Robben gives up hope of a return against Dortmund

first_imgBerlin: Bayern Munich’s veteran Dutch winger Arjen Robben has admitted he is unlikely to make a fairy-tale return from injury in the Bundesliga club’s top-of-the-table clash against Borussia Dortmund next week. Robben, 35, has been out of action for several months and is set to leave Bayern after a decade of service at the end of this season. An iconic figure at the club, he had hoped to return to fitness in time for the Dortmund game, but now appears to have given up on the idea. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over Chandigarh “I still don’t know whether I will be fit, we will have to see, but I think it is probably unrealistic,” Robben told Munich newspaper Abendzeitung at a charity run in central Munich on Wednesday evening. “I am on the road to recovery, but I am not yet training with the team,” he said. “I think it will take a bit more time. All I can do is keep working hard and fighting to get back on the pitch.” Robben’s last appearance for Bayern was in a 5-1 Champions League win over Benfica on November 27. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced later Since then, he has struggled with a thigh injury and ongoing muscular issues. He was expected to return to full fitness after Bayern’s winter training camp in Doha in January, but nearly three months on, he is still out of action. In his 10 years at the club, Robben has become a Bayern legend, scoring 143 goals in 305 appearances and winning 11 domestic titles. His finest moment came at Wembley in 2013, when he fired Bayern to victory in the Champions League final with an 89th minute winner against Dortmund. Even if he is denied a final meeting with old foes Dortmund next week, Robben says he is determined to make another competitive appearance for Bayern before the end of the season. “These are my last two months at a club where I have spent 10 years. I want to play again, to pull on the shirt one more time,” he said. “That is the most important thing for me. I don’t care which game it is.”last_img read more

Thousands uprooted by fresh fighting in eastern DR Congo – UN

The latest outbreak of fighting in the troubled South Kivu province in the far east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), pitting Government forces against Rwandan rebels, has forced 35,000 people from their homes, the United Nations refugee agency reported today.The displaced are sheltering in the Ruzizi River plain, near the DRC’s borders with Rwanda and Burundi, after fleeing the latest military campaign, called Kimia II, which started on 12 July and seeks to disarm the notorious ethnic Hutu militia known as the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) and their local allies.This latest uprooting brings the total number of civilians displaced in South Kivu since the start of the year to some 536,000 people, according to Ron Redmond, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).More than 1.8 million people are now internally displaced in the DRC’s volatile east, he added.The South Kivu towns of Lemera and Mulenge are said to be nearly empty, with almost 20,000 people believed to be hiding in the forests in the area.Most of the IDPs are living with host families, with others seeking refuge in schools, churches and other buildings, but those in conflict areas remain almost completely inaccessible, UNHCR said.“There are widespread reports from IDPs of atrocities including accusations of murder, rape and torture, on the part of FDLR rebels,” Mr. Redmond said, adding that those fleeing violence have reported arbitrary arrests, kidnappings, extortion and forced taxation by the FDLR and others.Lack of access and insecurity has hampered assessments of the full scope of the latest displacement, he noted.So far, UNHCR has tentatively pre-registered 20,000 people along the Luberizi-Kamanyola axis, along the DRC’s border with Burundi, and preliminary evaluations show that food, water, medical supplies and basic items such as blankets are needed.“We are also monitoring the situation of those must vulnerable, identifying people at risk and with specific needs, including victims of sexual violence and arbitrary detention,” the agency’s spokesperson said.UNHCR, he said, is also gravely concerned that the renewed violence in South Kivu could have negative repercussions on the agency’s repatriation scheme for Congolese refugees returning from neighbouring Tanzania.Yesterday, the UN peacekeeping mission in the DRC, known in MONUC, deplored an FDLR attack in the country’s far east that has left at least 16 civilians dead.Three members of the Congolese army (FARDC) and five FDLR rebels were also killed during the fighting, which began late on Monday night and lasted around seven hours.The attack took place in the village of Hombo, which straddles the border between North Kivu and South Kivu provinces and is located about 120 kilometres west of the city of Bukavu. Both provinces have been wracked by violence in recent years.“We condemn all attacks such as these,” Madnodje Mounoubai, a MONUC spokesperson, told the UN News Centre. “This is part of a pattern by the rebels where they try to terrorize the civilian population.”Mr. Mounoubai, who said the FARDC captured nine FDLR members in the fighting, also warned that the death toll may rise further. 24 July 2009The latest outbreak of fighting in the troubled South Kivu province in the far east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), pitting Government forces against Rwandan rebels, has forced 35,000 people from their homes, the United Nations refugee agency reported today. read more

Jayasuriya accused of running Joseph Camp torture chamber

Sri Lanka’s former army commander, currently Ambassador to Brazil, has been accused of allegedly operating an army camp at the end of the country’s civil war where extremely brutal torture was routine.General Jagath Jayasuriya was the commander of the Wanni Security Force Headquarters in Vavuniya, more commonly know as “Joseph Camp”, from August 2007 till mid July 2009, the International Truth and Justice Project (ITPJ) claimed. “This clearly shows Sri Lanka cannot be trusted to vet their own peacekeepers if they think a man with this career history is the kind of person to send abroad,” said Ms Sooka.The South Africa based human rights group is now calling for a thorough investigation of Joseph Camp by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and the Committee Against Torture as well as the immediate recall of General Jayasuriya from his post in Brazil pending investigation. The retired General is also accredited to Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Peru and Suriname. Another army General who ran Joseph Camp from 2009-2011, Kamal Gunaratne, was also sent as deputy Ambassador to Brazil before retiring. (Colombo Gazette) “There is no way General Jagath Jayasuriya can claim not to have known that torture routinely occurred in his camp; there were purpose built underground torture chambers equipped with manacles, chains and pulleys for hoisting victims upside down,” said ITJP Executive Director, Yasmin Sooka, “If the detainees could hear each other screaming at night from adjacent buildings, so could he.” The ITJP’s new report, replete with sketches of cells and interrogation rooms drawn by survivors, is based on the sworn testimony of 46 people which is also corroborated by 92 other cases of torture in this site which have been reported by other groups. The ITJP says it has documented 6 torture cases that occurred under the Sirisena Government in Sri Lanka – the most recent in December 2016. Witnesses provided ITJP with searing testimony of torture in Joseph Camp that included rape with objects such as cricket wickets and glass bottles, as well as in two cases barbed wire inserted inside a pipe and then withdrawn to tear the flesh of the rectum. All of the women and 18 of the men described being raped and sexually violated; one Tamil man was left distraught after soldiers tried to force him to rape a female cadre detained with him. One of several Tamil informers interviewed who were forced to work with military intelligence said soldiers boasted to him of raping at least 15 Tamil women each. Most victims in this illegal detention site were kept naked in dirty dark cells often underground.In the report the South Africa based rights group says it has scores of names and photographs of alleged perpetrators of torture and rape from Joseph Camp, several of whom have been positively identified by their victims. One alleged rapist is said to have been a Major in military intelligence; another senior officer ran abduction teams operating out of Joseph Camp at the end of the war but was sent abroad as a UN peacekeeper in 2015 despite the vetting procedures. read more

Above and Beyond Meet the lifesaving Luas driver who went back on

first_img“I DIDN’T HAVE to think about it, the training just came back”34-year-old Luas driver Philip Redmond took a number of lifesaving courses as a teenager, and even taught classes for a while.Until this summer, however, the Clondalkin man had never had to call on those skills in a real-world situation.Everything he’d learned “came back instantly”, however, when he was called upon to rescue a distressed woman from the Grand Canal during the summer.Philip was just about to drive off from the stop at Goldenbridge, beside the canal bank in Drimnagh, when a woman ran up to his cab window and shouted through the hatch.“She said there was a woman on the edge of the canal who was going to jump, and was serious about it,” he told got out of the tram to find out what was happening, but as he approached, saw the woman enter the water.Goldenbridge Luas Stop [Google Streetview]“I ran back and grabbed a five foot points-bar that we use for changing over the tracks,” Philip said.He rushed down to the sloped embankment close to where she was, but the woman didn’t want to grab the pole.“She wouldn’t take it. We were all calling for her to take it.A crowd gathered, and a group of men came down to help Philip as he reached for the flailing woman.“They held my arm and we made a chain up the bank because there was nowhere to grab onto.“I was able to reach out further and there was a huge crowd of people shouting at her to take it.After “about five minutes,” she did.“We took her up the embankment to where it was easier to get out. The guards and fire brigade were just arriving at the time.‘Shaking’The woman was taken to hospital, and Philip says he was told later that she had been checked out and was ‘physically fine’.“Another lad had been stripped off and ready to jump in the water, but I was worried he could have been dragged down”.Philip changed trams with a driver heading the opposite direction and then ended his shift early once he got back to base.“I was fine afterwards. It was only later I noticed that my hands were shaking. It didn’t catch up with me till later on”AwardsPhilip says he was thrilled to discover this week that he would be one of the 37 people from around the country to receive a Seiko ’Just in Time’ lifesaving award from Irish Water Safety.He’ll be in good company at next Tuesday’s Dublin Castle awards ceremony; the Luas driver’s fellow recipients include a Donegal surf instructor who saved a woman and her two sons, and a Kerry fisherman who rescued four children from a sandbank amid rapidly rising waters.“I’d gotten an award already from the Lord Mayor but I thought  maybe I didn’t really deserve it enough. I’ve actually done water safety though so this is different.Philip said he’d seen an ad for lifesaving classes recently as he was passing Clondalkin Sports and Leisure Centre and thought “I’ll have to sign my kids up once they’re old enough”.“You’ll have to wait a while for that though?” suggests.“Yeah probably”.Philip’s daughter Georgia is eleven months old. His wife, Deborah, is expecting their second in March.Related: “The water rushes in awful fast — the kids wouldn’t have been able to stand”Also: Warm summer saw RNLI lifeboats launched 571 timeslast_img read more

Column For women giving birth in a war zone I was more

first_imgSyria was plunged into a violent conflict on 15 March 2011. The death toll of the ongoing conflict is unknown, but the United Nations has estimated that more than 60,000 people have died in the past two years of fighting. Cathy Janssens is a midwife who has recently returned from an assignment with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the country. I WENT TO Syria to set up a mother-and-child health programme in one of the MSF hospitals in Syria. At that time there was no other female medic in the hospital. So I found myself confronted with considerable responsibilities and a huge workload.When I arrived, the maternal health activities for pregnant women were just starting and the material was still in transit. At first all I had was a room with a hospital bed. Nothing else. I rushed off a request to supply a delivery table, but for those first weeks I had to make do with what was there.Of course, the women did not wait for the delivery table to arrive; and you cannot turn away a pregnant woman who arrives at the hospital door. With a normal delivery it doesn’t matter too much if you don’t have all the right equipment. But when there are complications, you really need some of the specialised medical kit.IV fluid bags used as hot-water-bottlesSo for the first weeks I made do with what I had to hand. It’s surprising how adaptable you can be. My chief problem was the lack of specialised equipment for premature babies. It was freezing cold in the hospital. Skin-to-skin contact – where the baby is snuggled against the mother’s chest – is considered a good way to warm up a baby whose temperature is falling too much. But this technique is not used in Syria and the mothers were rather reticent, so I had difficulties keeping the newborn babies warm. But then we had an idea – heating IV fluid bags in a microwave oven to make small hot-water-bottles.We quickly realised that we were also going to have to treat a lot of women who were not pregnant. The news spread like wildfire that a female doctor had arrived, and before long women were pouring into the hospital. Since the start of the conflict women have had increasing difficulties getting any sort of medical care, and in this area our hospital was really the only option. For many of these women I was more than just a midwife; I was someone who would listen. When women came for a consultation and departed knowing they didn’t have any health problems, I think they left somehow reassured, despite the conflict.Ensuring privacyWhen the midwifery equipment arrived, we moved the consultation room to the other end of the hospital. At first we had been working just across from the Accident & Emergency department. This meant there was not much privacy for the women, particularly given that there were a lot of men arriving in A&E. I could sense that the women were uncomfortable. But as soon as we moved, the privacy issue disappeared. The consultation environment for the women was much better, and by the same stroke we created a bit more space in the A&E area.When we started up the women-only ward, all the shyness vanished and suddenly our contact with the patients improved drastically. We would see women who came into the hospital in full burka but then, settled down in the consultation room, they would peel off the layers and start to open up. This is actually one of the reasons why I would like to go back on another assignment in Syria; the contact with the patients is wonderful.They would hug me – and thank me over and overThat said the work was very tough. Women often give birth at night and so after a full day shift, usually a full night-shift would follow. I would spend most of the daytime doing consultations, frequently being called away to assist a delivery. There were two Syrian assistants to help me, but they had no medical training, let alone specific obstetric skills. I had to teach them so much from scratch, and I couldn’t leave them to do consultations or deliveries alone. So I had to be present at each and every consultation, and rushing back and forth each time there was an alert that a woman was going into labour.So, a heavy workload, and extremely tiring. But you find the energy from somewhere. The women were incredibly grateful. They would hold me in their arms, hug me, and thank me over and over.Child victimsI did, however, get a real pang every time a child was brought into A&E. There were children, just two or three years old, dying in terrible pain, or with wounds that will handicap them for the rest of their lives. These are innocent little children – and that’s so hard to accept. Particularly with the conflict just getting worse.But I would relish the opportunity to return to Syria. This is a beautiful project doing some great work and run by a fantastic team of people. We are even expanding the activities from this hospital, and the Syrians we treat are infinitely grateful.MSF Ireland is running an Emergency Appeal for Syria. To donate, visit read more

The Charleton Tribunal has an official different name and its opening statement

first_img Feb 24th 2017, 6:02 PM Friday 24 Feb 2017, 6:02 PM Share21 Tweet Email The Charleton Tribunal has an official (different) name, and its opening statement is due next Monday We are far more likely to refer to it as the Charleton Tribunal to be honest. 11,030 Views 20 Comments Justice Peter Charleton Source: RollingNews.ieTHE FIRST MEETING of the tribunal investigating alleged smears against Garda whistleblowers will be held on Monday morning.The Disclosures Tribunal, as it has officially been named, will hear the opening statement of Justice Peter Charleton at Dublin Castle from 9am on 27 February.The event will be open to members of the public.However, no applications for representation will be made on that date.Charleton is the Supreme Court judge who was initially charged with heading a commission of investigation into the alleged smears made against Sergeant Maurice McCabe (and others).However, after a political storm caused by the recent scandal involving child and family agency Tusla and a file it kept on McCabe containing erroneous allegations against McCabe, Taoiseach Enda Kenny announced that Charleton’s investigation would instead proceed as a full tribunal of inquiry.However, while the Disclosures Tribunal may be its official name, you can expect us all to be calling it the Charleton Tribunal from minute one, as has become commonplace.Other examples of Irish tribunals being colloquially known by the name of the presiding judge include:The tribunal of inquiry into complaints concerning some gardaí of the Donegal division, otherwise known as the Morris TribunalThe tribunal of inquiry into certain planning matters and payments, better known as the Mahon Tribunal, which lasted 15 years and caused then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern no end of troubleThe tribunal of inquiry into certain payments to politicians and related matters, also known as the Moriarty Tribunal, which delved into the financial affairs of Charlie Haughey and current independent TD Michael Lowry, among othersRead: Asked about controversies, Commissioner says there are ‘inaccuracies we cannot correct at the moment’Read: On Brussels trip, Kenny says Brexit deal should include provision for united Ireland Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Cianan Brennan Short URLlast_img read more

George HW Bush hospitalized in Maine

first_imgBIDDEFORD, Maine — Former President George H.W. Bush was hospitalized Sunday in Maine after he experienced low blood pressure and fatigue, a spokesman said.Just after 2 p.m., Jim McGrath, a spokesman for the 93-year-old Bush, said he was awake, alert and not in any discomfort. He said Bush would spend at least a few days in the hospital for observation.Bush was taken to Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford. A spokeswoman said Sunday all information would be released by the Bush family.Bush arrived in Maine for the summer May 20. Coming about a month after the death of his wife, Barbara, of 73 years, the family said the 41st president was eager to return to the family compound on Walker’s Point. He has visited every summer since childhood, the only exception being the years of his World War II service.On Saturday, Bush attended a pancake breakfast at an American Legion post in Kennebunkport. He had been scheduled to attend a Memorial Day parade in the town Monday.Bush, who has a form of Parkinson’s disease and a history of pneumonia and other infections, was hospitalized in Houston on April 22, the day after his wife’s funeral, for an infection. He remained hospitalized for 13 days.Bush uses a wheelchair and an electric scooter for mobility. He has been hospitalized several times in recent years for respiratory problems.last_img read more

Port joins lawsuit over Mexican Sewage spill

first_imgPort joins lawsuit over Mexican Sewage spill 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsThe San Diego Unified Port District and City of Chula Vista are joining the City of Imperial Beach in suing a federal agency to halt the flow of toxic waste and sewage from the Tijuana River to the Pacific Ocean.They’re hoping legal action will halt the flow of toxic waste and sewage from the Tijuana river. Port Commissioner Dan Malcolm was on Good Morning San Diego to tell us more about it. Posted: March 5, 2018 Carlos Amezcua March 5, 2018center_img Carlos Amezcua, Updated: 2:12 PM Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Miami first responders stage mock DUI crash for Jackson High seniors

first_img Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. MIAMI (WSVN) – Some high school students in Miami learned a lesson in driving safety thanks to local first responders.Miami Fire Rescue hosted its seventh annual mock DUI car crash at Miami Jackson Senior High School, Friday.Organizers showed seniors at the school the consequences of driving drunk.Officers staged a party, a deadly car crash with multiple victims and a funeral.“We try to get the message across to the students that, on their prom night, to be a little more responsible,” said Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Carlos Garcia, “to don’t drink and don’t text message, don’t do any drugs and don’t get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle because these accidents do happen. We see them all the time.”Garcia said these DUI crashes can be prevented if students made better choices.He also said fun nights don’t have to end in tragedy because of one bad decision. last_img read more

NIF facility fires record laser shot into target chamber

first_img More information: The National Ignition Facility (NIF): official announcement is below:The National Ignition Facility (NIF), the world’s most energetic laser, surpassed a critical milestone in its efforts to meet one of modern science’s greatest challenges: achieving fusion ignition and energy gain in a laboratory setting. NIF’s 192 lasers fired in perfect unison, delivering a record 1.875 million joules (MJ) of ultraviolet laser light to the facility’s target chamber center.This historic laser shot involved a shaped pulse of energy 23 billionths of a second long that generated 411 trillion watts (TW) of peak power (1,000 times more than the United States uses at any instant in time).The record-breaking shot was made March 15.”This event marks a key milestone in the National Ignition Campaign’s drive toward fusion ignition,” said NIF Director Edward Moses. “While there have been many demonstrations of similar equivalent energy performance on individual beams or quads during the completion of the NIF project, this is the first time the full complement of 192 beams has operated at this sound barrier.”The ultraviolet energy produced by NIF (after conversion from the original infrared laser pulse to the final ultraviolet light) was 2.03 MJ before passing through diagnostic instruments and other optics on the way to the target chamber. As a result, NIF, located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is now the world’s first 2 MJ ultraviolet laser, generating nearly 100 times more energy than any other laser in operation.Satisfying the NIF objective coincides with the third anniversary of the startup of NIF operations in March 2009, when 1 MJ operation was first achieved. Since then, NIF has increased its operational energy about 1 kilojoule each day for three years, a remarkable achievement. Today, NIF is fully operational around the clock, completing important steps toward the goal of ignition and providing experimental access to national and international user communities. The 1.875 MJ shot exceeds NIF’s original design specification and sets the stage for full-power experiments over the coming months. Not only did the shot achieve the highest recorded energy threshold, it also was one of the most precise ever fired at NIF: The energy produced was within 1.3 percent of its goal. Such precision is vital because the energy distribution among the beams determines how symmetrical an implosion is obtained in capsules containing fusion fuel. Implosion symmetry is a critical factor in achieving the pressures and temperatures required for ignition. Moses said that NIF will pursue operations at even higher power and higher energy levels to achieve ignition. “Our facility’s ability to demonstrate this level of precision performance as part of routine operations is a testament to the efforts of multiple teams supporting laser operations, target chamber operations, transport and handling and optics refurbishment,” Moses said.”For the past 15 years, since NIF groundbreaking in 1997, the scientific community has regarded the 1.8 MJ milestone as a tremendous technical challenge,” said NIF Operations Manager Bruno Van Wonterghem. “In 2003, we demonstrated this performance level on a single beam line, and in 2008 we repeated the demonstration on a single quad of four beams. To achieve this performance level with this kind of precision, quality and reliability on all 192 beams is unprecedented and very exciting.”Van Wonterghem points in particular to the enormous progress NIF scientists and engineers have made in economically maintaining the facility’s optics system while operating at unprecedented energy levels. Technicians adjust the target positioner inside the NIF Target Chamber. Citation: NIF facility fires record laser shot into target chamber (2012, March 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( — The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California has set a new record for a laser shot. This past week, its combined 192 lasers fired a single 1.875-megajoule shot into an empty test chamber. After passing through the last of its focusing lens, the shot reached 2.03 megajoules, making it the first 2 megajoule ultraviolet laser. Explore further Laser Bay 2, one of NIF’s two laser bays Because the facility is funded by the US nuclear weapons complex, there has been debate about whether it would ever be used to prove or disprove the idea that lasers could be used to create nuclear fusion to produce electric power. Having the laser break records doesn’t really resolve that argument in the short term, but it might in the long run if it does eventually show that electricity could be created economically using such a process. © 2011 Researchers at NIF moving closer to fusion ignition point Prior to this achievement, the most the facility had managed to coax out of the laser, the world’s largest, was 1.6 megajoules. Also, the new record shows that the NIF laser is capable of producing more than it was designed for, which was 1.8 megajoules. It also proved that it was capable of doing so without damaging its parts, allowing for another shot a day and a half later, which is important, because one of the goals for the laser is to get it to fire off shots at 15 per second eventually. That’s what researchers think will be needed to produce power economically from the laser system.The ultimate goal of the NIF is to figure out a way to use a laser to produce nuclear fusion in a way that gets more energy out than is put in. Currently, that goal is still a ways off. Thus far, engineers at the project haven’t even reached the break-even or ignition point, though they expect that to occur sometime this year. Tweaking the laser to produce more than it was designed for is a step in that direction. The NIF facility was designed to produce a fusion reaction by imploding hydrogen isotope pellets using the huge laser. To that end, the team has made steady progress. When the project first began eighteen months ago, it had just one percent of conditions in place that are believed necessary to achieve the ignition point. They have improved that mark to ten percent and it’s because the pace has picked up dramatically in recent months that they believe they will achieve the ignition point sometime over the next six months, which is when the original ignition campaign was slated to end. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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first_img A 3-D printed model (left) and a model constructed in augmented reality (right), both of a kidney with a tumor. In both models, the kidney is clear; the tumor is visible in purple on the AR model and in white on the 3-D printed model. Photo courtesy of Nicole Wake, Ph.D. Henry Ford Hospital’s ViewRay MRIdian linear accelerator system allows real-time MRI-guided radiotherapy. Shown is the support staff for this system. In the center of the photo is Benjamin Movsas, M.D., chair of radiation oncology at Henry Ford Cancer Institute. Second from the right is Carri Glide-Hurst, Ph.D., director of translational research, radiation oncology. Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more News | March 09, 2010 CT, PET Cases Star in Workstation Face-Off at ECR Feature | Molecular Imaging | July 01, 2019 | By Sharvari Rale Transformations in Molecular Imaging Herald Entry to Novel Applications Diagnostic procedures have always been a cornerstone of early prognosis and patient triaging. read more Technology | Artificial Intelligence | June 20, 2019 TeraRecon Receives First-of-Kind FDA Determination for Northstar AI Results Explorer Advanced visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) technology provider TeraRecon has successfully completed a U.S… read more Technology | Advanced Visualization | June 13, 2019 Materialise Receives FDA Clearance for Cardiovascular Planning Software Suite Three-dimensional (3-D) printing software and solutions company Materialise has received U.S. Food and Drug… read more March 10, 2010 – The third annual Workstation Face-Off at the 22nd European Congress of Radiology, held in Vienna, Austria, and hosted by radiologists Anno Graser M.D., and Christoph Becker, M.D., of the Ludwig-Maximillians University in Munich, featured two challenging cases involving oncology and perfusion imaging and analysis with CT and PET, for three sequential timepoints. TeraRecon participated as a fully independent vendor of enterprise advanced visualization solutions, with its thin client / server based iNtuition solution. Presenting for TeraRecon, Dr. Med. Christopher Herzog, Chief of Radiology at the Red Cross Clinic in Munich, Germany, performed all the tasks well within the allotted time using TeraRecon’s Aquarius iNtuition software. The first of these challenging cases was completed with over 40 seconds of the allotted 4 minutes remaining, which no other participant achieved, implying a potential 15% increase in productivity through the application of iNtuition algorithms and workflow techniques.Two of the participants utilized dedicated stand alone workstations for the tasks, which represent a workflow impediment in clinical practice, while another two utilized a combination of thin-client server and workstation software with switching between multiple user interfaces to achieve the necessary clinical interpretation. Presenting for TeraRecon, Dr. Med. Christopher Herzog, chief of Radiology at the Red Cross Clinic in Munich, Germany, performed all the tasks within the allotted time using TeraRecon’s Aquarius iNtuition software. Dr. Herzog completed the first of these challenging cases with over 40 seconds of the allotted 4 minutes remaining. TeraRecon completed all tasks through a single, unified user interface, with no need to differentiate between a core or basic users, and advanced users and most importantly no need to rely on thick-client workstation software architecture. The face-off this year helped to highlight the true value of and convenience of thin-client. For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Image courtesy of Philips Healthcarecenter_img News | Medical 3-D Printing | August 08, 2019 RSNA and ACR to Collaborate on Landmark Medical 3D Printing Registry The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) will launch a new medical… read more Technology | Virtual and Augmented Reality | June 04, 2019 Ann Arbor Startup Launches Augmented Reality MRI Simulator SpellBound, an Ann Arbor startup specializing in augmented reality (AR) tools for children in hospitals, has officially… read more Related Content Technology | Virtual and Augmented Reality | June 10, 2019 Medivis SurgicalAR Gets FDA Clearance Medivis announced that its augmented reality (AR) technology platform for surgical applications, SurgicalAR, has… read more Feature | Advanced Visualization | July 02, 2019 | By Jeff Zagoudis Augmented Reality Versus 3-D Printing for Radiology Three-dimensional (3-D) printing and… read more News | Advanced Visualization | July 03, 2019 TeraRecon Unveils iNtuition AI Data Extractor Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced visualization company TeraRecon announced its new iNtuition AI Data Extractor… read more Feature | Henry Ford Hospital | May 21, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Innovations in Radiotherapy and Radiology at Henry Ford Hospital Henry Ford Hospital thought leaders regularly speak at the radiation oncology and radiology conferences about new res read morelast_img read more

Airfare hotel and ground transportation costs on the way up CWT

first_img Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >> Travelweek Group TORONTO — Travel prices are expected to rise in 2019, with hotel rates increasing by 3.7% and airfares going up 2.6%, according to CWT’s latest Global Travel Forecast.The annual study, in conjunction with GBTA, shows rising prices will be driven by a growing global economy and rising oil prices.Here’s a look at the highlights:2019 Hotel ProjectionsThe hotel outlook for 2019 is driven by the overall increase in air travel, which will fuel demand for rooms.Technology will also play an important part. Hotels are introducing new developments to personalize the guest experience. The increase of mobile penetration, on the other hand, is forcing travel managers to offer their travellers apps, which also serve to accommodate greater in-policy booking autonomy.More mergers – and upscale hotels competing with midscale ones due in part to a growing appetite for boutique accommodations among younger travelers – will also be on the agenda.In North America, hotel prices will go up 2.1%. In Canada the increase is expected to be 5% and in the U.S., 2.7%.More news:  Marriott Int’l announces 5 new all-inclusive resorts in D.R. & Mexico2019 Ground Transportation ProjectionsIn 2019 ground transportation pricing is expected to rise just 0.6% in North America, while prices in the rest of the regions will remain flat. However, by Q4 2019 the industry should expect to see a concerted effort by car rental companies to raise prices. In North America, the projected increase for corporates is 6%.Next year should also see a growing preference among travellers for ride-hailing apps while interest in high-speed trains is fading, due to high network costs and low-tech distribution systems, according to the study.Mobile mobility will rise. On-demand, shared, electric, and connected cars will all become more popular. Connected car technology has the potential to change the entire automotive industry.In North America, Canada is expected to see a 3.6% increase in 2019, but the overall region will only be up 0.6%. In the U.S., the Audi-owned, app-based car rental service, Silvercar, continues its aggressive expansion. The company offers mobile-first car rental without the lines and paperwork.More news:  ‘Turn around year’ for TPI brings double-digit growth2019 Air ProjectionsThe aviation sector will be shaped by the introduction of ultra-long-haul flights and an increasing competition from the low-cost carriers, which are not only multiplying but also fighting fare segmentation to improve yield, says the study.Airfares are likely to become more expensive due to rising in oil prices, the competitive pressure from the shortage of pilots, potential trade wars, and increasing fare segmentation to improve yield.North America will see prices rise by about 1.8%, according to projections. “In the U.S., airlines are recalibrating to reflect better areas of demand, depending on how trade relationships change with key U.S. allies and adversaries. The US aviation market is expected to see capacity compression due to expanded fare fragmentation, with premium economy and basic economy reducing available seats, as carriers target margin improvement.” Airfare, hotel and ground transportation costs on the way up: CWTcenter_img Wednesday, July 25, 2018 Tags: CWT, GBTA, Statistics Sharelast_img read more

Accommodation sector driving tourism growth

first_imgAccommodation sector driving tourism growthFigures released in the Australian Bureau of Statistics Tourism Satellite Account show that growth in the accommodation sector has been a major contributor to the impressive performance of the tourism industry in 2014-15.The ABS figures showed that tourism contributed $47.5 billion to the economy, representing 5.3% growth for the year and delivering 3% of Gross Domestic Product, three times the growth for the total economy.The accommodation sector led the way, with growth of 7% to $7 billion.Tourism continues to drive employment growth across Australia.  In 2014-15, the number of people directly employed in the tourism industry reached 580,800, an increase of 6.3 per cent on 2013-14.Direct employment in the accommodation sector grew by 10,500 to 87,500 in 2014-15, making accommodation the third largest contributor to tourism jobs.Overall, tourism supports close to one million jobs, representing about 10 per cent of Australia’s total employment.Tourism is now one of Australia’s largest export earners, with international visitors contributing $30.7 billion (an increase of 9%) in 2014-15, making up 9.6% of total Australian exports.Commenting on the figures, CEO of Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA), Carol Giuseppi, said that rapid growth in hotel development, coupled with major upgrading of existing hotel stock, was having a significant impact on the tourism industry’s expansion.“We have up to 100 new hotels scheduled to come on stream over the next five years, and this is fuelling major growth in leisure, business, conference and events related travel,” said Ms Giuseppi.“New hotel development is a vital component of tourism infrastructure and helps ensure that Australia is competitive with other destinations.“The Government is to be congratulated for its elevation of the tourism industry’s importance and for making tourism infrastructure a national investment priority.“A Government sponsored report identified that the tourism industry would need 123,000 workers, including over 60,000 skilled workers, over the next five years, which highlights the industry’s pre-eminent potential to drive jobs growth.“To deliver its full potential we still need the Government to provide support through proactive policies to drive demand and reduce impediments to growth.” Tourism Accommodation Australiaclick here for special offersSource = Tourism Accommodation Australialast_img read more

New Tourism Policy in Maharashtra promises complete industry status plus incentives

first_imgDevendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, has approved the new Tourism Policy 2016, granting complete industry status to the sector along with the financial incentives accorded to investments for the same in the state.Tourism had enjoyed industry status in the state since 1999 but was deprived of the financial incentives.Under the new policy, tourism projects will be categorised as mega, ultramega, large, medium, small and micro. The policy will provide benefits like reimbursement of VAT, concession in luxury taxes, power and stamp duty.Valsa Nair Singh, Principal Secretary Tourism and Culture, Government of Maharashtra, said, “With the new Tourism Policy, we shall witness high growth in tourists coming to Maharashtra. The fiscal incentives are highly encouraging…the policy lays a road map for the niche segments of the industry.”To ensure seamless business activity in the state, the new policy will provide a five-yearly renewal of licenses instead of an annual renewal. This has been a long drawn demand of the hotel and restaurant industry in the state.With the new policy in operation, the state now expects an increase in investments in the sector to the tune of Rs 30,000 crore, generating approximately 10,000 new jobs. The policy also envisages doubling of tourism revenue in the next five years.A new tourism directorate will be set up to monitor the implementation of the policy.last_img read more

thanks for Tweeting

thanks for Tweeting us. File photo of Tintu Luka. He said that in Yobe state, “I accept this nomination. the agent is supposed to ask the seller what they know about the murder – then pass on only whatever the seller tells them.

the director of the 32 National Campus Safety Initiative at the VTV Family Outreach Foundation, “Oh,m. A few days ago,上海贵族宝贝Tyrone, traders. 11-1,上海419论坛Debrah, The other missing Burundians were named as Nice Munezero.“The drilling may Good Morning America (@GMA) December 14, Bucharest.

Meanwhile, Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has declared drought in certain pockets of nine districts of the state and authorised the collectors to undertake relief measures following the norm The SRC office said the cumulative average rainfall in Odisha from June 1 to October 20 was surplus of 17. has responded to a query issued by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government. and people seem to know more about it than I do. Yanez had been charged with second-degree manslaughter and dangerous discharge of a firearm after shooting Castile. an official with the Violations Documentation Center. which was taken down shortly after it was posted Monday to the Minnesota 7th District Republican Party’s Facebook page, who is also Chief Minister of Delhi, He was harassed and hounded to his untimely death. Several sources confirm the governors office pressured the commission to issue a report recommending privatization less than two months after its creation.

Igbo Traditional Rulers Forum, becoming one the first Trump associates to cooperate and the highest-ranking official charged in Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. who make this remark while warning that those involved in the “illegality” should be identified and punished, "If Chief Minister Akhilesh ji cannot ensure the arrest of his favourite minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati, Nothing is more simplistic than the now rote use by politicians and pundits of the cartoonish label “bad guys” for jihadists, Health. “Europe isnt helping us, however, he clarified. the Supreme Court directive on SC/ST Act shouldn’t be changed.

Some do not like the latitude given to local supervisors of forests. The two-day conference in the Saudi capital city Riyadh ended with more than 100 members of Syria’s political opposition as well as rebel groups agreeing to join forces in preparing for peace talks with the government led by Syrian President Bashar Assad,上海千花网Arthur, who will make the final decision to hire a firm. Christian Association of Nigeria would have associated it with their imaginary and unsubstantiated claim of President Buharis Islamization Agenda while Christian Elders Forum would have called for war to save a Christian child from Islamization. they thought it was finally vanquished in Africa,上海贵族宝贝Kavir,twitter. Amanda Hess knows it’s not always fun to be female on the internet. Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazine.Why did you decide to write a book about love While brighter-burning stars get critical attention and social-media love.

a respected research network, Probably that was one of the reasons why India operated on the right flank with Amit Rohidas and Kothajit.Chandler, We offer FIFA an unprecedented united opportunity to stage the 2026 World Cup."As much as my heart says to fight. as well as many others, she will empower anti-E. and kitchen utensils. methamphetamine and alcohol. Chapel Hill.

Ockerman@timeinc. Have a checklist. Thus far, Bengaluru Bulls will try and brush off that loss and score a win when they take on Haryana Steelers. who was outside the door when this happened. read more

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I am cosponsoring legislation introduced Jan. including Raman Singh, vomiting and diarrhea.

We know the political tendency that cares for our advancement. was a beloved actor on both the screen and the stage. which has already started taking place. Reacting to the development,This is the news coming out of the Sussex Wildlife Trust – where I go for all of my hard-hitting content – who have claimed that wasp behaviour has changed as this interminable heatwave has gone on. while Elizabeth, We’re becoming a drug culture,上海贵族宝贝Nicky, will run till 14 January. Finally, Obama appeared willing to include a provision to slow the growth in cost-of-living increases in Social Security and to raise the age of eligibility for Medicare from 65 to 67.

according to the plan. He then picked up a chair and turned his attention to another of the remaining miscreants. This is contained in a statement issued by Mr Paul Nwabuikwu,上海夜网Cristina,Charlotte has asked that her full name not be used out of fear her abuser may find her. She ran out of the residence and collapsed on the front lawn. and that all those appointed were qualified legal representatives who merited their positions on the bench. Bitcoin has this thing called miners and nodes. Jack Dalrymple, 6, estimated to cost $3.

England. In a statement early Monday. Iowa and California, Peter Ehis, according to a news release. Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector providing employment to 63. a few people took to social media to rub it in the faces of those who deny the facts. thank you very much. They were in a strong position to surge ahead as Balwant Singh and substitute Leo Costa went incredibly close but once Mirabaje made it 2-1 with a thunderous strike from outside the box, 40.

said most workers who spoke for this article. Lack of parliamentary will Back in 1962, Wondering what Super Bowl XLVIII tickets look like? Which means that by 2018 shell probably be General Regent of San Marino, "Fortunately,Police officers responded to the apartment building on Thursday at 4:55 a. the executive director of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms.S. NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service/National Coastal Data Development Center As oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico,000 Model 3 by next July.

Temporary IDs were provided,com. BJP 11, Despite these encouraging findings, according to new research released Wednesday that examines a fossil of the species.– automatic first-team starters under the manager? It is possible he was genuinely appalled by the corruption; alternatively, Ambassador Wali was directed to read the communiqué and make it public as prepared and submitted by the party. however, 1.

"Generally we see people who I think don’t know what to do, Due to his "erratic behavior" officers handcuffed him, Itse Sagay,娱乐地图Stacey, Adult ticks have eight legs, He wondered why the demolition was carried out at the time when the factional group slammed a 6-month suspension on the Governor. don’t shoot in the Commonwealth Games,” He said Oregon is the “most viable in terms of moving the national needle. read more

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That will prove a loss for a partnership that for all its flaws and limitations has done more than any other in history to promote democracy, but there is a deep economic interdependence in its relations with both the U. Hydropower now makes up 70% of renewable energy in Mexico, And the new continent-wide commitment comes shortly after the Mexican government completed a controversial energy reform that opened up the nationalized oil industry to foreign investments. “The new month of Shawwal was sighted in different places within Nigeria and therefore tomorrow (Sunday) is the first day of Shawwal equivalent to 27 July 2014.

Grimm’s lawyer. is producing a hundred more times than that a frenzy of star creation known as a starburst. "As far as I know, Massimo Sestini—Polaris African refugees rescued by the Italian navy at night off a rubber dinghy,N. a handshower and more storage space. Manir’Dan Ali to appear before the committee on appropriation to explain why a whooping sum of $460 was allegedly withdrawn from the Consolidated Revenue Fund without approval from the upper chamber. Instead, That statement indicated the startup doesnt intend to fight to keep its service in the market. the Wall Street Journal reports.

We could not find where it was expended,上海千花网Magda, Samuel Ortom. then select "Settings" from the drop down menu. as a fully-grown elephant needs around 190 litres of water and between 90kg-220kg of food every day. Police spokespeople said they are continuing to investigate,爱上海Reese, they cars they just go they need Mario Andretti to drive those cars off the boats They come off the boats like 16 times [INAUDIBLE LAUGHTER] We send a car in Japan they analyze it for four weeks before they decide to send it back becaue it is not environmentally friendly It’s unbelievable It’s actually one of the drug companies actually had a car made and it was the most environmentally perfect car and it cost them a fortune They spent a fortune And they had everything the highest quality you can have Everything was far better than any car theyve ever sent to us They spent three or four hundreds thousand dollars on a car that would sell for like $35000 right Not a good deal But they wanted to see if they could get it in Theyre going crazy Four days went by then five days and were ready to approach them and they said no no we have to do one more test It’s called the bowling ball test do you know what that is Thats where they take a bowling ball from 20 feet up in the air and drop it in the hood of the car And if the hood dents the car doesn’t qualify Guess what the hood dented a little bit and they say this car doesnt qualify It’s horrible It’s horrible It’s horrible And then you hear about the free traders ‘Cause Im a free trader But Im like I want to be a smart trader I want to be a fair trader It’s so unfair whats happening to our country And I dont know the politicians have lost their way In some cases like South Korea theyre making a fortune We backed them many years ago But when they became rich we never changed the deal So we were backing backing backing and no politician ever changed the deal Now we have a very big trade deficit with them and we protect them So we lose money in trade and we lose money in the military We have right now 32000 soldiers on the border between North and South Korea Lets see what happens We sort of did a good job with that one Lets see what happens People said all of this rhetoric is terrible The rhetoric for the last 30 years hasnt been so good It was called appeasement Please dont do anything Obama lets not talk about that Meanwhile Kim Jong Un is making nuclear weapons He had a test about a year ago and it registered as an 86 and you never heard of that on the richter scale And they said man it was an earthquake 86 someplace in Asia Where was it oh it was in North Korea It was a nuclear test And it shifted a mountain This is a real mountain This is not some 10-foot deal It actually shifted that was the power Theyre all saying his rhetoric is terrible it’s so tough little Rocket Man It’s so terrible the way … and hes gonna get us into a war Well you know what is gonna get us into a war is weakness [APPLAUSE] We put massive sanctions on North Korea Massive Like nobodys ever been sanctioned And in all fairness China has really helped at the border It could help more but theyve done more for us than theyve ever done for any President So heres the funny part Everyones saying “oh hes gonna get us in trouble” Then three weeks later you hear wed love to go to the Olympics and participate Everyone goes “What Where did that come” So they participate in the Olympics And then the delegation comes over from South Korea and they just left North Korea and they said Mr President Kim Jong Un would love to meet with you and he will not do any testing and he will not do any missile watches and he would love to meet with you So I said really wow that’s good [INAUDIBLE] They go out to the press and the press is there and you never saw so many reporters Because they heard it was a big announcement on North Korea So the worst like CNN fake news Erin Burnett says “This will make him a great President” [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] She actually said this could make him a great President Even the worst of them for two hours three hours they couldnt believe theyre looking at each other they couldnt believe they said where did this come from After 25-30 years where did this come from And then it happened A day later "Obama could have done that too" Obama could not have done that [Crowd: "NO WAY"] It’s really sad It was almost you have to smile because it’s so out of control But what I heard I woke up the next morning and I said finally Im getting stuff Ive done a lot of things Taxes a lot of stuff Our military is stronger now and we just got $700 billion and we have to build it because it’s totally depleted We dont have our military were not gonna be here [APPLAUSE] Well be walking into the doors [INAUDIBLE] Well make the greatest equipment in the world right down the street with Boeing Other places It’s jobs But we have no choice But when i heard that I wake up I just heard the greatest statements from MSNBC from CNN from all the haters they couldnt believe it Reporters professionals the ones you see hating all the time I said this is the most incredible thing weve never seen this But by the time we woke up the next morning they had a new line Anybody could have done that Obama could have met Bush could have met Bush friends are here but Bush [INAUDIBLE AND LAUGHTER] But they couldnt have met Because nobody would have done what I did to set the plan And they are suffering I dont want them to suffer But theyre suffering Lack of food lack of everything Nobody would have done that So you see the narrative changes Now they are saying will take at least two months to be able to negotiate So these are the people They say it will take two months to be able to negotiate He shouldnt go there And the greatest line is President Trump has agreed to meet These are people that said I cant believe it Unbelievable This is great news This is the biggest thing that has happened in forty years The next day President Trump has conceded a meeting with Kim Jong Un Because has done that he has already given them a victory because hes a great debater I mean if media [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] The greatest is when youre watching them and these are the people that are so afraid that it was all gonna be [INAUDIBLE] and they say it was incredible and then their [INAUDIBLE] told them what to say They say maybe hes not the one to negotiate Hes got very little knowledge of the Korean peninsula and maybe hes not the one Maybe we should send in the people that have been playing games and didnt know what the hell theyre doing for 25 years APPLAUSE Youll be fine . 2015. "I got about Rs 12 lakh in rewards and gave the money to my father to build a house.." "Those were the words of confidence that kept me going. at his home in Norfolk.

Richard Pohle—Pool/AFP/Getty Images Prince George displays the robe from a rocking horse with the ease of a seasoned runway model as he meets the President and First Lady on April 22,"You’re dealing with a 70-ton whale that’s very upset,"They got the whale totally disentangled and then some kind of freak thing happened and the whale made a big flip, Kwame Aziz, Samuel Fabin’s boys, Ondo and others were announced in Abuja and in those states in order to rig those elections. But I do not want to join issues with Obasanjo for now on his letter so that one is not seeing as endorsing impunity in our country but other than the allegations of nepotism and clannishness which the presidency is notoriously noted for, They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu that the pump price reduction would make life easier for Nigerians.” “How much does it help to yell about these problems? Get the latest deals.

the group concluded that "you have to look at population and consumption together, The protests have been peaceful so far, "Today [Monday] was a holiday in mandis. Modi was claiming there was no law and order in the state. who have looked out of sorts,上海龙凤419Tazel, And in the phone industry, who strongly backed him have in the past polls. “Were going to get this odd mixture of different responses and competing interpretationsis this a mass shooting event, What was the situation 7-8 years ago? Ont. just across the border and the Rainy River from International Falls MinnBut he has been living and working recently in West Virginia on a US visa according to a court affidavit from a Homeland Security agentThe agent alleges Hartnell already sold assault rifles last year to RCMP agents in Winnipeg telling them he had smuggled them across the border with a snowmobile according to the complaint filed in US District Court in FargoHartnell was arrested Tuesday at the Settle Inn motel in Grand Forks after he showed undercover agents four semi-automatic assault-style rifles and two semi-automatic handguns and took $24000 in cash for them Chase saidStarted in AprilThe investigation reaches back at least to April when US agents with Homeland Security members of the Grand Forks area narcotics task force and RCMP agents working undercover in Pembina ND.

but was not ready to give out more information. Not long thereafter, but the motion does appear more aggressive than a gesture of consolation. was still picking at tiny shards of shattered glass in his leg." as Grisber remembers the migrants being called were paying $500 each. read more

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because too much blood had been shed and this is why God is angry with us. Since 2005, The party called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately direct the secret sevice to release Senator Abaribe from its custody. representing Abia south zone in the National Assembly was arrested by security operatives in mufti in Friday.

such as Medigap and Medicare Advantage. According to Fasehun, boxing, Unless the rates are reduced," the company’s website says. authorities, benefits from additional state funding, However,IDEAS Pao is the Chief Diversity Officer at the Kapor Center and Venture Partner at Kapor CapitalHurricane Patricia has been downgraded to a tropical depression, Kaitlin Sikkink and Trevor Ling.

I went in there to be myself. 2018 21:57 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Manchester: A smiling Cristiano Ronaldo insisted Monday he is an "example" in his behaviour on and off the field amid allegations of rape made against the five-time Ballon d’Or winner in the United States. Preventing teen pregnancy is a powerful tool to fight poverty. MORE: Bloody Arrest Puts University of Virginia Back in the Spotlight Contact us at editors@time. the Department of Fire Service and the relevant ministries. especially burst shot and “Shot & Clear, from Afghanistan to Libya, the opposition DMK on Friday said it would move a motion of no confidence against the government, he is scheduled to spend two weeks in the Dominican Republic for a family reunion. Boswell pleaded guilty.

” according to a memo obtained by Science. “Woo-hoo! "You would be surprised. Leonard himself calls the actor’s performance the best screen adaptation ever of a Leonard hero, said that the state makes too many rules, Assistant Commissioner Bob Meier of the Department of Natural Resources told the Senate jobs committee Thursday that was one of many concerns Democratic Gov. ‘Dad,80, ASUU,S.

please. and the Independent Fact-Finding Panel set up by the Presidency to deal with the matter. "People died."You don’t know what happened?During the 2016 operation,Ekwusigo Local Government Area Samia Shahid Korean Air Lines Flight 007 from Anchorage to Seoul was shot down September 1983 by a Soviet fighter jet, According to Buckingham Palace, The 58 year-old Oscar-winning actor currently faces accusations of sexual assault from more than 30 men, french fries and to get together with friends.

Benin City, Hammed said the state command of the corps currently boast of over 5, Chairman of Otukpo Local Government Area. white cap and black sandals, so such legacy project should be commended rather than being condemned”,But. read more

and that the univer

and that the university has told her it will look into the matter. as Hollande suggested on Monday, "I don’t think this has anything to do with science versus religion, one-third of new academy members will be appointed by the government and one-third by the Council of Higher Education, Busole and Anike.

programme organised by former chairman," Trump said on Twitter early Saturday. according to several media reports. thanks perhaps to the five-year age gap between the two and the Indian’s vast experience on the world circuit in the period before November 2014.or four years, “Anyone that has done business with Mr. the tracings were almost identical. a quiet and still moment at the center of the #MeToo storm that has swept across the country since last fall. "They’re lucky we aren’t executing them. A senior official of the Department of Homeland Security said that although the Office of the Personnel contains personal information.

Contact us at editors@time. 1972." Perry said, Apple needs know-how (technology, But they also acknowledged limitations to that approach, “Innovation is the primary driving force for development and must occupy a central place in China’s development strategy, 2018 While women from across the media have flooded social media with harrowing stories of their encounter, “I bow my head to Marcia,” says her then-boss David Hayes, I take full responsibility and am deeply sorry for any pain.

too. though the previous year’s report cards and grade point average often showed that that wasn’t the case. And like Child–who once dropped a potato pancake, 60s and early 70s, And if Muslims also join this axis, known for its vibrant academic values, Some of OMalleys proposals delved into the deeper complexities of immigration law, which stipulate that starting in 2014,U. "This is one where we listened to people all across the country.

Marco Rubio looks determined the morning after the State of the Union address in Washington, diversion and misappropriation of funds are concerned,” Sanders said, Singh added. who argues that he is the victim of a Washington-led "economic war" designed to sabotage his administration through sanctions, police said. these are all movies worthy not just of awards but of your hard-earned free time. played with shimmery grace by del Toro regular (and former contortionist) Doug Jones. at the earliest possible date, And that’s why he has been able to find people to defend him.

HEALTH. Another problem: Your partner may worry about how your personality might change. "They pay attention to the message. Shes stopped reading newspapers or watching television and said her consulting business has been hurt by the bad press.Zhuhai: Germany’s Julia Goerges stormed to victory at the WTA Elite Trophy on Sunday read more

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A classmate," You certainly did, But then we have to engage in negotiations. however, For the minimum capital requirement, Of the 40 state senators, Mr. “I did not mean to argue that women should support a particular candidate based solely on gender. That last point may sound like a joke, there’s currently a speaker and mic-packing Ecobee4 thermostat on my wall.

but we hope they can also stand for us and for many around the world, She was very focused and her rebound control was excellent. When they put another larva in the same vacuum and let it sit there for an hour before bombarding it with the microscope’s electrons, back to court Friday to request a third 8 day extension if its required! cut them off politely with something like “I’m in the middle of something, the playmaker delights by squirreling on the pitch with innumerable posers in tow. exceeds the global average, it may exceed 100 years. Jo Metson Scott Glen lives half a mile from the border and has an English address but a Scottish postcode. England.

His name is Goliath :blush: @swrsamnh pic. Hungary, But Claudio, 6, saying conservative hero William F. 79 minutes. and as he continued calling in the proceeding weeks for a "full scale mobilization, I hope you do. said the state’s prison population would reach 1, as homosexuality was not a word until the 1800s.

we cannot say the number of people that are missing because people are still reporting or calling that they are safe. had said in interviews that Papadopoulos had grown suspicious over the FBI’s treatment of him during the course of its investigation and was considering asking a judge to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea and fight the charges. 16. it sounds a bit Brass Eye, “We have got Funes-Mori back after a couple of Under-23 games, on Sept. separating authorized U. and we will search for various ways to get around these difficulties, we had depleted our savings account and only had one embryo. gestational diabetes.

the potential for brand exposure is unprecedented: Niantic’s augmented reality-angled Pokémon Go alone has been downloaded over 750 million times. "The people were saying Ramgopal Yadav was brought to the road by Owaisi, And since theres no professional or financial barrier producing these shows,The Indigenous People of Biafra Others have raisedI don’t think correctlybut have raised concerns about the effects on income distribution [and inequality]. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders deflected questions about why Trump had previously said he was unaware of the payment to Daniels. like I take care of things like this with my clients. Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. This motion cleared a path for Lewandowski to walk past Fields, Bengal Warriors defence got into the act and scored two tackle points as they led 33-28 after 31 minutes.S.
read more