The Lakers Would be Smart to Trade LeBron for Zion

first_imgThe Lakers would be smart to trade LeBron for ZionColin set off the critics yesterday when he said that the Lakers would be smart to trade LeBron James for Duke Super Frosh Zion Williamson if a deal was available. In reality, the deal will probably never happen, but it’s not crazy to say that trading an aging LeBron on the downside of his career for the best prospect since…well, LeBron James, with his entire career ahead of him.Colin has been a fan of LeBron’s for his entire career, but this is strictly a business decision. If Magic and Rob Pelinka could make it happen, they would be smart to pull the trigger. Guests:Nick Wright, Dean Blandino, Jerome Williams, and Nick Swisher. Also:– NFL rule changes will create more problems than they solve– The Bucks replace the Raptors as the NBA’s try-hard regular season team– Rick Carlisle is better off with Dallas than the Lakerslast_img read more