The long tail word love Shanghai Engine Update webmaster how to choose the site

search keyword before three are some Adsense website, click to enter the type of website is Taobao shopping guide, although the long tail words will attract users in, but did not improve the conversion rate of users, it can be said that ninety percent of users through the long tail words into this website directly off site, but this approach is suitable for the development of


1, to give up part of the long tail word, before our site most is to rely on the long tail of the word brings flow, and as the love Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment point of view, we have to make a choice, and I just give up a part of the long tail word, my former website title and keywords contains a number of long tail words, and now I will be the site of the title and keywords are reduced to three, now my website title is Taobao rebate rebate rebate Network – welcome home. What the rebate network trusted? How Tmall net rebate? The only title and keywords of the long tail word I have been deleted, this is the first step I take. read more

On 2012 Shanghai dragon version 3 times what we should do

After all,

many of the comments below. We can imagine, you opened a shop in the street, whether you are good or bad thing, but the long-term discussion, or when the goods you bargain with you a lot of people in your store, your product, or you can also sell the shop if not good east >

of course, the chain is no longer simply sending or buy what the chain. It should be outside the chain of more relevant. What is the name of the chain of correlation? For example, our site is the theme of the Jialing River valve, you with a theme is the weight of the site links will be neglected and even to our site a negative score. For example, you talk to a common valve website link search engine to give you +1 points, with a high weight site one valve +3, a common site of single valve your site is +2, a high weight site you are single valve +5. You follow a weight loss site of the Internet search engine will give you -3, you are losing weight site of single -5. So in the Shanghai Dragon 3 times, the chain we should do more of the correlation. Of course, large portal site links will continue to give you extra points, because of the large site is not a single theme, it tends to have some or a few content related to your site’s theme. read more

The site is mirror how to feedback to love Shanghai

4, finally, if the mirror has broken links, or not in the relevant keywords ranking, that mirror site has been identified and anti cheating tactics, mirrored owners will not have to worry about the


[ ]   reading; complaints

recently received the mirrored problem many webmaster feedback, website image, site traffic, keywords will be affected, is anathema to many websites phenomenon, webmaster by prohibiting the text is paste, prohibit mirror IP are unable to completely eliminate the phenomenon by the mirror. How to safeguard their rights, is mirrored, Jun finishing the following strategy: read more

Keywords tourism industry research

option is to do a job in Shanghai Longfeng very important, if the selection is not good, then the next work was in vain. The point is to choose keywords, search times relatively much, but not too hot.

keyword search volume is less, but the commercial price is high, bring the conversion rate is relatively high. The commercial value of the judge needs its own industry is very understanding, in order to make judgments. This is not to say.

love Shanghai index also reached qianwanji, normally difficult too big, look at the following data analysis. read more

How to evaluate a digital soft effect

is on the top, the front page of A5 a region is according to the number of top step to sort. Personally, we write soft article, if the top step and can reach 20 times, it shows that this article is successful, because there are 20 times the top step can list the general article.

4, the number of comments by

is effective, the concept of the effect is rather vague. Many people have been said to be digitized to assess the effect of Shanghai dragon, soft and did not need to evaluate the digital effect? Then we can from which to assess read more

Keywords on site selection rules and matters needing attention

, can be said to be the first step in Shanghai dragon, is an indispensable step in our website optimization, but also to determine the optimal quality index. When you get a website, we will look at the type of site in general, and then determine the corresponding title, keywords, description, keywords can be said to be the priority among priorities, a keyword or can say directly affects the development of the website, so we need to select a keyword in Shanghai dragon Er collect a lot of information to determine the need, perhaps some people say: you see people Lu Songsong blog, blogs are not the key words ah, is not that is not very important? Of course not, they are not a keyword that is because they have become a brand, such as Taobao Shanghai shield love like spiders, do not need it; some people say that some websites no keywords ranking also how ah, so good? It is because of possible competition, or checks Key words hidden, it relates to heimao Shanghai dragon, not recommended by Oh! No matter what keywords is very important Oh read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the latest news Shanghai time snapshot patchnotes love

in order to meet the timeliness requirements of love Shanghai users, allowing users to more easily and quickly find the love of Shanghai, the search results page is now on-line content release time, the snapshot time prior to the replacement. The generation time of web content more accurately inform the user, reduce the user cost, improve click efficiency, but also can enhance the site’s conversion rate.

A5 station network March 6th news: Dear webmaster friends, still worry for the love of Shanghai snapshot problem? Today, love Shanghai love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released snapshot of time to update the announcement, the following is the content of the announcement: read more

Love Shanghai auction full screen logo design and how to break through

1, expand the long tail keywords

logo design industry of the words "logo design", "LOGO design" are basically 7 auction filled the first screen. One of the 1000 or so words, so do the first, can get traffic is very limited. Today is about making China logo design network is how to break the siege of Shanghai in the bidding in love.

love Shanghai auction has gradually spread to all walks of life, as long as the search business profits of basic vocabulary, there are several bidding in the front row. Even the little logo design industry, but also for the full screen. read more

Why my site will be included in the love of Shanghai within six days

logon love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, add the site and verify my website website site management.

five, contribute to high weight website, increase the high quality chain.


I will

love Shanghai included as shown in figure


every day to update the content of the website, and keep the original. He though it is well written, but these days still insist on the original.

this website (to make network) is my first built in 8,12, the basic position in the hand made, Wangzhuan project and some good operation promotion articles to share. Just last night in Shanghai to see site love website, actually see love every day Shanghai has not included, I in the days since the establishment of the Oh, congratulations. As of yesterday, the 8.17 day, also is my website (to make www.***.wang) the establishment of the sixth days is love Shanghai included, writing today is to share with you just site days I did the work, let the love Shanghai 6 day included my site. read more

On site using love statistics in Shanghai against the disadvantages

2, due to the use of the love of Shanghai, if it gives us what words a good ranking. It can be very accurately counted, a user is how come, then stay in the time of this page. Whether flew out, whether from this page and then click go to another page. This is our website user experience how, using statistics after love Shanghai love Shanghai immediately know. If a high weight site, this is good, but for us to optimize the site, we have a lot of time to flow to do Shanghai dragon, want high or high user viscosity. read more

Take Shanghai dragon to optimize the flow core to create a super profit website

ranking is of course important

The optimization of the website

but a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel engaged in the website optimization, but too much emphasis on the website ranking, ignore the construction site traffic, resulting in a lot of website ranking is very high, but in fact the flow is very small, which is obviously not able to achieve profitability, so how to optimize the site but also in continue to increase website traffic. I think we can from the following three aspects. read more

Shenzhen high was what is the enterprise website optimization Shanghai Dragon

second, to solve the problem and understand the needs of users

The real purpose of After the weight of

enterprises through the optimization of the site ZhengZhan Shanghai dragon, the structure is very clear. Let the user whether in any page of the website are not feel lost and feeling, "the convergence of each other are doing very well, let the user came in and can quickly find what you want, and then can solve user problems.

can obtain high quality Si flow

third, enhance corporate brand exposure read more

Schindler Shanghai Dragon leveraging the skills of promotion

1. new registered account

A lot of 3. Shanghai

for the novice webmaster and will soon become a webmaster friends may not know how to do their own website optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng website optimization promotion that simple is very simple is very difficult, the key lies in the right way can you persevere adhere to is victory. Is to rely on the accumulation of time is not a day for two or one or two weeks to see the obvious effect of Shanghai dragon network promotion this kind of thing. I want to recommend you to promote the use of the product itself love Shanghai, love Shanghai know that I think we all know that it is love love Shanghai know that Shanghai itself are relatively high income and weight so fast. read more

Shanghai the construction of the chain is useless in the end who said that

for some current webmaster friends said useless, in Yang Zi seems a little too one-sided, not to see you. At present for the construction of the chain relative to the effect of the past few years has been reduced, and even some of the chain have no what effect such as in the past we often use the top posts, forum forum signature and machine such as a large number of post links to the construction now does not have what effect, if it is a large number of these methods. Not only do the chain effect will be counterproductive, serious directly caused the site to drop right. read more

Some problems in the use of love in Shanghai found outside the chain of tools

in addition, there are some new findings in the process of using.

in the picture above, I do all is pure text links, and do not use the anchor text. As below:


has a lot of people talked about whether Shanghai will put love in the form of text links as the chain, but are not 100% sure or not, also let a lot of Shanghai dragon Er tangled do pure text links. Now in the chain of love Shanghai official query shows in plain text links Web query results, it has proved that love will Shanghai plain text form the chain link as the website, perhaps the effect will be much smaller than the anchor text, but it is a chain of its undisputed. In fact, love Shanghai Lee before the chain to form text made the following answer: "the search engine spider to discover and capture Internet links, the link is what form is not important, maybe one day, we can identify the picture, voice, video or the other form of link". This result confirms his answer. read more

Shanghai Longfeng compulsory course two Research on key words

1, sure we choose to have the keywords search volume. If we are busy for a long time, certain keywords spent manpower and time to make up, but no search volume will have been in vain, no amount of keywords search is of no value.

2, improve work efficiency. Ensure the optimization of the keyword search volume, can bring to a website target user.

4, understand the user search habits, find new business opportunities. Study on key words step by step, contribute to further understanding of user search habits, sometimes, may mining rare keywords, find new business opportunities. read more

Share to do website construction before the Shanghai dragon optimization

2, website planning is very important, your website is to browse the information collected, if the site of the overall planning, the site also successfully half

3, if you do switch design, human-computer interaction success, so, this site is definitely a plus, in the interactive domestic Tmall mall as good friends can go and see


hot July, hot Guangzhou, city of desire, swaying roses, this night, this impetuous society, would you calm down, listening, sharing, happy, I hope, I was frozen in the summer you lemon, hot tea in the winter; share some experience for you, so you get some receipt and sentiment, let you avoid detours. Let you from the feelings of happiness and warmth, friends, regardless of the quality, please give the most sincere comments please? This kind of weather, hope will not affect the network of friends, as everyone knows, the site has two goals: first, to make money; second, in order to show the image of the company; in fact, after all. Or to make money, so, the website construction and marketing is inseparable. To do marketing, Shanghai dragon optimization is one of the points, is also essential. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis from three aspects of the value of keywords


many friends complain, why your keywords optimization to the first site, but few traffic? In fact optimization of these keywords is probably not the word searches, such as construction sites in Taizhou, Shanghai can be seen from the love index, the key words of love Shanghai index is about 70, while the real the search for the user is not much, so although we put it to the optimization of Shanghai’s first love, from this keyword in traffic is not much.

analysis in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion, is a link can not be ignored, whether on the positioning of the site in the station before the layout of the site keywords, and in the process of optimizing keyword mining and so on, are not the analysis of key words; the recent Taizhou network company has been in the key words this feeling wonder, because of their own a website flow is good, and the conversion rate is scanty, a few days call; through continuous learning and summarize these days, and finally realize the knowledge points the following keywords, to share the value of keywords analysis three aspects summed up: read more

Shanghai Longfeng planning rules how targeted work


is a website where the value in the reasonable layout without quality content, that is just an empty shell, without any practical use.


editor is to do the others out to share with you, just add some small Loudi real estate network opinions and cases. First of all, we are Shanghai dragon search engine optimization promotion is mainly in Shanghai and the noble love baby, our attention and basic rules are based on the love of Shanghai and nobility baby specification. The details are as follows: read more

Shanghai Longfeng foundation the new site should be how to do

rich web content; when determining the network to do target keywords, also do a good job in the general framework of the page layout, the next step is to put the website page content rich website to ensure each page can have substantial content, and content to elaborate on the title.

update and maintenance of website set up the chain of high quality; the beginning of the new station, the credit degree is not high, the need to constantly have new content to attract a spider to visit, and set up the chain more convenient spiders access, enhance the site’s weight. read more