Personal analysis of and views on the B2B site profit model

is currently relatively large B2B platform, such as: Alibaba, China supply network, search the net, HC and Shang Hu, China and so on. According to this observation, the B2B platform profit model is the basic charge, by the VIP membership fee of course, not just do a B2B platform has revenue, profit to do B2B platform require considerable traffic can.

general B2B platform profit, need to rely on large flow to attract some enterprise website member to join. The current B2B, in collaboration with third party certification bodies, helps businesses with business licences and physical stores. Of course, they have earned a lot of income. read more

On the advantages of correcting websites

why do you webmaster site revision, I want nothing more than two cases, a program of superiority, 2 user experience, three is beneficial to search engine.

for many webmaster, outdated website has become a kind of self continuity problem: if the site has poor performance in the past period of time, then the reason from where? The search engine page layout enough to attract users less?? and this time may need to make a decision, revision or another promotion other? In this state, consider the revision should be prudent, how to determine the website IP is expected to return and keep coming back has become more and more urgent attention webmaster problem. read more

Stewardess network development plan

1, general analysis (industry background),:


flight attendant network is now a leader in the airline industry’s Web site. Domain name is good, this is very important. Similar websites, I know, have a military network in the United States, and the nurse network has sold $40 million. The limitations of the stewardess network are also. First, the definition of the crowd is limited and confined in this industry, but the connotation or social definition of the stewardess is very wide, or the potential users are very wide. Stewardess is beautiful, tall, polite, polite, high income, high social status, and full of mystery, challenge and legend. It is important to emphasize this point. This should be the core value of the stewardess network. read more

The background and construction process of a local pet network portal

May 12, 2008, Nanjing Lula Pet Network ( was born in an ordinary day. A day that should not be joyful. Do not know whether pet nets coincidence with the sky, or really omen what?. Before the planning, preparation, infrastructure construction process of some of the things that really show a magic! It seems that the development of the site may also have to go through a wave of disaster….

‘s PET image set

everyone can see on the website, Lula pet network. A similar fly small monster, its name is called lula. How did this archetype come from? What’s the meaning of it? And there’s an interesting story…. read more

Send you more than 5000P per day free of charge

method is very simple!!! I tested it today (6.1). (afternoon 15:00–18:00) more than 6000 IP!!!!!!


the specific method is:

1, to register an account of potatoes (of course you omit this step) in this podcast inside the "profile" put on your website address (can do pretty) PS: profile in home management after you landed potatoes inside

2, dot "potato net" on the "label", look at the following Hot 100 sign

3, choose a "tag" into clicking on the "Edit" your potatoes podcast address in it (of course want to delete the connection effect of others) PS account to register: potatoes after a week can be used to edit read more

Wind and rain five years stationmaster Road

primary school admitted to junior high school, junior high school into high school, after three years of hard work, I admitted to the University, reading liberal arts, but obsessed with software, networks.

university days, relatively relaxed. At the end of 2003, the use of the 10M space provided by the school and the design of its own personal website through Dreamweaver increased the interest of the website unconsciously. 10M only supports HTML difficult to satisfy my desire to use their own construction, start to the construction site, in the station to find a lot of website program to play, finally addicted to DVBBS, because love movies, so will their server opened a FTP function, the hard disk burned out results…… read more

For 5 years the webmaster about Baidu included memoir

Baidu included the problem has been the webmaster long-term concern, slowly formed: there is Baidu flow idea. Baidu stressed " evergreen " don’t stand for new Adsense ideas. The following is the home of 5 years of new home network webmaster memoirs: the site has experienced Baidu strong included – Baidu K station —- Baidu re audit —- Baidu again included —- —- stabilize Baidu.

new home network management forum finally from the new frame up. Can no longer access than before; peer friends have forgotten the air forum? Why have not; from Baidu K 2008 start, October; Baidu adjustment, unfortunately new home network was included in the ranks of the right down. October 4th tour in Shanghai, I suddenly found that: the new Baidu included a page, only the new home network home page also top, the situation is not good, immediately looking for reasons, and make some appropriate adjustments to the site. Later found that the most likely K, the new wind station because the home page there are some spam links, links in some stations have been Baidu K, but I did not deal with. The reason found the source of processing, and has been hoping that Baidu has re included possible. read more

Google AdSense application experience

long ago heard of Google AdSense, but has no time to practice, so a week before submitting the application, and I for such a poor, of course, does not have its own website, so that the web page address fill on my website address, give me back a letter results: the letter

XX, Hello,

thank you for your attention to Google AdSense. I’m sorry to say that we are unable to accept your accession to the Google AdSense after reviewing your application.

we have not approved your application for the following reasons. read more

Change the domain name to some basic practices

webmaster want to change new domain name for your website? Domain name change is a huge risk, considering the change of the domain name should be considered before, reduce the loss of the replacement of the domain name, CN meters is not stable, many small owners are in meters, pregnant women also have this kind of network, in order to make the old and new domain transition sound, to minimize the risk, said the following methods under some pregnant women network actual operation share, the new domain name registration in breeding, the first thought is to change new domain name with 301 redirect is the best remedy, flow transfer: 301 page redirection technology, the former domain name redirect to the new domain name. But it is also the way There are both advantages and disadvantages., many pregnant women, is a new network using the old domain and the transition mode, new domain name on the line, the old domain is retained, it might make clear that the distribution of silly confused crawler is the main station, and then take the new domain name as new sites to promote. Try to do some links in the old site, pointing to the new domain name, change links, submit included, put soft Wen, hang bbs. read more

n the face of competitive SEO it is important to optimize and maintain a good attitude

with the popularity of the Internet, more and more entrepreneurs undertake Internet gold panning. Among them, more is to build their own site, through the creation of a facade to promote marketing their products to obtain income. However, there are people in some people, in the fierce competition is also very popular webmaster industry, many individual owners can not withstand the pressure, can not see the future finally withdrew from the station in this industry, of course, also has, in short this industry has always been in and out of a person a particularly large liquidity industry. So in his body in this industry, the first face is SEO optimization of this term, owners often do a dream like this: through to their site operation SEO to obtain the weights of the promotion, so as to achieve fame and fortune. In fact, the success of how much? Just like the lyrics, the failure of so many people, but not a few success. In this highly competitive industry, as a personal webmaster, do you need a kind of heart to face the various problems of SEO optimization? read more

How to judge a person’s ability in Witkey

private network in the past, mainly programmers gathered, a lot of site experts are here, and now there are many websites, the most famous is Witkey network, there are several. The topic we are talking about today is how to judge a technical person’s ability.

1, we register above, and then publish the information to do the website.

2, we want to write a basic development requirement for our website.

3, we’d like to have an offer from you, not our own offer.

4 compares their offers and continues to communicate with those who are within their own limits. read more

n the age of E9 webmasters can do this

      you should know that one of the new features of IE9, can be put onto the label Windows7 taskbar, the taskbar is additional function (see "inventory: IE9  RC  new and improved compared to   IE8  the 11 functions").

today, the soft media in particular for the Win7 home site icon redesigned, large icons locked in the taskbar more clearly, and at the same time joined the right click jumplist function, included in the 5 commonly used shortcut function. read more

Dong Hewen by Baidu stop talking about the length and brand of domain names

in March 31st, Baidu has, ah, announced the closure, which means that Baidu’s C2C attempt failed. I just looked at the date and didn’t confirm it until April 1st. Internet without God, regardless of any level of big brothers have made mistakes, there are ah, there are many reasons for failure, here I discuss its brand and domain name.

some of the Internet gangster, to achieve a certain level, the length of the domain name is very sensitive (why is some, the second half will have a feeling only), short domain name to show the strength of enterprises, so in the choice of domain over the pursuit of short, would rather give up some good brand specific meaning, and the pursuit of short name. In fact, Baidu did C2C have a lot of good names to choose from, but because of the pursuit of a short choice of The domain name is only 4 letters, very short indeed, but the meaning of his corresponding Chinese brand "yes" is rather awkward. This time, ah, the closure, I read a large number of users comments, have mentioned the name of their resentment and confusion, you can see that this name is a failure. read more

Analysis of the operation and key point of chemical engineering websites

speaks of website operations, and most of them have websites, planning, design, website optimization and promotion, data analysis and so on. The small and medium-sized enterprise network station team number is not much, so how to grasp the key operation of a good website? This paper is the author of several chemical websites, is mainly engaged in high temperature and high temperature adhesive sealant and other products, to explain how to make web site operators better.

, what exactly does the website sell, read more

10 years webmasters experienced helplessness ecstasy peace changes

do standing group for more than ten years, very ashamed, as a 90s learning software, cheated, hesitated. Bearing the embarrassment of having no money for meals, there is no room for rent. Hey, remember in school 3 meals to eat bean sprouts of bitterness, and so do the difficult years, pregnant with sorrow. There is an irresistible temptation, the joy of being poor all the way. Also adhere to earn the former happiness.

I have shared the road of webmaster who has walked over 10 years. Please give me your support. read more

How can local property networks make money

first, I declare that this is not what a little promotion articles, but personal experience two years to make a station, get to share with you, and give you a little inspiration, I hope you can give me some good advice.2006 day, listen to friends talking about the real estate network can make money, I also drift engage in a Liuyang real estate network   however. The first problem is data, no data updates, you will not have a chance to survive, so I went to other website copy a lot local real estate information, slowly will usher in a good many find room visitors, but these alone is not enough, so I take the promotion of the following methods: read more

Do QQ expression website operation experience sharing and reflection

, QQ, the origin of


I am engaged in the Internet design, electronic magazines, MMS work, do QQ facial webmaster for two years, now some of the operation site experience, to share with you.

in June 08, because of interest and career reasons, there is the idea of building a QQ expression site. I know about the QQ expression and analysis of industry website, see the QQ expression site is the basic personal webmaster established, not an Internet company or enterprise operation, and localization of an expression of QQ sharing platform. read more

and Baidu’s grudge site after being K how to re included


is one of many sites of God, this is no doubt. Baidu included, website traffic will not rise, Baidu in the modern era of network, China, personal web sites have the light of day. There is no Baidu, it would not do, I think this is most people’s heart.

actually, the creation of websites, has also experienced the joy of pain, below I put my experience one by one, is to share experiences and lessons with peers.

began to do web site, the master said to pay attention to Baidu, Baidu, but we stand in the minds of God, he said, was included in the Baidu is equal to receive the RMB, traffic is money, read more

mprove the registration mechanism forum to attract more users

forum for what is most important? Not flow, but registered users, light traffic, but the registration number does not reflect the flow level of the forum is not the success of the forum, the registration number is up, but the actual active members rarely forum is not a successful forum. The smaller the proportion of registered members and active members, the better their health and the atmosphere of communication. Only by doing so can the success of the forum be taken as a first step. The forum wants to create a good communication platform to attract users and retain users, not only need to have accurate positioning, rich content, reasonable operation plan, and all-round promotion. We need to start with small details. For example, moderators communicate with users, and regularly engage in activities such as t building. Adsense nets satisfied that these small details can have a big role in improving the popular forum, and the registration mechanism is the details, perfect the registration mechanism for the regulation of the popularity of the forum, the guide has great effect, when the popular forum can reduce mechanism to improve the registration by adjusting the forum registration, and when the popular forum members can aggravate the phenomenon of illegal excess regulation registration mechanism appropriate to reduce the amount of registered forum. In short, the perfect registration mechanism can bring more popularity and users to the forum. read more

Feelings since building your own web site

Since the

build their own web site since I have many feelings, because our website, in terms of technology mainly by me to be responsible for me, so I feel quite technical, below I will discuss my website when some of the operation processes and procedures and planning etc..

starts with the first step of doing a website, and we think about the topic for a long time. The theme of the website is the key, and a website must have a clear theme. Especially for personal websites, we can’t do as gorgeous and rich as big websites. After all, with limited energy, I think finding the one that interests us the most is the key. Only our own interest, our website will do deep penetration, only interested in it as their goal, will blunt their goals, will do better, so to impress users, increase the click rate. The theme of the website is infinite, as long as you are interested in, any content can be, but the theme should be distinct, in your subject scope, content to be large and complete, fine and deep. After defining the theme of the website, we began to collect materials around the topic. I didn’t go to the other members of our group is to collect, to gather, but it is a very important step, he is the essence of the entire page, if this step we didn’t do that, our website will feel only skeleton, and no content. They found the material from Qucuqujing, and to take the real pseudo extract, which. A lot of software is also needed to modify the diagram. At this critical point, we put a lot of effort into it. Good results have also been achieved. read more