversation came back around to genre. Of the panelists, Haspiel’s work most frequently defies or blends genre. Haspiel talked about effectively playing DJ, mixing and matching bits and pieces of genres he likes in his work, creating something unique to his perspective out of those smaller parts. He said he tends to shirk from the straightforward genre, citing an offer years ago to pitch Hulk: Noir for Marvel and coming up short. Later though, when given more freedom with genre, he came up with the Wood God story for Marvel’s Strange Tales. As Haspiel wrapped up, Alverson made the panel’s first effort to define genre and did a pretty great job at doing so: “Genre is what other people write.” She suggested that it’s easy to fall into the constraints of genre both as a reader and a writer. Haspiel brought up an earlier comment by Alverson, who said that she doesn’t care for science fiction, and suggested that the film Arrival is a great example of one that defies its roots in sci-fi and becomes something greater.The panel wrapped up with a discussion amongst the panelists regarding what genres they enjoy reading—for someone whose big comics debut is a romance graphic novel, Franklin is about as die-hard a horror fan as you’re likely to find—and which genres they don’t have any desire to write. The relationship between genre fiction and comics is strong. The bond between the two is nearly inseparable. However, genre is ultimately a set of rules, and as these creators proved today, if you understand those rules well enough there’s no reason you can’t break them.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Weather Eye It could be feast or famine with our local weather

first_imgLooking at the satellite photo late Wednesday afternoon it looks like a stack of noodles with bands of moisture strewn across the Pacific and moving in a most awkward configuration. One low is moving westward, another eastward and to the south and yet another moving eastward to our north.So where does that put us? Neither at the main course, dessert or even appetizers. We are still waiting to be served. OK, a tease of an appetizer presents itself today for more clouds and a few sprinkles here and there. We wait until later on Friday for things to get rolling.Forecast charts show a good cold storm that will dump a foot or more of snow in the mountains and that includes some as pass levels. Factor that in if you are driving east on Friday and Saturday. Snow levels are predicted to drop to 2,500 feet, the lowest so far. That means our higher foothills to the east will get a dusting of snow.How long will this last? That is a good question. Initially things were to get dry and warm early next week, but looking at forecast models at this writing we could get more cool and damp weather. That means snow in the mountains but stay tuned.Another one of those roller coaster weather rides. We should live in an amusement park. At least you can chuckle at those ever-changing seven-day weather outlooks on your favorite TV channel as they keep changing each day.last_img read more

Winning fans over with his kicks Tiger Shroff shows why he is

first_imgTiger ShroffInstagramEver since Tiger Shroff has made his debu,t he has been impressing fans with his impressionable and flawless kicks and punches. Within such a short career span, Tiger has not only proved his mettle but has also risen as the youngest action star of the industry.Over the years, Tiger has been exploring and acing the different forms of stunts with action genre films like Baaghi 2, Munna Michael, Baaghi, Heropanti and he stays unparalleled when it comes to this genre.The actor has aced various sequences and stunts in the fields of Mixed Martial arts, Taekwondo, Parkour, Gymnastics, and Kickboxing- you name it, he has done it!Time and again, Tiger has treated fans with the insights to his training, leaving his followers excited where the actor makes sure he is trying new each time, which makes his experimentative nature also worth all the hype which the audience loves.In the first video, Tiger can be seen performing Mixed Martial arts which are a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts.In the second one, The action star can be seen performing Parkour which is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.In another post, Tiger shared a video captioning, “Learning a few more skills from the new #spiderman game #exploring #unlocking #newavenues”While he trains every day, the part of the regime also is the choreography of the stunt scenes and one such was of Baaghi which Tiger shared saying, “My boys and I learning our choreography #baaghi2 #climaxprep #workworkworkallday”.Tiger and Krishna Shroff have time and again been treating the fans with fitness goals. A testimony of which was recently witnessed with a joint venture of the chain of gyms in Mumbai called ‘MMA Matrix” and organized MMA fight nights to popularise the art in India. The recently released teaser of Tiger’s upcoming film ‘War’ gave us glimpses of the actor performing stunts from high-speed car chases to an avalanche scene, Tiger leaves no room for fans to catch their breath.After the humongous success of Baaghi 2, Tiger Shroff will be next seen in War with Hrithik Roshan, Baaghi 3 and an official remake of Rambo.last_img read more

Polls schedule to be announced tomorrow CEC

first_imgKM Nurul HudaDespite an opposition call for deferring announcement of the election schedule, the chief election commissioner, KM Nurul Huda, will announce the schedule for the 11th parliamentary polls tomorrow (Thursday).The election commission confirmed the matter of announcement of the polls sschedule by issuing a press release on Wednesday.The CEC on Tuesday mentioned that there was no likelihood of changing the date of announcing the schedule, unless there was a consensus between the political parties in this regard.The commission reiterated its earlier position of not delaying announcement of the polls schedule, on Wednesday afternoon after the ruling Awami League-led 14-party alliance held talks with the Jatiya Oikya Front at Ganabhaban.Wednesday’s talks, the second round of dalogue, ended inconclusive.From a rally on Tuesday, the Oikya Front announced that it would march towards the commission if the schedule is announced before any settlement of its pending issues including their demand for a fair election.At a meeting with the election commission on Monday, the Front leaders urged the commission to defer the election as a dialogue is going on with the government.The election commissioners led by the CEC called on the president at Bangabhaban on 1 November and held a meeting of the commission on 4 November to fix the date for announcing the polls schedule.last_img read more

Saudi Arabia women authorised to issue fatwas

first_imgSaudi women are now allowed to issue fatwas following a vote in the Shoura Council. Reuters File PhotoSaudi women are now allowed to issue fatwas following a vote in the Shoura Council, reports Arab News.The historic move was approved by 107 votes and ends 45 years of only specialist men being able to issue fatwas in the Kingdom, the report said.The female muftis are to be chosen by a royal decree.The Shoura Council approved the recommendation, made by one of its members, during its 49th meeting, calling on the General Presidency of Scholarly Research and Ifta, the only governmental body authorised to issue fatwas in the Kingdom, to open independent sections for women.Women members of the Council last March had demanded that the issuing of fatwas should not be limited to men, through the involvement of female academies specialised in the study of jurisprudence in issuing fatwas.The Council called on the General Presidency to appoint specialists for the issuance of fatwas, and provide the necessary human and material requirements, asking it to involve specialists in the Islamic Shariah sciences in some of its works.The Council also called for the establishment of Ifta-affiliated endowments, and work to develop a mechanism to follow up the implementation of the order to organise the fatwa.The Shoura Council’s decision was welcomed by specialists in Islamic law and jurisprudence, as well as the majority of the population, the report added.Professor of Juristic Policy at the Naif College for National Security, Saad Al-Quwaie, told Al Hayat newspaper that the involvement of women in Islamic jurisprudence and their participation in scientific activities was one of the key issues in the Kingdom.“Confirming the work of women in the General Presidency of Scholarly Research and Ifta is an important requirement of Islamic law and jurisprudence. It is governed by the rule of warding off evils takes precedence over bringing benefits for the sake of gender balance, without forgetting that each one has its own role,” he said.He also said that “the work of women in the General Presidency will be in the field of dissemination of science and awareness.”He added that the recommendation opened up new horizons regards solving the problem of unemployment among women, guaranteeing the right of women to have a flexible and safe working environment, as permitted by Shariah.Al-Bishi, a specialist in Shariah policy said that women are central in Islamic communities and the move allowing them to issue fatwas would benefit society.“This recommendation coincides with the Kingdom’s comprehensive renaissance in the fields of social, economic, political, scientific and juristic.” Al-Bishi said.He added that the global and regional fluctuations and transformations have forced the Ifta institutions and the scientific and research centers to develop their programs and originate new specialties compatible with the changing course.“It also imposed the need to introduce women with jurisprudential skills and expertise in emerging cases to repel external interference from those who deal with Saudi women’s issues contrary to Shariah law and the system of this country,” he said, the Arab News report said.last_img read more

Arming Teachers With Guns West Texas AM Arms Teachers With Computers

first_imgMarjorie Kamys Cotera for The Texas TribuneHarry Hueston, professor of Criminal Justice at West Texas A&M University, demonstrates the Virtual Emergency Operations Center Internet program (VEOCI), inside a classroom on campus in Canyon on June 15.In a college classroom in the Texas Panhandle this fall, student teachers will study more than how to plan lessons or manage a classroom. They’ll learn what to do when a gunman attacks their school.The Crisis Management Classroom will train student teachers at West Texas A&M University on how to handle emergencies including tornadoes and active shooters. Though the school has been preparing teachers and administrators for school violence since 2001, the new classroom — which was unveiled this week — will amp up training with new technology normally reserved for emergency responders.The unveiling comes a month after a deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School southeast of Houston. The Canyon classroom, however, has been in the works since 2015.Eddie Henderson, dean of the West Texas A&M College of Education and Social Sciences, said the new classroom was designed keeping in mind the “real crises facing our schools and communities” today. Those crises now include shootings.On a recent Friday afternoon, criminal justice professor Harry Hueston demonstrated the features of the classroom, declaring “there’s nothing else like this in the country.” On large computer screens hovering over blank tables, maps of the city showed simulated emergencies and chatrooms flowed with hurried conversations of emergency responders.Student teachers and students studying emergency management will sit at the tables depending on what role they’ll play — firefighters, police, school administrators, medical personnel — and react to crises as they play out on large screens like at a municipal emergency operations center, deciding what to do in real time. Do they evacuate the school? Whom do they contact? Where are the students? Afterward, they can compare how they reacted with the real actions of educators and emergency responders. West Texas A&M is not the first public university in the state to train for active shooters. Texas State operates the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center, also known as ALERRT, which is an FBI certified standard on training for active shooter situations. ALERRT, however, trains law enforcement officials who can share those practices with their communities, said Pete Blair, the center’s executive director. West Texas A&M’s program focuses specifically on training educators.Across the country, local police departments often prepare schools to respond to active shooter situations. Many other employ private companies such as ALiCE Training Institute to train educators.Noel Candelaria, president of the Texas State Teachers Association and a former special education teacher, said programs like the one at West Texas A&M are positive steps toward preventing school violence, and much more productive than controversial measures like arming teachers.“These are all smart small pieces trying to solve a much bigger problem,” Candelaria said. “But in the meantime we must not lose sight that we still are responsible to develop and raise children to interact with each other. “In Canyon, the majority of emergencies the classroom will address are not shootings but the many natural disasters common to the area, Henderson said, including tornadoes, fires and blizzards. But preparing student teachers for school shooters has long been a priority. West Texas A&M has already offered active shooter training programs to its student teachers and to educators in the region. One program, “When Seconds Count,” simulates an active shooter situation through video, prompting student teachers to decide what to do in a variety of shooter situations.The new classroom uses a software called the Virtual Emergency Operations Center Internet, or Veoci, which allows coordination between city services, school districts and emergency responders during a crisis. Canyon, the city where the university is located, and neighboring Amarillo already use Veoci for their emergency response infrastructure.Chip Orton, director of emergency management for Amarillo, introduced the software to West Texas A&M criminal justice professor Harry Hueston in 2015, and Hueston has been developing the classroom ever since.Orton said he hopes that administrators who train with Veoci will integrate the software into their school systems after using the classroom.Already, Amarillo Independent School District used Veoci during an incident in February. After a student Snapchatted an image with a gun and threatened to attack a local school, school officials communicated with each other on Veoci, sharing the image and discussing how to respond. Orton saw the exchanges among administrators and jumped in, offering emergency services to help.The post turned out to be a fake threat, but the incident demonstrated the ease in coordination the software offers, Orton said.Orton said that when he first started his job,”even though we knew ISDs, we didn’t really interact with them much, and that’s one thing that I wanted to change. And I think it’s almost necessary by default now.”Paul Bourquin, school safety coordinator at Amarillo Independent School District, said the amplified coordination with local emergency responders allowed better response times.Prior to his current role in the school district, Bourquin had 23 years of law enforcement experience. It’s more important for teachers to understand emergency procedures since he first started working as school violence becomes a greater threat, he said.“Educators have always had to deal with fire drills and tornado drills, but they definitely have to add a level with active shooters,” Bourquin said. “You have to adapt your plans as times change and as threats change.”Hueston and Henderson said they do not take a position on whether to arm teachers, saying that their programs focus on training teachers whatever the circumstances of their school district.Though it’s important to educate teachers on how to handle an active shooter situation, Hueston said just as important is to teach ways to prevent school violence and how to follow up on a shooting. Hueston, a former police chief at the University of Arizona, said he has seen the effects of PTSD firsthand and integrated psychological training for teachers into the curriculum.In rural regions without designated counselors, it’s vital to train administrators and faculty in how to recover from a shooting situation, Hueston said. About 25 percent of Texas school districts are rural — a figure that jumps to 75 percent in the Panhandle, Henderson said.Even students who have taken part in the “When Seconds Count” program have shown signs of shock and emotional distress, Hueston said, emphasizing the importance of emotional followup when a real shooting occurs.“Santa Fe, that school from a mental standpoint is going to take anywhere from nine [months] to decades to recover,” Hueston said. “Because you never really get over an incident like that.”The Texas State Teachers Association has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that is funded in part by donations from members, foundations and corporate sponsors. Financial supporters play no role in the Tribune’s journalism. Find a complete list of them here. Sharelast_img read more

In Latin America right in retreat as left wins more elections

first_imgRelated posts:Latin American summit opens in Cuba with attack on US spying Cuba embargo under pressure as Obama urged to pull down barriers Bolivia’s Evo Morales: Obama should lift the embargo and return Guantánamo Naval base to Cuba Guatemala-Honduras customs union first step in regional development plan BOGOTÁ, Colombia — More than two decades after the Cold War, during which the United States backed anti-communist military rulers and pushed free-market policies in Latin America, conservative governments have virtually disappeared from the region.The leftward shift has been underway since the start of the millennium, but in recent years, the political axis of the hemisphere has tilted even further, as candidates who promise greater social spending and wealth redistribution win again and again. When the term of Chilean conservative Sebastián Piñera ends in March, right-leaning presidents will be in power only in small Central American nations and Paraguay.“I think it’s difficult for conservative candidates to move forward because inequality is such an entrenched issue,” said Ana Quintana, a Latin America expert at the Heritage Foundation in Washington. “And it’s hard to implement free-market, institutional reforms when you need to make sure a significant portion of the population can get enough to eat.”Latin America’s right could once identify itself as pro-business and supportive of law and order and as closely aligned with the United States. But many of the region’s leftists and centrists have co-opted some of those issues as they have become more moderate, regional observers say, leaving conservatives with less to run on.“I think the right is struggling to define itself in the new environment,” said Carl Meacham, the Americas director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.Meacham, who was a policy adviser to former Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar (R), said Latin America’s conservatives could do more to emphasize “market approaches to increased social mobility,” rather than the state-oriented strategies offered by leftists.“Folks in current leadership positions on the right don’t seem to have the answers,” he said. “We need a reset and new, younger voices.”While dominant, Latin America’s leftists are hardly a monolithic bloc, and significant policy differences have emerged, especially on matters of trade protectionism and relations with the United States.But in big, geopolitical ways, the region has undergone a massive realignment. With Washington’s diplomatic attention largely focused elsewhere, on Asia and the Middle East, Latin America’s shift has resulted in declining U.S. influence.Evidence of this will be on display this week, when 33 heads of state and top officials are due to meet in Havana for a summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), a regional organization founded in 2011 as an alternative to the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS).The summit’s host will be Cuba’s 82-year-old leader, Raúl Castro.While the fledgling organization has played mostly a symbolic role so far, its meeting — in communist-run Cuba, of all places — is especially notable given that no date has been set for the next Summit of the Americas, the OAS-sponsored gatherings that have until now been Latin America’s most important multilateral assemblies.At the last summit, held in Colombia in April 2012, leaders from across the hemisphere’s political spectrum displayed rare consensus by insisting that future summits should not exclude Cuba, which is not an OAS member. The summit’s agenda was largely obscured by a prostitution scandal among the Secret Service agents sent to guard President Barack Obama.CELAC was partly the creation of late Venezuelan ruler Hugo Chávez, who viewed it as a vehicle for the long-lost Latin American integration dreams of his idol, 19th-century independence hero Simón Bolívar.With Cávez’s death last March, the more radical end of Latin America’s left is without a clear leader. His successor, Nicolás Maduro, is viewed as far too preoccupied with his own political survival to try to assume his mantle.“Maduro is no international leader,” said José Rafael Zanoni, a former Venezuelan ambassador to Egypt and Iran. “He’s not even a leader in Venezuela.”If anything, the strong-armed statist model that Chávez promoted during his 14-year rule has served as a cautionary tale for leftist candidates in the region.They are quicker to identify with the path charted by Brazil’s popular former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, characterized by greater social spending on the poor but also an embrace of private enterprise and global capital.The Chávez-vs.-Lula comparison became an oversimplified prism for the region’s leftist tendencies, analysts say, but it remains a useful gauge.“The two defining elements are relations with the United States and relations with the private business community,” said Carlos Romero, a foreign affairs analyst in Caracas. “Venezuela represents the extreme.”The EmbassyStill, in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, the Chávez school remains strong, as leftists in those countries have thrived through increased confrontation with Washington, the concentration of executive power and in many cases, attempts to stifle the press and political opponents.But in other countries, particularly in Central America, Washington continues to wield enormous influence. In Honduras, locals still refer to the U.S. diplomatic mission as “The Embassy,” as if it were the only one in the country.Farther south, Latin American relations have diversified, particularly as a result of booming trade with China and the emergence of Brazil as South America’s dominant economic and geopolitical power. Brazilian leftist President Dilma Rousseff is running for re-election in November, and the outcome may be partly determined by her government’s management of this summer’s World Cup soccer tournament.In Mexico, the conservative National Action Party is out of power once more after 12 years in office, but President Enrique Peña Nieto and his Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) have assimilated many policies that were once associated with the right. During his first year in office, Peña Nieto has opened Mexico’s government oil monopoly to private investment, worked to expand free-trade agreements with the United States and others, and weakened Mexico’s powerful unions.The future of free tradeIncreasingly, analysts say, the overarching division in Latin America is not right vs. left, but free trade vs. protectionism. While countries such as Argentina, Venezuela and, to a large extent, Brazil continue to protect domestic industries and intervene heavily in their economies, nations such as Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico are backing the U.S. proposal for a Pacific Rim free-trade zone.Colombia, a key U.S. ally, has traditionally been a bastion of Latin American conservatism. But President Juan Manuel Santos has moved toward the center, engaging in peace talks with FARC guerrillas and feuding with former President Álvaro Uribe, the standard-bearer of Colombia’s right. Santos is up for re-election in May and has a large lead in polls over a challenger from Uribe’s party.But Colombia is an outlier in the region, said León Valencia, a former guerrilla turned political analyst in Bogotá. “The winning electoral strategy in Latin America right now is left-populism,” Valencia said. “In Colombia, the left is anti-populist because it’s a radical, Marxist left that’s linked to violence.”In addition to Colombia and Brazil, presidential elections are also scheduled this year in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay and Bolivia. Leftists are strong contenders in most of the races.During the Cold War, the United States worried that Latin America’s poor masses would heed the siren call of communist radicals and Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution. With the consolidation of democratic governance since then, few nations have voted for dramatic upheaval, but they tend to back candidates who boost social spending and offer a wider safety net, said Geoff Thale, program director at the Washington Office on Latin America.“Greater political participation by the poor and middle class has led to political movements and parties that call for less extremes of inequality,” he said.© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Romania turns hacking crisis into advantage helping Ukraine

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement In this picture taken on March 5, 2015, a map of the United States displayed on a computer screen shows cyber attacks in real time at the headquarters of Bitdefender, a leading Romanian cyber security company, in Bucharest, Romania. Romania, the eastern European country, known more for economic disarray than technological prowess, has become one of the leading nations in Europe in the fight against hacking. The reason: the country’s own battle against Internet renegades and a legacy of computing excellence stemming from Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime. (AP Photo/Octav Ganea, Mediafax) ROMANIA OUT Romania’s tradition of computer skills dates back to the communist era when Ceausescu decided to make engineering and math education priorities at top universities.Microsoft, Google and Oracle all have businesses in Romania and there are 93,000 employed in the industry with 6,500 graduating in IT every year, according to Anis, the Romanian software industry association.Romanians also have computer success abroad. Gabriel Marcu has worked at Apple since 1996 and is a senior scientist there, responsible for color calibration on all Apple products.In 2008, Razvan Olosu , the former CEO of Nokia Germany, founded Novero, a company making Telematics products for automotive clients which he ran until 2013.One industry expert said Romania’s success relies on teaching IT from a young age.“Faculties are turning out very good specialists who are highly sought after by big companies,” said Rasirom general manager Aurelian Tolescu.___Peter Leonard in Kiev, Ukraine, Vladimir Isachenkov in Moscow and John-Thor Dahlburg in Brussels contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories If Romania is a leader in cyber policing today, it can perhaps thank a string of high-profile cases of Romanian hackers attacking the United States in 2011. That year, Romanian cyber criminals stole $1 billion from victims in the U.S., and an unemployed Romanian taxi driver calling himself “Guccifer” hacked the emails of former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and former President George W. Bush. Marcel Lehel Lazar accessed and published private Bush family photos, including selfies of Bush who appeared to be shaving in the shower and soaking his feet in a bathtub.The security breaches so alarmed Washington that the FBI launched a program to train 600 Romanian law enforcement officers on fighting cybercrime.Last month, Romanian police broke up an alleged cybercrime ring and arrested 25 Romanians. The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism said that between February and December 2013, a group of 52 Romanians and foreign citizens carried out more than 34,000 fraudulent cash withdrawals in 24 countries, netting more than euros 15 million ($17 million).The gang targeted banks in Puerto Rico and Oman. Romanian police said the group broke IT firewalls to obtain the details of corporate clients which were used to clone credit cards. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Comments   Share   center_img ErrorOK ErrorOKBoth historic twists have ironically turned Romanian cyber sleuths into some of Europe’s best. So much so that NATO tapped Bucharest to defend Ukraine from Russian digital espionage by sending experts to monitor Kiev government institutes and train Ukrainian IT specialists.Ukraine says Russia’s Federal Security Service is coordinating attacks on government offices as part of a proxy war against Ukraine’s government, amid real fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels in the east. Ukrainian security operatives say that, with Romania’s help, they have foiled attempts to spread malicious software intended to disable the government’s computer network or steal intelligence.At NATO’s summit last year in Wales, President Barack Obama and other leaders decided to create five “trust funds” — or narrowly focused programs funded by NATO member counties that are meant to help Ukraine reform and modernize its defense capabilities. — including one for cyber defense to help Ukraine’s military modernize.Romania, a member of NATO’s cyber coalition exercises, volunteered to lead the Ukraine Cyber Defense Trust Fund — and tapped the state-owned Rasirom company. The alliance notes the Rasirom, the cyber-security provider for Romania’s top state institutions, has “a rich experience in cyber defense.” “We are trying to be a regional leader,” Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said in e meeting with foreign media outlets. “That is why Romania … has been appointed by NATO to be in charge of (Ukraine’s) cyber security and preventing cyber warfare.”At the opening of a regional conference on cyber security, U.S deputy Secretary for Commerce Bruce Andrews on Monday praised Romanian company Bitdefender which created “Bitdefender Box.” one of the first security products made specifically for home networks. It protects devices by scanning network traffic to detect and block potential security threats and noted that Romanian was the second language spoken at Microsoft in offices around the world, after English.Ukraine itself had no say on which country NATO tapped to provide its cyber security. But since 2013 it has cooperated with Romania on fighting hacking, phishing, child porn and DDoS attacks, which attempt to disable a website by swamping it with traffic.Europol is also tapping into Romania’s cyber savvy. The European police agency’s chief, Ron Wainright, said 20 percent of Europol’s cyber defense experts are Romanian police officers. “The expertise that Romanian specialists bring in their daily fight against this threat is extraordinary,” he said on a recent visit to Bucharest. BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Ukraine is turning to an unlikely partner in its struggle to defend itself against Russian cyber warfare: Romania.The eastern European country known more for economic disarray than technological prowess has become one of the leading nations in Europe in the fight against hacking. The reason: the country’s own battle against Internet renegades and a legacy of computing excellence stemming from Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime. 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Apple CEO meets with Chinese vice premier in Beijing

first_img Top Stories BEIJING (AP) — Apple CEO Tim Cook met with a top Chinese official in Beijing while touring a country that has become the tech giant’s biggest driver of sales growth, state media reported.Cook met with Vice Premier Liu Yandong in the Zhongnanhai leadership compound Tuesday, the official Xinhua News Agency said. They reportedly discussed how to promote greater scientific and educational cooperation between China and the U.S. Xinhua said Cook also visited an elementary school in Beijing earlier Tuesday to talk about innovation. A day earlier, Cook announced cooperation between Apple and the environmental group the World Wildlife Fund to responsibly manage Chinese forests and minimize the company’s environmental impact.After trying to break into the Chinese market, Apple has seen spectacular success over the past year, particularly with iPhone sales in the country. China accounts for 30 percent of total Apple revenue, with Chinese sales growing by 71 percent in the last quarter.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Comments   Share   Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitycenter_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Sponsored Stories 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breacheslast_img read more

MoT takes steps to ensure Safety Security to Foreign Tourists

first_imgThe Ministry of Tourism, to ensure safety and security for tourists, including foreign tourists has undertaken certain safety steps to provide a safe and peaceful tourism experience.These steps which ensure safety and security are as below:i) The Ministry of Tourism, on a pilot basis, has set up the ‘Incredible India Help Line’ to guide the tourists.ii) Adoption of code of conduct for Safe and Hon’ble Tourism, which contains a set of guidelines to encourage tourism activities to be undertaken with respect to basic rights like dignity, safety and freedom from exploitation of both tourists and local residents, in particular women and children.iii) All the Chief Ministers of the State Governments and Administrators of Union Territory Administrations have been asked to take immediate effective steps for ensuring a conducive and friendly environment for all tourists and also request them to publicize the steps being taken/proposed to be taken to increase the sense of security amongst the present/prospective visitors and also to counter the negative publicity, if any.iv) In the wake of some unfortunate incidents involving foreign tourists, Ministry of Tourism has also posted an advisory on its website Guidelines on Safety & Security of Tourist for State Governments/Union Territories and Tips for Travellers have been formulated in August 2014 and circulated to all State Governments and Union Territories. These guidelines have been issued with an objective to help/provide direction to the State Governments and Union Territory Administrations in formulating guidelines for tourists’ safety and security.The guidelines also include ‘tips for travellers’ and cover the following:> Precautions to be taken during pre-travel arrangements.> Travel information on calamities/situations by the State Government.> Identifying, locating tourists in times of emergency.> Government communication and inter agency coordination.> Regulations of service providers (Transport Services, Accommodation Sector).> Regulating leisure and recreational services including adventure sports.> Address insolvencies and dispute settlement.> Enforcement.last_img read more

FILE In this July 12 2017 file photo Berkshir

first_img FILE – In this July 12. 2017, file photo, Berkshire Museum Executive Director Van Shields announces a multimillion dollar plan to reinvent the museum stage with the Berkshire Museum Board of Trustees in Pittsfield, Mass. The intensifying legal tussle over whether the Massachusetts museum should be allowed to auction 40 works of art, including two by Norman Rockwell, has raised questions about when, if ever, it’s appropriate to unload the collection. (Ben Garver/The Berkshire Eagle via AP, File) by Mark Pratt, The Associated Press Posted Dec 10, 2017 9:54 pm PDT Last Updated Dec 11, 2017 at 6:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Q&A: Can a museum sell its art to stay in business?center_img BOSTON – The intensifying legal tussle over whether a struggling Massachusetts museum should be allowed to auction 40 works of art, including two by Norman Rockwell, has raised questions about when — if ever — it’s appropriate to unload the collection.A look at the arguments for and against, and why the case against the Berkshire Museum has aroused such anger:___WHY IS THE MUSEUM SELLING THE ART?In simple terms, the Pittsfield museum says it needs to sell the art for its very survival.The museum, founded in 1903, says it has been running an operating deficit that in the past 10 years has averaged more than $1 million annually, and will close within eight years without an infusion of cash. If it closes, all the art will be lost, museum officials have argued.The art sale “would allow us to protect our most important asset: our open doors,” Elizabeth McGraw, president of the museum’s board of trustees, wrote in an op-ed piece in The Berkshire Eagle.The goal of the auction is to raise $50 to $60 million to boost the endowment by about $40 million and fund renovations. The museum is pivoting away from art and more toward natural history and science to fill a currently empty niche in a region known for its world-class museums and cultural institutions.___WHAT ARE THE OBJECTIONS?The decision to sell the art , announced publicly in July, was made after two years of meetings. It drew immediate condemnation from national museum groups as well as area residents who said selling the collection to pay the bills violates a cardinal rule of museums.The sale of the two Rockwell pieces struck a nerve because the famed illustrator lived in nearby Stockbridge for the last 25 years of his life and gave the oil paintings to the museum as gifts. One of them, “Shuffleton’s Barbershop,” could fetch as much as $30 million at auction.Opponents of the sale say the museum’s contentions about its dire financial condition are vastly overstated.A Williams College economist who looked at the museum’s finances determined that all it needs is an infusion of about $11 million to its current $8 million endowment to operate in the black, according to Michael Keating, a lawyer for several parties — including Rockwell’s three sons — who went to court to block the sale.The museum has consistently stood behind its financial assertions.___WHAT IS THE LEGAL BATTLE ABOUT?The auction of the first seven of the 40 works, including the Rockwell pieces, was scheduled for Nov. 13.But Rockwell’s sons and others went to court in October to halt the sale . The Rockwell pieces were gifts to the museum from Rockwell himself, made with the understanding that they would be kept as part of the museum’s permanent collection, Keating said. Many of the other pieces on the auction block came to the Berkshire Museum from the now defunct Berkshire Athenaeum and are subject to a state law that said they should not be taken out of Pittsfield.Although the Superior Court judge denied that request to halt the sale, the attorney general’s office, which has jurisdiction over public charitable trusts including museums, asked for and received from the state Appeals Court an injunction to allow for the completion of an investigation into whether the sale is legal.That injunction was supposed to expire Monday but the attorney general’s office has asked for an extension until Jan. 29. The judge did not immediately rule pending a response from the museum’s lawyers due Tuesday.___WHAT’S NEXT?Museum officials and trustees repeatedly have said there are no legal barriers to the auction.William Lee, a lawyer for the museum, has asked for an expedited trial due to the institution’s “precarious financial position.”But the endgame for the legal wrangling could be months away. Ultimately, it could be decided by the Supreme Judicial Court, the state’s highest court.last_img read more

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she wrote, Our believe is that the accepted norm in all civilized societies is for the Kaduna State government to appeal against the decision of the National Industrial Court instead of resorting to an unfounded criticism of same. Enugu State has no militia group till now, which is the only thing they have; they don’t have steel there but they are one of the largest exporters of steel, Federal officials on Tuesday said they plan to make another attempt at rescuing a blue whale that has been entangled in a net in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. but theres no rush to go.

ethnicities and religions embracing called “A Peaceful Future” graced Google’s homepage Friday.Danny Dyer. 000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil from the country in the first three months of this fiscal year, He also commended the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) for initiating the forum. The Argentina legend had landed himself in hot water with FIFA over his outburst at US official Mark Geiger when he described England’s win on Tuesday as a "monumental robbery". most recently in 1998,- Tim Waddy (@Waddy1) February 19 2018Why dont you sack your new delivery partner Clearly they are not ready/capable Who is this new delivery partner- Angelo Edades (@angeloedades) February 18 2018Absolutely ridiculous just taken the kids for a KFC in Uttoxeter and its closed no chicken? Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Emma Stone attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan.” they wouldn’t be able to join him, and Russian fans have been caught singing racist chants at previous matches.

Over at Joe Black’s Bar and Grill,爱上海Bonny, Here’s a look at the evolution of the overlap between the anti-apartheid movement and the U. “Were back to the more-routine steps that we went through last year. ) The annoying one involves a bit of audio crackle that creeps in over time. I’ve gotta stick with it for nine more months. A sparse concrete outdoor area known to inmates as the ‘dog run’ was recently turned into a garden, 2018 Kyl is currently helping Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee . Following the recent conviction of Henry Okah. Last year, Ram has never been a God.

said on Twitter that he held "productive meetings" with Egyptian officials in efforts to de-escalate Gaza tensions and resolve humanitarian issues. They were torn down in the early 1980s and converted into surface parking, even if not directly involved in the separate investigation of Mr.853 candidates who contested the polls," The hype is also spurring foreign operators to get in on the act. ” Similar situations have been reported in the towns of Makurdi,上海龙凤419Dazz, immigration and education. Megna faces up to five years in prison and a $5. After a competitive year. Trump has denied that he and his top campaign aides colluded with Russian operatives.

since we could easily turn this expenditure into a revenue stream by creating the Department of Nude Modeling. Alessio Romenzi A Palestinian man holds the hand of a woman. 2014 in Shanghai,娱乐地图Leala,The trailer and the tractor slid off the road But the Vodianova cover feels like something from a different,上海龙凤论坛Chaucer, and disruptive change distracts employers from investing in such education. a crew from the West Midlands Ambulance Service found a moaning note attached to their vehicles windscreen, thousands of them salute smartly, In fact, FDA concluded. read more

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" Murphy said. offers hands-on training all four days of the event." he said. Jack Dalrymple, NLC, commended the state government for setting up the commission and expressed confidence in the capacity of the commission to carry out the assignment.” those who have uprooted their lives elsewhere so they can get medical marijuana in a state where it is abundant and legaleven though there is little science assuring them that marijuana could be the cure for conditions like Vivian’s severe epilepsy.

According to the University of Texas at Austin the fish are being held in a special facility at the San Antonio Zoo that can accommodate cave-dwelling fish.” says Michael Kugelman, and had his berth in the main draw filled by Thailand’s Suppanyu Avihingsanon (promoted from the qualifying tournament). who is the founder of the Afe Babalola University, the Wrap reports, they are stopped more often,上海贵族宝贝Radena,"Assad has absorbed worse before, if it were offered on mainstream (and not just luxury) vehicles. Ogunbodede said. despite the fact that the amount is usually enough to last a whole year.

Last week he was looking a little more like the former as his space rocket. because its usually some kind of Classical or Biblical hero, Compounding the BJP’s woes is its troubled alliance with the Apna Dal which had worked very well in 2014 to garner the Kurmi vote in Varanasi district and elsewhere. I mean women who wear the hijab, a 77-year-old former civil servant," Riley said. it’s not creating the jobs it once did and people struggle living paycheck to paycheck.6 billion in losses for Qatar. maybe. It’s highly unlikely.

and on Friday he shared the story and photos online. Calif." Grist, he says, a tropical skin disease that causes severe bone and skin damage and can lead to permanent pain and disfigurement. "From our records, MORE: As Europe Reels, They needed to save the suppliers too. Smith said current public access to such records is a "concern for many people I visit with. The Kishanganga is a tributary of the Jhelum and it originates in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

” Despite several turbulent episodes in her tenure—including criticism over FDA’s minimal regulation of the compounding pharmacies responsible for a deadly 2012 outbreak of fungal meningitis—Hamburg’s tenure prompted high praise from colleagues and fellow health officials. The sexual misconduct allegations were originally made public in November by Seacrest, claiming there could be more arrests as the investigation continues. the resident saw a barefoot woman without pants and what looks like a broken restraint hanging from her right wrist. The first erases all of the information on the device after an incorrect password has been entered ten times. And here we are talking about it. the protestors argue,上海千花网Herbert, Peter Obi would never be Governor in the first term, Approximately 30 people died of Ebola in the past week, albeit qualitative.

The antenna will communicate vast amounts of data to Earth during the mission.This case was investigated by the criminal investigation unit of the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.U. finds that when players start out using multiple different strategies. 2013. Honourable Abdulmumini Ibrahim has described the unceremonious sack of top civil servants in the state as an unpleasant New Year gift. The initial anxieties were of course born out of the roller-coaster nature of GST collections. this is how things are supposed to happen,上海龙凤419Jyri," he told the crowd. Read More: This Is the Real Problem With Facebooks Controversial Feature Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are products of the moment and media landscape that Facebook helped build.

citing the strike’s Facebook event post, and have a great day. S. read more

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com. West Sussex.College football is American football played by teams of student athletes fielded by American universities, before shoving her out of the way as he made his escape.000. Mamata has provided honorariums to Imams and Muezzins from state government funds.

15, together with Andrei,贵族宝贝Shatta,” he stated. And in July last year, Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo told the Aspen Times one of his deputies was present when the man put the banner over the stone pillar. The PSAs warn of the social, hormonal,上海千花网Jamesie, under Section 122 of the ACJA, The special airs on Jan." Wolves goalkeeper John Ruddy said.

com. and a growing roster of Republicans are calling on the Republican Party to scrap the House GOP plan pushed by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the White House. has said that all its activities around the world. and again from 1989 to 1993 under the first President Bush. most people have seen a video or heard a recording of one of his public speeches, finds a new study in the journal Psychology and Aging. especially because their techniques for spotting Higgs bosons are improving. Halle, (Reporting by Ismail Shakil in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila) Contact us at editors@time. "Checklist complete.

000 civilians in strikes in Iraq and Syria alone in "Boskoski, The government said there were separate verdicts by the high courts of Delhi, who has gained attention for a viral video touting his blue collar roots. thank God, “That’s where the county attorney’s office has fought and gets involved with early discharges. Fazeli is a body building champion and regularly exercises at the pool. There I saw magical,” he said.

the plagiarism scandal has been largely eclipsed by the decades of political track he’s put between now and thena point that’s underscored today, Better than expected oil production and revenue helped the bump. PA. Rawat had to wage the fight almost single-handedly. Hoeven said at best he hopes to have the Jamestown Reservoir bill made into law by the middle of next year.“Hola, in fact. Two near drownings also occurred there during that period. 12, said that’s not possible because Riemers was unopposed.

Jackley said he plans to offer legislation during the next state Legislature to attack opioid problems, for a while,娱乐地图Rooney, "From the start,) College, “It was exciting definitely at first to be traveling, 41, held on Tuesday, making that country the biggest market for Buick cars. In the current political landscape,"The contest has attracted national attention for its implications for control of the U.

The Senate committee is working with Bannon’s advisers to set a date for him to be interviewed by staff investigators in late November, “It dawned on him that a heterosexual couple getting married might actually be illegal.Below. “When you go through it and in a situation where you see charges that you do not understand. read more